24 Replies to “How to swaddle your newborn baby”

  1. Hi , I am Dr Gulnihal Sarman from the youtube channel called pediatrician to parents. Your videos are very detailed and very informative. Congrats. Do I know it is not easy to keep up a channel! If you have a chance please visit pediatrician to patents. I hope we can find ways to collaborate. Best of best.
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  2. I did the square but tied it in the back cuz my baby girl likes to roll and kick. She's a big 6 week old

  3. Not sure when this became the thing to do but I don't care for it. Have seen some babies wrapped so tight they can't even move a foot or hand….like putting a straight jacket made for the mentally ill on a baby.

  4. Question…
    What in the world did you give that baby to just take being swaddled like that? My boy pulls some wild dance/exorcist crap with me.

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