How to Take Professional Looking Newborn Photos AT HOME

hi guys and welcome to today's tutorial we're going to be talking about newborn photo shoots so as you can see I have a paper backdrop it just looks like wood and I have it taped up and I have a medium-sized crate a couple different blankets for texture I like to have different soft knitted and then this one is just PC but it gives really nice texture to the photos so they all look a little bit different but I like to stay all in the cream white color to get those classic newborn photos that everyone loves so much at least I love so much a couple other things I'm use this is actually an extra masters I have for my son's crib and I just had a nice clean sheet over it I will also use several props as far as maybe a small cushy nursing pillow or regular pillow these are just going to aid in propping the baby up at different angles to make it easier for us to you know see his little face or hold his hands under his head this is actually a cheesecloth that I can use to wrap the baby up to hold him nice and swaddled to keep all of his limbs in that will actually help to comfort him also I actually use the app called white noise baby on the Doppler ultrasound so baby still thinks he's in the room you can also see that I have this lighting setup with just an umbrella diffuser I have two of them and I have a lot of nice natural light coming in from the window behind me another thing I use is going to be just a little heater this is going to warm up the room because and it warms when you take their clothes off they're going to cry and be stiff and uncomfortable so if you make some room really really warm this will help to make them comfortable I also use a heating pad that I like to place right underneath my blanket to warm it up so they almost feels like the baby is sitting on mommy okay for those newborn photos my go-to camera is my canon 6d and my lens that is a 24 to 105 that's my favorite I also occasionally will use my 50 millimeter and those tend to give me really great results because it has a very shallow depth of field you can go down to s 1.8 which gives you that really blurry background that is beautiful one of the most difficult things with a newborn shoot is making them comfortable a couple of ways you can do that is first thing tell mom it's okay don't stress we're going to get beautiful photos because if she stresses baby stresses another thing is to create a warm environment so I use the heating pad I use a heater and make it nice and warm in the room I will pretty much be sweating the whole time because it's really hot in here but if you're going to be taking the baby's clothes off they need warmth another thing is you can keep them covered with a blanket until you're getting ready to shoot when you lay them down in the position make sure the blankets not underneath them so you don't have to pull it out and wake them up just lay it right on top of them and then slowly gently pull it off once they fall asleep put your hand on their head their back hold their feet in nice and close get your friends to where they want them and hold them like that with a firm not hard but steady hand and keep them secure until they relax it could be 30 seconds it could be 5 minutes but be patient because it's worth it also when you're taking the photos be sure you focus in on the details especially with that shallow depth-of-field eyes ears hands feet nose the list get beautiful detail shots and then come at it from the top the side profile view once you find that angle take a few photos because it can last half a second so just be ready be sure to subscribe to get lots of awesome photography tutorials and I have lots of pouches and DIY for other things too building vinyl go check it out thanks guys [Laughter]

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