How To Tell Your Female Dog Need A c-section Done

this is so he she is I do not see the blue on her but she is considered a blue font I have been breeding chihuahuas for about five years now and I thought it would be interesting to requite them giving birth so I can educate people on what to do and what not to do this is her first litter at the moment she is having contraction it is normal for a dog to do that when a dog where Chihuahua gives birth you want to provide them a nice space to give birth in the past I would lay out towels and blankets for them but this time I decided to try out Cotton's in this video I will show you what to look for when you're a female chihuahua or your dog a female dog is having a hard time giving birth as a pet owner or a breeder I think it is very important for you to keep a close eye on your pregnant female especially when it's your first time giving birth because they're live and the puppies live depends on your decision from the time your Chihuahua or female goes into labor to about an hour of her pushing you want to check to see if anything is coming out most Chihuahuas would scratch the blanket or tower or whatever you give them it's very normal for them to do that in most case it helps them at the moment she is having contraction always have a watch or some kind of timer with you to keep track of how long your female had been in labor right there you can see that she was pushing if your females pushing for about an hour or so there should be some kind of liquid where good things coming out of her vajayjay again you can see that she is pushing right there again she is pushing she had been pushing several times but I had to cut that out because it's getting too long she is having contraction there she goes again pushing so he went into labor at 8:21 p.m. understand the body language and the movement of your female or any of your dog's whether they are in labor or or not in the way you can kind of tell how they feel at the moment by the way they act or the way they look at you were that the kind of things that they they do around you with toys you were to you at any time if you see any green gooey liquidy things coming out of her vajayjay I highly recommend you take your female to the vet as soon as possible because something is wrong inside of her and the longer you wait the higher chances of your puppies dying inside of your female in the video at this point it was 936 p.m. sometimes it takes long with it one hour for a female to give birth to her first puppy but within that hour of pushing if nothing comes out you need to decide whether you should give for another 30 minutes or another hour to push now if your vet tells you that it is okay and that you should take it home and give him more time like another three to five hours to push tell you about how long the dog had been in labor for and she had been in labor for more than five six hours then I highly recommend you tell you that to do a c-section on your twelwe because I had a bad experience with one of my FEMA chihuahua um and pushing really hard that time during her labor I checked on her vajayjay every 15 to 20 minutes of her pushing in between to see if anything's coming out some females will not allow you to to do that to check their vajayjay now if you do end up checking their vajayjay and they end up attacking you were growling at you then that's a good thing because something is coming out of her and she's being protective of that puppy at this point I can tell that she is really tired and really exhausted from pushing after watching her sit there for about four minutes not doing anything I decided to call my vet and take her for a C session it was about 10:00 p.m. at that time it took me another hour to get to my vet so he was in labor for about three hours with nothing coming out of her you do not want your female to be laboring for more than four hours without anything on the elevator JJ about one hour later she had four fat healthy female puppies beautiful faces and beautiful colors on those puppies the first puppy that the vet took out just cream the second puppy is a silver female with ten markings on both sides of her home her job I'm actually waiting to see if she um or had those dots on her eyes or not above eyes or not the third female is white with blue markings the biggest puppies were the silver blue and the white and blue markings I'm actually I'm estimating them to be 5 or 6 pounds full-grown which is perfect for breeding so I decided to keep those two there's two puppies the smallest one is the creampuff that came out last one of my female was a perv to to puppy and then she was having a hard time giving birth to the next puppy so I took it to the vet and the vet told me to take her home my female home and give her another three to five hours and when I did that my female Chihuahua and all five of her pup died on me and there was nothing I can do um sometimes the vet know what they're talking about but other times they they don't know what they're talking about so I highly recommend you to tell you that to do a c-section on your team on Chihuahua if she had been in labor for five or six hours and she gave birth to two puppies or three puppies and you know there's still more puppy inside of her then you know go ahead with the C session because you don't want to risk know the chance of the mom dying and all the babies dying you

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  1. He said blue font? He's been breeding 5 years and cannot use correct terminology…va jay jay who can really take him seriously?

  2. Tha k you vor this video I have a female and I'm trying to decide if I want to breed her or not. She is almost 2. In her second heat and I'm not sure if I'll breed here this time or not.

  3. people you need to educate yourself before you even plan a litter. your dam depends on you, and you should be mentoring with an experienced breeder. this guy is uneducated and is not giving accurate info.

  4. Wow, I’m sorry about your dog and the pups. I’d like to breed some show dogs when I’m older so this is a really helpful video

  5. I really need some advise about my chihuahua . I was wondering if you could guide me . thank you in advance.

  6. Thank you for posting this very informative video. We have a pregnant Chihuahua and now that we have seen this video I have a better understanding of what to expect as well as other scenarios that could happen. The use of the word vajayjay made it hard not to smile 🙂

  7. When a breeder calls their bitch a "he" I no longer take them seriously. -_-' Also call the vagina a vagina and not a vajayjay. It really bugs me when men are too scared to say vagina. It's not even a "bad word". Seriously get over yourself and use proper terminology.

  8. I have been breeding chihuahuas for the last 13 years, this gentleman has his heart in the right place however he is not giving accurate information about the length of time, what the green fluid is and what it means. what he didn't mention either is taking her temperature to determine if labor has started. the green fluid is amniotic fluid, it comes from the sac, it turns green due to exposure to oxygen when it is leaking from her vaginas. You can assume that a sac has a small tear or rupture in it. when the fluid starts to dry from exposure to the air it turns almost a forest green in color. this does not mean immediate danger however a veterinarian will recommend that you monitor the dog closely and if they are not progressing within 30-45 minutes then you require veterinarian intervention, regardless if this is the 1st or 2nd last pup in the litter. I appreciate this gentleman's intention, but as a registered breeder it is hard to tolerate these kinds of videos when misinformation or lack of information is provided.

  9. i know this is an old video but my chihuahua mated with a dog that was a little bigger than her while i was on vacation in mexico and she is currently on day 52 and i am honestly so scared she might need a c-section. i have asked around and it doesnt get any lower than $2,000. She is honestly my whole my life but i dont have that kind of money just lying around. do You think there is a chance at all she will be able to give normally? i have asked her vet but she didnt really know what to tell me about that.

  10. Hey! If Dr Bailey can say vajayjay, I'm giving the breeder a free pass. I'm actually really glad to see a breeder this attentive and this on point with caring for a dam in labor. I've watched too many idiots on YouTube advising owners not to do anything and let labor take its course, even when mom and/or pup were visibly in distress.

  11. Szegény csivava videót készítettek róla amikor szül és inkább kórházba kelet volna vini😠😳úgy sajnálnám szegenyt

  12. When a breeder is talking about labor and delivery and they say "vajayjay" instead of "vagina," I just can't take them seriously. What an idiot.

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