How To Test Blood Sugar | How To Use Glucometer | How To Check Blood Glucose | (2019)

hey guys welcome back to my channel so as some of you know I am with child I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am NOT going to share what we're having yet I'll do that in a later video but I decided to add another segment to my channel where I journey my pregnancy because I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and gestational diabetes is a pregnancy related illness and it's yes it is diabetes but it only affects you for the term of your pregnancy so with gestational diabetes it affects about 200,000 women that are pregnant each year so don't feel like you're alone you're not alone in this and I feel like I'm sure a lot of people felt I was completely devastated I was depressed I was like oh no why did this happen to me and I thought that it was something I did I said well I'm overweight clearly that is the reason why I have it but what I found out from the dietitian and as well as for my doctor is that it's nothing that I did it's actually my placenta and it is causing me to not produce enough insulin and so my blood sugar is high and that in turn makes the blood sugar for my baby to be high as well so to avoid any complications they have you test your blood and for me I have to test mine twice a day using a glucose machine I'm gonna show you guys how to use the glucose reading machine for those that have diabetes and there are so many different types of glucose reading machines so everybody may not receive this particular one but the one that I have is the One Touch ultra mini and this is the one that I use and and I also received some Lansing's aka needles and these are gonna be used of course to poke your finger and I also received these they're able to do testing for you and this is the OneTouch ultra blue and this is for testing of course of your glucose so inside of the one trip touch mini box if you have this one do you know that you have a little black bag and once you open up this bag you're going to see your reader as well as your Lancet machine and they did give you some additional lenses here and I'm gonna show you guys every single part because the reason I wanted to do this video is when I received all of this I was still overwhelmed because I don't know about anybody else I tend to learn a lot easier by looking at something as opposed to reading it because you know pregnancy brain on top of getting bored easily is not fun so this is the reader and you have two ends this is I believe the charging station and the other in here is where you insert your strip so when you open up your strips it has this little container here and inside the container is just a whole bunch of strips that you're going to use and how you know that you have the correct ones make sure you pay attention to this because my pharmacy actually got mine incorrectly they gave me the wrong lenses for my machine and how you'll know that you have the right one is it'll say you're cold and it'll have your number so for mine it says cold 25 and once you turn on your reader before you drop some blood onto the dial it's gonna say your number there so mine is gonna read C 25 with the OneTouch Delica of course like I said this is where the needle goes in here on the in here are dials the top and this is going to go from one until the number seven it's basically how far you comfortable with your needle going into your finger so I have mine on the highest dollar I have mine on seven because it seems as if when I poked by it doesn't produce enough blood so I noticed that seven works best for me for me but any number could work best for you you just have to try you know trial and error to see which one works best and on this he in here is where the needle is located so you're just going to trip's twist the top off and you're gonna get one of your lancets show you what your Matt's it looks like looks like this and right now you cannot see the needle but you will in just a second so you're gonna take it stick it in the top here twist it off your needle is exposed so you're gonna take the top put it back on twist it there you go now before you use your machine you just push this down and it just basically pushes the needle in place and when you push this button here after sticking it onto your finger on where you would like to poke it I would recommend either index finger which one works for you you can just switch it out whatever you want to do now they do have any instructions different ways of which you can test your blood this is just the easiest way that my dietician recommended she recommended that you don't poke directly at the top because it's gonna hurt more but it actually feels a lot better if you poke on the side so for me I usually always use my left finger and I poke here so it's not time for me to take my shot yet so I'm not I'm just gonna show it to you but I'm not gonna actually poke myself so you're gonna take it and you're gonna push that blue button it's gonna go and then you're gonna start to produce a little blood and if it's not enough just kind of push on your finger in a downward position and push it on the side and it's gonna get a little bit more blood for you that's when you grab your OneTouch ultra mini and you get one of these test strips out just make sure that you close this back immediately because these are very sensitive so keep it close tight and you're gonna pull out one of your strips on this strip here if you look right there on the left side there is a white and black and then on the other side it appears to be black and sort of like a brown color on the other end this is the end that needs to go into your ultra meaning this is the end that your blood is going to go into so you're going to take your strip with the black and white and like I showed you you're gonna stick it into here and once you stick it in here on the screen it's gonna show the number that I told you earlier so if you have this machine it should be C 25 that you're going to see on your screen after you see C 25 you're going to see a black line and a droplet there's no way of saying put your blood on the strip so you just hold it you have make sure that you have your strip all the way in and then the little blood that you have you just hold it there while it counts down from five to one and once it gets done counting down to one take your hand away and then it's gonna pop up your result here now each time you do this is going to record your results so I'm gonna go ahead and show you my last result my last result which was in looks which was 102 that was my last reading for today and as you guys can see it's gonna give you that number you just go ahead and record that and your dietitian should have giving you a blood sugar testing diary and inside of this diary you I'm going to write down and it did like I said it just depends on what your dietitian ones if you are not taking insulin don't worry about filling in that section where it says insulin only feel in however many times your dietitian your dietitian said for you to test yourself to write that number down along with the date so I'm going to do a little close-up so you guys can see I have the date I have it that I there was breakfast lunch dinner bedtime so I did not have one on this initial one here because I had got the Machine later in the day so I was able to record for my lunch time and like I stated earlier I only have to do this two times right now that's because I'm so early on in my pregnancy but they may request at a later date that I test myself more than two times a day so maybe about three to four it just depends now the starting the strip and the needle are just as easy of course once you're done with the strip you can just take that and you can throw it away some people may prefer to just tie it up in something before tossing it out because it does have your blood on it but to remove the needle from here you just go back twist that top again and of course there's going to be that needle and you're gonna push the second button this is the release button once you remove the release button it's going to push that needle I'm sure you've seen it go across the room but yeah it pushed that needle out of there and now you can take this needle put it inside of the same container that you use when you first twisted it off and bingo now you're a safe and others are safe from this needle being exposed so you now you can go ahead and toss it out I hope this video helps anyone out there that is dealing with the same thing and they want to know like what's the proper way to use one of these machines what's the proper way to record everything and of course I will give you some more information regarding their station of diabetes and how to maintain and how to maintain your sanity during your pregnancy so guys until then I will see you next time and don't forget on my channel I always do freebies and wins and of course that is on Wednesday I hope that you all have a great day and I will talk to you soon bye

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  1. I’m so excited for you! It sucks that you have to deal with this, but this is great info and I’m sure you are helping out so many other mama’s with the same issue ❤️

  2. Very informative video for those who don't know how to use a meter. CONGRATS on the baby!☺ looking forward to watching your pregnancy journey hope you kept some of those baby samples.

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