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what's up guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be talking about periods and the menstrual cycle which I'm so excited about I'm gonna be focusing a lot on what like emotional issues and traumas may lay beneath your period pain and how to release that I'm gonna be sharing with you an exercise that anytime I do have pain which is not often anymore I used to have excruciating pains and now I don't really get them like I don't remember the last time I had a painful period so I'm gonna be showing you an exercise that I do if I have it and it like almost completely if not completely goes away I'm also gonna be talking about just the cycle in general how to use advantage of it instead of hate it and also have to have a more sustainable period so just like the whole umbrella I share a lot about this sort of stuff on my Instagram so you can check that out if you want to and my podcast is coming back really really soon so have that down below as well and I'm definitely going to be talking about this stuff on there as well so before I get into the cycle and the pain and all that I just want to quickly talk about what I use when I do have my period I used to use pads all the time never use the tampon in my life because my mom is very like health-conscious but once I became a little bit more conscious of the environmental issues and our waste problem and all that I just felt like you know pads weren't the best option so I tried out a bunch of alternatives I've tried a few cups and none of them worked for me until I found this one that's why I really wanted to mention it because I know a lot of girls try out some of these cups and they don't work for them they're like either League or they're really hard to like fold and insert and remove and they're uncomfortable and I've experienced that in the past and it's not fun like you have your period for like I don't know at least three days for me it's a week and like I don't want to be uncomfortable the whole time it's not fun so this one is called a ladi cup and it's actually a slow bean bread you can get it at a drugstore Sylvania but you can also get it online so I'll link it below but it never leaks is the most comfortable one I found it's really easy to fold because it has these like curves or lines on the sides so it's like super easy to fold really easy to insert and remove see it's so easy like I can't even describe how happy I am with this one so I'm going to link it down below this brand also has like some underwear like period underwear they have a few reusable pads and I think tampons as well I also found a video that they did where they explain like how to insert it and remove it because this I know can be like really scary when you use it the first time so link all that down below but there's also some other like YouTube videos if you're still confused fast you're like how it all works how would like go them there stays in there all that but I love this and so I just wanted to share that I think it's really important to be conscious of the environment and it's also better for you you save so much money as well because pads and tampons are so expensive and you use them once and throw them away and you can also like swim with this it's just friggin amazing so I'll link it below freaking love it best thing ever for your period okay now let's get into the menstrual cycle so basically women we are cyclical beings we work in cycles unfortunately our society doesn't work like that because it's a man's world okay basically learning about your cycle being aware of it and really looking at it as something freaking magical can like change your whole viewpoint on your period on your menstrual cycle on your emotions and so I think the first thing I would suggest you to do is just research like research the hell out of periods menstrual cycle how it affects you emotionally spiritually mentally physically all of it it's freaking magic and once you learn about it you're you're gonna like respect it and you're gonna like be grateful because it's amazing and also your hormones change during the different parts of your cycle I'm gonna have a little graph thingy here that shows you how your hormones like go up and down during your cycle which obviously influences your mood so that's why sometimes you know on your period you feel really down or right before your period you just like are so annoying hey everyone and feel like you're insane you're not your body is doing that like it's there's nothing wrong with you you're thinking you know not your fault that's how our bodies work and once you use it to your advantage it's beautiful and it's not something to like hate and be annoyed at I completely understand why like you would feel that way also because we live in a world that doesn't respect that that doesn't encourage that because again it's not a world that works in cycles we need to go to your work every day even if you're in excruciating pain you know it's not really built for our menstrual cycle unfortunately okay now let's get into how your cycle works you've probably heard of seasons in regards to your cycle so they're the same as the seasons that we have so like winter spring summer fall for every woman it could be different this is just the one that I personally have and also the one that's the most common so once you are bleeding so once you're on your period that season is usually winter so you kind of feel the same way as you would in winter so you tend to like retreat everything calms down it gets quiet you want to be alone it's a time for introspection and a time to reflect you're very sensitive you're very intuitive it's like an introvert time like you just want to be alone you don't want to do anything you just want to like curl up it's like winter basically once your period stops and your menstrual cycle actually starts that first week after your period for most women is spring so you I feel reborn it's like you're starting it's the start of a new cycle so you feel like starting new things you feel like have a lot of ideas you want to start a new project you want to organize things you want to clean things just like you would during springtime next is summer which is usually at a time when you ovulate so this is a time we're super excited you're doing so many things you're motivated you are very social very outgoing just like an exciting fun time just like summer is and then right before your period that week before your period it's usually fall time so things start to slow down you're kind of finalizing things things like quiet down slow down just like fall time right before winter you're kind of preparing for winter if you will so basically each season can be divided into four weeks but this can be different for women it also doesn't have to be that when you are on your period it's winter time it could be different for you but this is like the one that's the most common and this is the one that I experienced as well so it's really important for you to take some time to observe your body how are you feeling during the different parts of your menstrual cycle there's like period apps or menstrual cycle apps I use the one called flow and you can I think mark like how you're feeling every day so that can be a super easy way to like keep track and learn about your cycle but I think it's so powerful that you learn about it because then you can take advantage of it so for example once your period is over you can start new ideas you can start organizing like you're gonna be a lot better at those things during that time and so it's a friend to know when you know it's most natural for your body to do different things okay now let's get into periods and period pain and all of that so as I've already said periods are the time when you want to retreat you want to reflect and most importantly your very son and very intuitive and so when you know that you can take advantage of that and create an environment for yourself that allows you to feel like that and allows you to honor that and listen to that so when you're on your period you are very likely annoyed at a lot of things and people tend to frustrate you really quickly and for me I realized that's because I want to be alone during that time like for the most part I want to spend it with myself to like see what's going on that feels natural for my body and so there's a lot of people around I get really frustrated because it feels wrong like I just want to be alone and like you know under my blink at that type of feeling and so it's totally natural for women to feel really frustrated and because you were very intuitive during that time of your cycle its natural that a lot of things annoy you because finally like your body is offering you like this is not working for you anymore and it's like you know after a long time of suppressing everything once you're on your period like it comes out and you're just annoyed at everything and like I totally get that it just seems like everything's going wrong and so during that time it's so important to take the time to reflect to slow down to see how your life is going to see what's working what's not working that's the time to ask those questions because your intuition is so strong it's going to give you very clear answers and so if you notice that you're very frustrated and very annoyed there's probably something going on that you're not very happy with in your life there are some issues you're pushing yourself too much or whatever it might be so my main tip when you're on your period would be to find a way to slow down to not have a lot of plans at least for the like first or first three days of your period to really honor how you're feeling and I know like a lot of us you know have responsibilities you have to come to your job and maybe you have kids there's like so many things if you have those responsibilities and you don't have the option to just like take a day off and like you know honor your period which I know is not very realistic for most women unfortunately just like make a commitment to have some sort of a practice during those few days first two first three the whole period if you can that allow you to like retreat allow you to listen to those emotions and to that intuition that sensitivity whether that be like just feeling and I'm like meditation journaling going for a walk just slowing down allowing yourself to do that I also try to not schedule anything during the first two days of my period that's like the time when if I do have pain its during that time that's the time that's like the hardest and so I try to not make any plans during that time especially plans that allow me to like leave my house and put on clothes and like see a lot of people it's not happening and like I don't feel bad even if I cancel things during those two days like I just know that my body needs that and that's just the time that I take for myself and I'm fortunate enough to have that option but if you don't just like find little things that you can do to like listen to yourself and to honor those emotions and what's coming up okay now let's get into period pain so first of all I'm gonna show you the exercise that really really helps me so let's get into that okay so I'm currently in the process of moving so excuse my face and the background and everything but basically what you're gonna do is you're gonna sit as I'm showing in the clip and then you're gonna breathe into your lower belly and like the lowest of the low like right here and you're gonna squeeze your core your muscles right here where you're gonna be breathing and you breathe in as much as you can into your stomach and then once you kind of feel like you filled up that like lower part you're gonna breathe almost like you're trying to like expand your ribs right here like on the side and you're gonna hold it for a bit and then breathe out I personally do it like at least 15 times and at first it's gonna hurt it's not gonna be like enjoyable but you need to push through it I do that I breathe this way like 15 times at least and then I raise one leg like I'm showing in the clip I breathe them 15 times and then I do the other one as well and that's it and it's so simple and you can repeat it a couple of times throughout the day and it really really helps me okay so this video is getting really long so I'm actually gonna wrap it up here and I'm gonna make another video right now about the whole emotional part and traumas and all that when it comes to period pain and how to figure that out so that video is gonna go up in like two or three days so if you're not subscribed make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it once it's up I'm gonna link it below so if you're watching this later it might be already up so you can check that out right now but I really hope this was helpful if you have any questions if you have any tips anything please leave them below and thank you for watching and I'm gonna see you soon

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  1. With using cups when do you know when to empty them?? I hate tampons I use pads but hate them too so I might actually give the cup a try!!

  2. Thanks for these tips Nika! Perfect timing too πŸ˜‚ I have been trying to use the cup each time mine rolls around. I think I need to get a different version – like a different brand might work better haha.

  3. I had no idea intuition could changed based on your cycle. Super fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 1 change: 1 st day of period is 1st day of cycle, not when period ends. Thanks for amazing video!

  5. hey! thanks for this incredible vid, do you have any recommandations of books/videos/blogs/conferences on the subject of the magic of periods and how the cycles affect women's lives ? have a nice day and keep glowing girl

  6. I don't want to get used to painkillers but I allow myself one or two pills (Diverin) first or second day if necessary, usually before I go to sleep because otherwise (if the hard pain hits) (but that's not always) I wake up and can't go back to sleep. Also it lasts a week or more lol. And when I was a teenager I had it every 3 weeks lol and everytime I went anywhere (every school trip, vacay, concert), but now not that often. Also in the beginning of my period I tend to feel like an elephant, all puffed up phisically (just a few days before I was quite excited wearing skinny clothes and then some morning I decided I mustn't be seen in or WITH about 10 pieces of clothes that were supposed to fit me).

  7. I saw a notif in my inbox and I was ready to comment "I like this timing" (I reeeeeeeally prefer fridays) and I clicked and then realised it's about period (which is rn for me) so like I said: great timing!

  8. THANK YOU. it’s literally what i need as it’s that time of the month. sending a lot of love sweetheart β™₯️

  9. this was SO SO helpful for me to watch today, I JUST started my period yesterday and normally I'm SUPER happy, like 10/10 everything is making me smile and feel good and then the next day is SUPER downhill depressed, but yesterday was very different. I was super anxious and emotional, crying alot and today I really don't have the energy for anyone or anything, but I'm also feeling really lonely and thank you for sharing this

  10. π™π™ƒπ™€π™Žπ™€ π™‹π™€π™Šπ™‹π™‡π™€ π˜Όπ™π™€ 𝙏𝙍𝙐𝙀 π™ŽUπ™‹π™‹π™Šπ™π™π™€π™π™Ž π™Šπ™ NIKAπŸ’ͺ🏿❀️
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