How to Turn Off Traction Control in A Ford Mustang

hey welcome everybody to Shelby exotics I'm Ryan we're gonna learn some stuff today now we went I say we you is just me messing people down it gin German Raceway I'm trying to get my shoes on so we're gonna learn some stuff today don't worry I got my shoes on went down to gin German today to shake down the racecar brought little Bertha a couple few sets of tires generator there's no such thing as like traveling light when it comes to race car stuff side door we're gonna show you something cuz I ran into one problem which I could see other people having this issue right so this is the race car I've got my number stickers on now Thank You Cory for that they look great I think we're gonna get some billet badges for this thing with the TR at the end I don't think I know billet badges guys they're they're awesome they'll do custom badges and then they've got just a little our emblem for the GT 350 if you want to add that on that little red R that you might have seen in one of my other videos but back to the topic today this video is not brought to you by one ethanol yet Mitch but we're gonna talk about one ethanol because that's where I get my 85 corn fuel we're buying it now on 55 gallon and then they have five gallon they've got a s racing compound in an are racing compound and don't overdo it guys cuz the I wanted to overdo it but I ended up with the S which is a hundred and twelve octane e85 which is like an e 91e 94 blend but they put me 98 and then the mixture in there and they sell it through retail and again that's one ethnic that's all we'll talk about that but I'd like corn in my and a lot of people don't like corn in their it can be a little abrasive but I like corn in my so this is the race car we ran into one minor issue today and if I can dub in the video I will I can dub in the video it's just a matter of me being lazy or not the issue that I had is that under any G's or loading up the suspension in a leftward turn so it'd be the right hand of the car like we're looking right here so anytime I turn left and load this side of the car the throttle would cut just like all right traction control does its traction control so today we're gonna learn how to bypass that I'm sure there's a few gt350 fans that track their car they would want to know how to do that if you know already don't be a know-it-all – everybody knows it I didn't know that their controls so here here we're gonna not look at me anymore okay so here's here's the car and again this side any time it would load up it would cut you guys might think it's lint mode there was another guy at the track that was talking about it happening to him chances are it could be a wheel sensor now I just replaced the right rear hub which I thought I had a wheel bearing going bad and I did so we've replaced the hub on this side and my guess is is that there's the optic sensor in there the wheel speed sensor probably was not remounted correctly so I'm gonna fix that as well but traction control folks how do you think we disabled that hmm we could pull the fuse right no because you're gonna pull your abs fuse so if you look right down here this will have this plug plugged into it thank you which goes right to this jumper all right which is just a duct-taped internal item all right so this is a jumper here so it's tying back into itself you just unplug that boom instant no traction control so be careful you didn't learn it here if you did learn it here you're on your own legally and ethically and morally don't do it unless you know what you're doing guys really but the folks on the track they get limited constantly like with a car like this limited by traction control you pull that jumper and you are 100% traction control free now your first question is does that affect ABS not to my knowledge there are two separate systems altogether they work together with the wheel speed sensors which is why I think I've got something in the back going on because there's an 80s error but the ABS worked good we didn't have any shimmies or shakes or dead pedal type thing on the brake side just the throttle side so every time I would get into the throttle no matter how light or soft or if I just tried to ease through a corner it just knew that I was putting load on the right-hand side so that is how you disable traction control now if you want to try it first before you just go balls out or balls deep into a bog deep I don't know I guess Cleatus MacFarlane says that we'll just go balls deep here you can hold the traction control which I have moved on this car we got a moveable wheel here I moved my momentary switches right there and if you hold the traction control up for 15 seconds it will and you have to do it for a full 15 seconds it'll flash you know active traction or or you know Stabilitrak if your chevy pull that for 15 seconds it's gonna appear up here and say traction control is disabled me personally I don't think it's a hundred percent disabled but now it is so get your rear view of the car you ever heard that start yet have you hmm but we can fix that okay all right in case you want to know stainless works headers ceramic coated and this has the resonator delete so she just bit pretty much what that sounds like at 4,000 rpm keep in mind it revs all the way to 80 to 50 and actually I've seen on the data logger up to 9000 rpm which is just silliness in my personal opinion a good in a good way give you a brief overview on the car Forge lines 19's we're using Racing brake carbon carbon ceramic I'm not sure what it says carbon ceramic because I don't have heard and ceramics but what I do have right in there those are cobalt friction XR once those are Phenom pads this thing still just stops on a dime it's it's nuts nutty nuts stickers were all done by actually two companies 180 graphics and icon and I believe I can spelled the ICAO in in Grand Rapids there's my one ethanol sticker it looks crooked on here but it's straight in real life Racing brake raising brakes they do have just a little bit of seepage right there it doesn't I don't know it's got to be just some issue with the threads but quick update on what's changed since the last time we've kind of gone through this car maybe I shouldn't do that maybe we just go all through it right oh we've got Forge lines the 19 so we can we could keep the stack brakes on it we didn't go with a teens I'm a little mixed about that I'm kind of happy that we stayed with the 19's we're at I like the size I like that it's a little bit taller of a wheel it also helps with your gearing in the back I just think the cars just about as well-balanced is is it can it can be relative to power and gearing at least for the tracks that have gone to so again racing brakes Forge lines I'm running right now the p0 Pirelli takeoffs from the challenge series and this is a 305 six ninety nineteen and I get those from I'm not telling you because everybody hugged my tires last year from that dude so I can be stingy mgw shifter Watson Racing did the lion's share of this build on the cage and the center stack there we've got Auto blip and move the existing GT 350 which if you're converting to a race car guys make sure that you keep these switches because the Magna ride and stuff just doesn't work it needs that to talk even if you end up putting a sex or multimatic or or any other DSS v– dampeners I still would keep this stuff because there's just a lot of chit chatting back and forth that you're gonna do and that's if you're gonna keep the stock ECU if you're gonna put a Holly in or a motek or a Momo or something like that you know by all means and rip it out but you better know where all this stuff was going and what it was talking to because it was kind of a mofo done get all these things talking so you could use the mode select which I moved my mode select off the steering wheel to here that's where I had them move that and then the selection information is actually over there and they're contoured so I kind of wanted them hidden just so they weren't they didn't look really out of place because would just by the shape of them he was really hard to locate a spot that they look good and that's why we ended up putting them this car has 3,000 miles on it and I believe the current average is like three point eight miles per gallon oil pressure gauge I am seeing consistently above a hundred and that seems to be whenever you change the oil I don't know if it's a viscosity quantity or whatever but it just seems to hold a lot better oil pressure there's my ethanol tanks those are gas candies you can find those at Walmart or online but they're called a gas caddy and you crank these to handle there and you can suck material out of here and put it in there and then pump it out of here into that and she likes to eat corn that's a 150 mile-an-hour Gorilla Tape because I'm dumb and I'm gonna have to fix some bodywork I backed off the ramp and I I had plenty of room and the trailer was even no I thought but I ended up hitting the Capaldi splitter and it lifted that and broke one of the clips right there so I just taped it in a effort to make sure that it didn't vibrate or fly out going around the track there's the truck we don't talk about that much because she's she's a tool man that's it I am NOT a truck guy at all it's been good though that actually the EcoBoost holds this whole apparatus pretty well so we'll shut the lights off yeah it was a good day it's always a good day to learn how to take traction control off for burnouts and it just you're not gonna be limited anymore you don't even realize when you're limited until you're not limited anymore the turn in on this cars is ridiculous now she just rotates right off the gate the Fords not gonna tell you to turn it off because well maybe liable for that I'm not gonna tell you to turn it off I'm just saying for me I like it off but you ain't gotta be like me cuz I can end up a greasy spot on the racetrack but I wanted to give a special shout-out thank you to the guys at three balls racing for allowing me to come out and play with them today ginger Ben Raceway and Southaven and yeah if you guys get a chance check them out and three bowls racing you have to google them because I don't know if they use their I don't know if they used to I don't know what the URL is that's Google they're in Michigan girls are sleeping so we won't wake them up watch it was yesterday I'm tired it's time to edit edit a video yeah Chihuahuas everywhere yeah see Bay alright like subscribe and comment be sure subscribe it's very important hit the like button for the analytics and we'll keep you updated what I find on a wheel speed sensor once I start ripping that apart we'll take some video that I didn't really tell you what we updated yet because we got sidetracked I always get sidetracked I mean there's really cool headers on there the stainless works that are ceramic coated all the way back past the x-pipe that draft like the ambient temperature nothing it's ambient because you're forcing cooling pack air in there but at least 60 70 degrees there's no heat coming off that more anymore so that's pretty much how that works guys will go through the cortex suspension components and the the upgrades to the car that we did on the front rear and also you might be putting a motek on it baby we can show you what that looks like talked to Corey about that see if he's okay with it but we'll definitely be showing you the one on mind he's got his converted over and if you like data and controlling data hyper cool so that's all we got for today thank you for joining us I sure appreciate it be sure like subscribe and comment talk to you later

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  1. Hey, Ryan. You didn't update what happened with the oil pressure on your GT350 S last time (video ) it drop when you was on the track.

  2. Is it cheaper to get the ethanol from this new supplier, then,straight from the refinery as you where doing in the past?

    Is it maybe part of some sponsorship deal?

  3. Hey Ryan, what are you going to do if you need to replace the Capaldi splitter since they are no longer making them anymore? I am running the same setup and don't really want to go the GT4 route. Evidently Capaldi sold the rights to FP?

  4. Has far as I heard unplugging that disables abs. We will never know till someone goes full brake with it unplugged.

  5. You should consider a trip to Road America. The Northwoods Region Shelby Club holds their 44th Annual event the weekend of July 5-7th. Lots of serious competition if you like HPDE.

  6. I've said it before and I will say it again. I love that enclosed trailer!

    Did you get it from the place near Imlay City?

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