How to use a Baby K'Tan Carrier with your Newborn

hi I'm Rachel and this video is going to show how to use Akutan with a newborn yucatan carrier has two parts there's the sash and then there's the carrier the first thing I'm going to do is find the loop on the carrier I'm going to make sure that the fabric inside of the loop is not twisted and that it's nice and even so I don't see any punches or twists there that this step will just help your comfort later on so I see nothing's twisted I can see there's a loop here that's not twisted and loop over here that's not interested then I'm going to take this loop I'm going to hold the Kattan like it's a necklace then I'm going to bring it over my head like that so the loop is directly in the back now I'm going to take one hand for each of these two bigger loops alright and so now that I've done that the look that I put behind you is way high on my back very first thing I want to do is take that loop pull it down a little bit if it's lower on my back I'm going to be a bit more comfortable so I've got that nice and low on my back I'm going to spread the fabric over my shoulder so that it's comfortable for me on both sides and I'm going to check that this is still not twisted all right lovely alright so this point I'm ready to get my baby I'm going to put my hands inside of the Kattan and stretch the fabric down like this so I can see that there's still plenty of room to put a baby even though it does look pretty tight container sizing really does matter if you you want it to be nice and snug if it's too loose your baby will end up a little bit low and you could contact the company and they can help you and if you're having trouble with getting the right size or trying to tell if your sis eyes you can also go to your local babywearing educator and get help deciding if you're fit you or not all right so I'm Hana my baby on my shoulder like I'm going to burp him this is Ben he's one month old but about 12 pounds so he's a little bit bigger than your average one with Phil but we're still going to position in the same way you would position another newborn in this carrier so I'm going to take one hand under one loop and guide this foot through I'm going to shift him to my other shoulder lean back slightly so he's well supported and I'm going to bring the other leg through this loop and I you can see he's sort of stretching into his little newborn tuck like position here that's exactly how I want his legs to be positioned his knees are higher than his bottom and his legs are comfortably in that narrow sprite squat he's a little high on my neck just cuz I started him in a burp carries a mental slow we're a little shift down till he's perfectly positioned to his head is nice and high on my chest where I could easily kiss him I'm going to find the loop that's underneath which is this side and I'm going to spread this one out first so I'm going to spread this all the way across this back I'm going to take it from this knee over to the seat like that all the way up and over shoulders is very well supported with this one then I'm going to do the exact same thing on the other side find the edge I'm going to spread it all the way from this into that knee and then up and over his back I want to keep it from covering his face I don't want to cover his face like that if that is happening if you pull the shoulder away like that or I could take the fabric and flip it out just a little bit so I've taken the top edge here I'm flipping it away from his face that way his face is fully uncovered I can lift on the sees cute little cheese since my baby is asleep and he's stayed asleep while I put him in here which is pretty cool a lot of times when he's asleep he likes the back of his head covered so I'm going to take this side and cover just the very back of his head to his ear but no further and you could say that his chin is high off of his chest he's very snug and well supported here if he was awake he wouldn't thus our beside and that's fine village look around and move their heads when they're awake and the next thing I'm going to do is get my sash in the bending over sport baby as I bend over I'll I'll get this sash and I'm going to take this put it nice and high on this back pull it tight and then I'm going to tie a double knot behind my back this Sasha it's a little bit extra support to the carry making it even more comfortable for you also has a lecture support for baby's back so as baby's growing and wants to lean and look around baby's really well supported so there we have newborn right carry ten legs

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