How to use a pregnancy test. English 3, Obstetricia

So in this video To get right Pregnancy test. Hi, Connie what’s going on? I have 13 missing calls from you. Is everything okay? Finally you answer my calls. I’m in a complicated situation It that for real? tell me, what happened darling? A week ago I was supposed to menstruate, but I haven’t! I Don’t know what to do Can you give me a piece of advice? Wow, I was not expecting something like this! If I were you, I would go As soon as possible to a drugstore To buy a pregnancy test in order to know if I am pregnant or not! I’m scared. I promise is terrifying for me, But you are right I’ll go now to the drugstore to get one Connie is in the previous moment to use the pregnancy test, but she has some doubts about it You said such us When do I have to do it or how should I do it? or can I get a wrong result? So when do you use pregnancy test I would rule of thumb is to wait at about 21 days or three weeks after you last had unprotected sex beers control failure before using a pregnancy test or the least One day after missed your period What do I need to take the pregnancy test? You will need a home pregnancy test get a flat surface, at clean collection cup in a watch or timer. And now that I have already Taken it What do I have to do If any line symbol or sign shows up in the result window No matter how you can consider the pregnancy test to be positive If any line symbol or sign shows up after The amount of time specified in the instructions. This is not considered to be a positive pregnancy test Coni, Hi! what are the result from it? I am kind of anxious about it I was waiting for the three minutes, now the results are ready it’s better if I put the pregnancy test closer to the camera for you to see if first Oh! It’s negative!

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