28 Replies to “How to Use Baskets For Newborn Photoshoots”

  1. Plans from the Stodoys site perfect for beginners and advanced people will find something for themselves.

  2. Anna it is so incredible, that You are sharing all that stuff with us 🙂 thank You !!! other people have less than a half to tell, but they are making money on just repeating what they heard.

  3. I say use and put them or on soft things what's with the hard stuff ?would you likef to be put in something hard to.lay on ?noo

  4. Thanks Ana! I have always worried about buying baskets because of sizing. This helped so much!

  5. Hola Ana. Can you talk me about what settings you use in you camera?
    what you recomend, strobe, speedlight, continuos light or natural light???
    and what is next (postproduction) photoshop, lightroom, etc.
    Muchas Gracias. Saludos desde Mexico City. 👊👊👊👍👍👍

  6. Thanks for these videos! I have been searching everywhere for the large flat basket.. no luck 🙁 hopefully I will come across one.. thanks again!

  7. Hi,
    I'm french photographer.
    Where you buy the baskets and wraps please? Can you send url please (MP if you want) ? In france, it's very difficult to find there…
    I like your videos !! But I do not speak English very well, it is not easy to understand everything 🙁
    Best regards

  8. I would so like to do some one on one (or maybe to if I bring Michael!) with you. Doing the slideshow at the end was a good idea. I don't think soing shopping is ever the same once you do newborn 🙂

  9. those pics were adorable! where do you get your headbands? i am having a hard time finding the ones with that plain thin band with 1 flower.

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