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hey guys so in today's video I am going to be sharing with you how my husband and I got pregnant on the first try now this is something that I actually did not anticipate I did not think that it would happen right away I'm not sure why I just I guess it's because I've heard so many women talk about you know it takes it could take up to a year and it takes you know a while it might not happen right away but for us it happened the first try so I will give you a little bit of a backstory before I talk about how I was tracking my ovulation schedule and how we plan to get pregnant when we did but I will just go under kind of my path so brother or mother if you're watching this video probably not going to want to because it's going to get a little TMI so just let you go to click out of the video right now but okay let's get into it my husband and I have been together for it will be oh my god it will be eight years this August I am I met him when I was 21 and he was turning 19 so we've been together for a long time I was within the first month of our relationship I was on birth control but I had to quickly go off of birth control because just for medical reasons my doctor said you cannot be on birth control it just did not agree with my body whatsoever I had constant bladder infections I would say two a month cause the east' infections it was just awful and it's just something that did not agree with me it didn't matter what pill I went on it just was not working for me and the point where it starts become dangerous was I would get a lot of migraines like all the time and I would miss a lot of work from it and it got to the point where my migraines I start to get kind of like a flashing in one eye and that I couldn't see out of that eye very well so almost like pictures you're at a club and you know how they've got those seeing lights and you it's kind of hard to see that to what I had in this I I believe and as soon as I told that to my doctor he was like okay so you need to go off because first birth control increases your risk of a stroke and the fact that you're having these symptoms you could you could have a stroke if you stay on them so and that was very surprising to me because I am very sick I've always been lean and healthy I have very good blood pressure that kind of thing doesn't run in my family so she said some women just cannot be on birth control it just does not agree with your body so right then and there I went off the pill so that was probably I would say I have I have been off the pill for I say seven years it's been a very long time that I happen optical and I do think that that might have a lot to do with how we were able to get pregnant so quickly because I know a lot of people they say you know if you're trying to get pregnant you should get off the pill and give your body a couple months to adjust going through the natural cycles again and that sort of thing because the pill can screw up your cycle and just kind of confuse your body so excuse me so I had been off the pill for about seven years we did not use any other form of preventative measures other than the pull out method which I know might be TMI but whatever we're all adults here so yes that is what we did for seven years was just a pull up method and which kind of was one of the reasons why I thought that I wouldn't get pregnant right away because you hear so many people saying that whenever you do the pullout method you can get pregnant it's still a very good chance that you will and it had been seven years and we didn't get pregnant doing that I do think part of it is because I always was able to feel when I was ovulating so when I was ovulating we just wouldn't fool around and then as soon as it was finished you know we started up again basically so we only did the pull out message and use any other form of birth control no condoms no no nothing so we did that for seven so when I we talked about getting married and he proposed we knew we wanted to get married and pregnant right away after at that time that we got married I was 28 years old and he was 25 his birthday is November 3rd mine's May 4th so when we when we got married yeah I was we got my Roscoe we're first of last year and again I was 28 he was 25 and everybody around me knew I was determined to get pregnant on our honeymoon I had the mindset of it's happening I am getting pregnant on my honeymoon and I kept saying it over and over and over and I told people I'm like no like I'm coming back pregnant like I'm being serious and they kind of laughed at me and said well you know don't get your hopes up because it could take a while especially my mom she knew how much I wanted a baby and to be pregnant and she was like to still get your hopes up like it can take quite a bit of time like I was like no trust me it's happening so I don't know if having a strong mindset had anything to do with it as well I'm not saying that if you think and it'll happen but I do believe in the power of the mind there happened tons of medical one which I say medical like research studies that have been done that proved that people who have positive reinforcement and say like I'm cheering my this or this part of my body is healing and if you have that positive mindset those people healed much faster than the ones that did not do that so it's just it's crazy the power of the mind is unbelievable so prior to us getting married I started using the ouvea app and it's basically just an app that you download on your phone I am NOT sponsored whatsoever by the way this is not a sponsored video I wish I was getting paid for this but I'm not and it basically just tells you like you type in like whatever you start your period and it will tell you you say I'm roughly like 28 days or 29 days or 30 days and you put that in and it will tell you you're like 3 essays to get pregnant and when you should be ovulating now it also takes a total so if you have been using the app for say three months it kind of knows like it'll kind of figure out on its own that your period should last about say 28 days because that's your average so it does take that into account when it tells you when you should be ovulating so that's really really cool it also gives you tips on like what to do to prepare your body for pregnancy and all of that stuff so it's really really cool so I like I said have always been able to feel when I'm ovulating I can tell when it's on one side and then it goes to the other side for me it kind of feels like kind of like a period pain but not nearly as intense more just uncomfortable and I just feel it in like a straight line down at the one side of my body and that's how I know I'm ovulating and then I'll get my period so when we were on the honeymoon and also at this point I have been taking a prenatal vitamin for I'd say four months so I was on a prenatal vitamin for about four months before we started trying to get pregnant and I was tracking for quite some time as well just to make sure that by periods were regular and kind of seeing what I was ovulating in that sort of thing so on the honeymoon I so I had my period before the wedding and actually it worked out brilliantly thank you God that I was ovulating on the honeymoon so that to me that was just a sign of like I'm going to be ovulating on my honeymoon this is happening like black I'm Kennedy pregnant so um my ass told me that it gave me like I think on Monday or like a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday where my best days to get pregnant and I'm supposed to be ovulating on those days so Wednesday so we did we were intimate on the Tuesday but the Wednesday morning I knew I was ovulating because I could feel it so on that day my poor husband was tired we were intimate three times so I think it was pretty much first thing in the morning because I could feel it I was like Collin I'm ovulating we need to be intimate so first thing in the morning and I think we went to the beach for a bit came back and I was like okay let's do this again so it was probably like after lunch and then another time like early afternoon or late afternoon so a total of three times and just to make sure I also we were also intimate on the Thursday now every time this is where it gets a little TMI but like I said we're all adults so my mom actually told me that if you are trying to get pregnant after you of our intimate to sit on the bed with a pillow under your hips with your legs straight up for a good 10 to 20 minutes and apparently the gravity is supposed to help the little swimmers get to the egg I'm not really sure scientifically is that the thing but I had also heard that that could potentially help so I did that after every time and you feel kind of silly cuz like she's like watching TV and like we're getting ready to go out and I'm just like 10 more minutes and just like you're sitting there with my legs up in a pillow propped underneath but I swear it worked so I did that after each time so then after that on the Thursday I and the Friday I would say by the Friday I think I knew that we had conceived and the reason is because I know how my body works I can tell when I'm going to get my period just from different ways my body reacts I know what I'm ovulating and usually what I feel my ovulation is just one day then the next day I feel nothing this is the first time in my entire life since I started getting period and ovulating that that ovulation pain or discomfort carried on for like four days after i ovulated the exact same feeling and i was like okay I've never had this before so I looked it up and a lot of people or a lot of websites said that sometimes women you can actually feel when the egg is fertilized the a has to travel down the fallopian tubes and sometimes women can feel that and it can be a bit of a discomfort kind of like ovulation pain so I was like oh my god oh my god bet you like this is how big and because I had never had that before so I was pretty sure that it had worked and I kept saying to myself like after we tried I was like we did it we made a baby and I kind of almost envisioned and it was sounds weird but I like envisioned my body making like the sperm eating the egg and making a baby and it traveling the little embryo traveling down and I just said it works like I'm pregnant like I'm pregnant I'm pregnant I'm pregnant I'm pregnant and I kept kind of saying that I think so the Wednesday was when we conceived for sure but I think by the Friday or the Saturday we had to come home on to Sunday so I think it was this Saturday this Monday the Saturday or Sunday we were at the beach and I got really nauseous out of nowhere and I had to get out of the water so I called I'm going to throw up and he was like are you okay I was like I just I'm so nauseous so I got into the water and I said to him I was like I'm pregnant and he's like okay like you wouldn't know yet like what do you talking about like I he hoped that it worked he's like okay like I don't think it you would know this early by swear I did so yeah that was really weird and I was still having that kind of uncomfortableness on the one side so then we left we came home Thanksgiving Monday and I just say anything to my parents I didn't tell them about even the little my mom I wouldn't tell my dad but I did tell them about I think we concede or anything like that the only person that kind of knew that was Colin but that whole week I really started noticing different things and the first symptom that I had was the following so we got home Thanksgiving Monday the following Saturday I knew I was pregnant for sure that day because we were at my brother-in-law's he does all these like Fitness races like Spartan races and it's like for athletes and we were we were there and I had the sharpest most pinpoint lower back pain that I had never had before in my entire life and I thought okay like this is this is different and I was exhausted like we were there for only like two hours and I was like falling asleep but I was like calling me to go and I'm so tired and he's like really are you okay doesn't I'm so tired and my back hurt so I said I think I really think I'm pregnant so that we went home and the other shirt sure sign that I was pregnant was usually I have a set of symptoms that indicate that my periods coming and again for the first time since I started getting my period I did not have any of these symptoms like not one not one like usually my boobs get really sore I'm craving sweets and I get irritable and really emotional I had none of that my boobs didn't hurt I wasn't craving anything I was just tired and had this back pain another symptom that they say is pretty much a sure tell and I did experience it was when after you can see if you're supposed to have quite a bit of like more of a like a gooey type of no no I don't want to say that words I hate that word it's just like more you're more lubricated down there if that makes sense and you can notice it on your underwear and it's a lot more white it's not gross or anything she's you're more lubricated down there it's more white and I had that consistently leading up to when I was supposed to get my period and I had never had that before so I knew I was pregnant so the following Sunday so we got back like I said Thanksgiving Monday the following Sunday I took a pregnancy test first thing in the morning it was a first response test and it was positive so we got back from our honeymoon and within a week I was testing positive for being pregnant and I told my husband and I was like I'm pregnant and he was like oh my god we did it like we just were so happy and I cried and I think we told my parents like that evening or something so it was really like the coolest experience but that's how I got pregnant on the first try I do think that it's a combination of different things like I really think if you know if you're the type of person that can feel when you're ovulating and you just know I think that will help and also just having that mindset of I'm going to get pregnant and not stressing about it that was the big thing too and I one of the main reasons – I think we got pregnant is just because I was on my honeymoon and I you know I did say no we're going to get pregnant but I wasn't stressed about it I was so relaxed and like yeah I'm gonna get Craig that I'm not worried about it like I think it's when you are stressed that that makes it very difficult because your body is not going to produce a human being or get pregnant when you're stressed it's just not going to happen so I think it has to do with the environment we were in the fact that I was mentally determined to get pregnant I had been off birth control for quite some time so my body was you know balanced hormonal II I was taking a prenatal four months before and I was using the app and I also knew when I was ovulating and then sitting with your legs in the air also works so I think a combination of those things ended up with us being pregnant right away so my family was shocked and I think Colin's mom my mother-in-law her first her first thing that she said was already like I told you it was going to happen and we all laughed about it but um yeah so now we are expecting our baby girl she is a toy serious pregnant and she is coming June 29th and I'm so excited to meet her like I can't wait so I hope you guys enjoyed this story of how we got pregnant on the first try and I hope any of these tips will help you guys if you're trying to conceive and yeah enjoy this time of trying and just relax about it and just let your body do its thing so yeah I love you guys I'll see you my next video bye

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  2. the methods of putting your legs up is True…our doctor told us the same thing with a pillow under your hips

  3. What was the app u use to keep track of your period n ovulating u mention? Btw congrats . I really love your video .

  4. Yes, laying with your legs up does help … this is the advice that’s given to same sex couples who are doing artificial inseminations … congratulations btw😊

  5. 3 times a day. Is this possible without taking some medicine for man? Specially when these medicine are harmful

  6. i share the same story as you. for 8 years we did the pull out or used condom once we got married we decided to have a child. my period started on 9th may 2019 i had sex with my husband from 16th may to 25th may. on 29th may up to 3rd june i started to marron discharges when i use the toilet, june 4h my period started and stopped in june 7th. the blood was not to red as before not abundantly as before. do i have a chance to be pregnant?

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  9. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and together for 13 years. I haven’t been on birth control at any point in my life because it made me really sick. When we got married we stopped using condoms and used the pull out method. We stopped using the pull out method 5 months ago and started tracking and actively trying to conceive 3 months ago. I’ve been concerned that because we used the pull out method for so long and haven’t gotten pregnant yet that we might not be able to. Your store makes me believe that it’s actually possible! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  10. We have been doing the pull out method for 3 years. I finally got on birth control last year because my periods are HORRIBLE. We’ve just decided to start trying next year. I think I’m going to stop taking BC in December. It’s going to be really hard but it’ll be worth it.
    Side note: my husband is in the military and is leaving for a year in September, but will come back for a month mid year 2020. That’s the time we are going to try. So thank you for the tips because I’m hoping it’ll work the first time !!

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