How Woman Says She Started Dating Men Who Are In Prison

How did you choose to do this instead of maybe having a long distance relationship overseas or something? How did you choose prisoners? Nine years ago I met one, and he kind of just started all this. Do you ever go see them? No. So it’s all pen pal. Um hum, it’s all pen pal. But do you talk to them on the phone? Yes. Oh so you do get to talk to them on the phone? Yeah. What’s the rule on that? You get to talk to them how often? Whenever, some of them can call all the time. Some of them are on 23 out of 24 hour lockdown. So they can call sporadically. We’re talking about kidnapping, attempted murder, car jacking, machetes, we’re talking about some bad dudes here. Does it bother you that they’ve committed crimes of violence against other people? No, I have a no judgements policy. So I’m a messed up person as well, so I don’t judge anybody. Yeah, you figure they’ve made bad decisions and you’ve made bad decisions in your life. Yes. If they got out would you necessarily want to pursue a relationship with any or all of them? A few of them maybe. But one of them’s back in the picture that’s out right now. And you were with him this week? I was with him, yeah. And how does that feel? You had a relationship for how long while he was in prison? We were on and off for nine years. Nine years? Yeah. How much did you think you got to know him during that nine years? I know him like the back of my hand. And once he was out, how much did that fit what you thought he was gonna be like when he got out? It did change, but I kinda knew it would so I kinda always, my sister says no expectations, no disappointments. But you think he’s gonna be a certain way. Like I’ve talked to people before that I only knew over the phone or something in business or whatever and I met them and they were like totally different than I thought they were gonna be, or the same. How was it with you for him? Was he what you anticipated or complete different? Half and half. So some things were different? Yes. Did he show you the respect and attention and all that you would want a man to show you? He did but he was also showing that someone else so when I went through the phone records that’s what led me. So we were just talking about that. Do you think he was talking to someone else while he was in prison? No because he was in federal prison and the minutes are monitored and my crazy self was monitoring our minutes, so every time he would call I’d log it to track our minutes. And you sent him a fair amount of money over nine years, right? Uh hum, close to $50,000. $50,000? Okay, and do you regret that at all? No, no I don’t have a lot of regrets in life. Okay so when I say regret, now that he’s out and you know him and you know that there is somebody else involved, would you like to have that 50 grand back? No. Not even a little bit? No.

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  1. I have a pen pal in prison in the US I'm from UK. I do find him interesting and like writing, but I wouldn't be sending no cash.

  2. I don't think i would ever want to date a prisoner
    If my boyfriend would do something that sends him to prison i would break up with him and he would do the same if i did something and ended up in prison
    ( But i don't think any of us would WANT to do something that's not okay )

    And if i would ever want to kill someone Just give me some thea and chocolate because i might Just be on my period 😂😂

  3. She is the stupidest, dumbest woman I have ever heard speak. She is not capable of changing because she is unwilling to. She has got what she deserved

  4. I don't comment on utube vids often but this the comment section is open there for I'm takin this empertounity to say that this women is oddly weird in a weird way

  5. This is a form of extreme control. She definitely doesn't want to be with a regular guy that she has to actually spend real time with.

  6. Does she has kids, because if she's going to bring one of those men home I would be worried for the safety of them

  7. Hybristophilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities, or crime—such as rape, murder, or armed robbery.

  8. She may be old but she has a symmetrical face. All she had to do was diet and exercise and she could have got an actual boyfriend or husband. She is to lazy and power hungry for that though. Also clearly delusional based about what we learned here about her lack of regrets and subsequent 50,000 dollars.

  9. 🤣🤣 hey lady,, how will all these people like finding out that their "loyal female friend" is a "fake"🤣🤣

  10. They shower her with love notes and complements. She doesn't have to deal with their bs ,because she can just hang up. Poor thing must have very low self-esteem.

  11. This literally scares me!! I started dating this guy in high school, but when I found out from my brother that he had a sexual assault and other charges against him, I RAN from him! It's not, exciting and it's not romantic! There's bad boys, but then as Dr. Phil says, there's "bad dudes"!

  12. This woman has poor judgement as well as very low self esteem. She may have even suffered from abuse .. this behavior is not normal. Criminals in jail or prison for violence are usually not the best mates..!

  13. That 50k was spent on commissary, mail etc. she wasn’t just giving him money she was making sure he had hygiene and food and was holding him down she wasn’t putting the $$ in his hand saying go buy pointless stuff in stores or on clothes 🤷🏼‍♀️ and jail is honestly expensive about $100+ every week is spent by each inmate, I wonder if she knew the guy before he had gotten locked up

  14. straaange.. I'd be wondering from the guys perspective what she's getting out of carrying on pseudo-relationships with seven guys at once for. what ever the answers may be none are favorable to her mental state and character.. but $50k? wow! her grandfather the 1920s industrialist is surely looking on in disappointment.

  15. I feel like these r the kind of ppl who romanticize being “messed up” or “bad” and have never actually seen stuff close to it. Nobody is gonna laugh while saying “I’m a messed up person!” besides locals posting pictures of Harley Quinn and the Joker on Instagram. In another video she’s laughing and saying “his soul is dead and his heart is black” and he loves her in “his own twisted ways”. Sounds a lot like an attempt to be edgy for attention idk.

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  17. But I agree with what dr Phil is saying but every one deserves a second chance and I’ve done things that could’ve got some one locked up but people gave me second chance

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