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  1. New subscriber here!! Mom to be to a baby boy coming in February 2019 and i love all videos about new moms and babies! Btw ur hair is gorgeous 😍

  2. It’s always great to have a temporal thermometer too. It’s awesome when they are sleeping and you need to check, ours also lights up so you can see it in the dark.

  3. Can’t wait to see baby girl! Breast feeding can be difficult. You’ll get over everyone touching your breasts trying to help. Take Fenugreek to help with milk production. It helped us a lot! Cherish these moments!💕

  4. Oh my gosh I love Natalie Bennett too! Also, I'm so excited to hear you talk about hypnobirthing! My future mother-in-law started the program at our local hospital(:

  5. Hey Becca, when my sister was born, my mom had a sterilizer from Avent, and i must say it's a game changer. you can sterilize bottles, pacifiers, toys…. a lot of things! Get's all the nasty germs that are in the water or dirt that you might not have gotten rid of with a normal wash.

  6. I would totally suggest getting a forehead thermometer. Trying to put a thermometer any other way for more than 5 seconds with a fussy sick baby is next to impossible. Plus, you can easily check back on them during the night with the forehead one without having to wake them up. GAME CHANGER! The price has really dropped on these too, so they're not even really that expensive anymore. I wish I had one from the start, having had 3 babes. Nice haul! You are going to be an amazing mama.

  7. Get some discreet adult diapers. The huge pad they have you stick in the mesh undies just aren't comfortable and they're very noticeable.

  8. My son is 5 and we still use those exact saline sprays so they won’t go to waste! Lol

    I also have that wet dry bag and use it for swim suits!

  9. OMGosh! The first part was HILARIOUS with all those “booger” tools! They sure have come a long way! All I had was one of those little rubber bulb things. I called it a “nose sucker”. Looking forward to baby girl’s nursery tour!

  10. “Munchkin Arm and hammer diaper bags”! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed a diaper in the trunk of the car and had a poop diaper rolling around until the next trash can sighting. They also work as trash bags/ soiled clothes bags when your in a pinch.

  11. Windi!! It is by the same brand as the nose Freda. They are little tube straws you can gently place in the rectum to Relieve gas and help with constipation. It sounds weird but it honestly was a game changer for my gassy new born and it’s all natural compared to gas drops and gripe water. . .

  12. Earth Mama’s Mama Bottom Balm was a lifesaver for me after both my daughters’ births! Awesome ingredients too! I always recommend it to women who plan to have vaginal births. 🙂

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