hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a long-awaited baby clothing haul I have been posting on Instagram I posted a few times just showing like the crazy my clothes that we have and I always get so many messages saying please do a haul and I've been meaning to film one I just haven't gotten around to it until now so I'm just gonna have to get started because I have so many clothes it's ridiculous like like look these two bags are filled with tiny baby clothes and I'm not gonna be showing all of those like I have a whole pile to show you I just picked out some of my cutest ones because if I tried to show all the clothes that we have it would literally be a 30 minute long video so let's just get started so the first thing that I want to show is the cutest thing that I just got yesterday from Lulu & Company I found their company on the Instagram or something and I just knew that I had to order from them but I forgot one of the pieces is hanging up in kayson's closet and he's taking a nap right now I'm gonna insert a like picture clip of it somewhere in here so that you guys can see it at least cuz it's too cute and not show but I basically bought this bundle it comes with a really cute swaddle its ribbed as you can see so it came with this swaddle it came with a matching top knot hat we're just so adorable it's kind of wrinkly cuz it's been sitting in a bag cuz I just did laundry but super cute little top knot hat a pair of mittens to match and it came with a gown the most adorable a knotted gown that has like fold over mitten sleeves and it is so freaking cute oh insert a picture clip of it here okay this clip is on my phone so please excuse the quality but here is the adorable gown this is how long it is and then it knots at the bottom if I was a millionaire or if I had a decent amount of money I would literally buy one of these gallons on every single freaking color they're so adorable but yeah okay so there's the matching gown but I am in love with it I literally want to order like ten more but I I can't afford that so now on to the million other made clothes that I have so here I have this set that I bought at Target we bought most of our baby clothes I can because I have a really hard time paying full price for baby clothes that they're just gonna spit up on get poop on and only be able to wear for a short amount of time before they grow out of it you know so we buy most of her stuff secondhand but this we bought I bought at Target because it was just too cute so it comes with a onesie just a white onesie it says you me and a big hug which is cute I guess I don't really go I usually don't go for onesies with words on them but it came with this little like a cardigan thing that goes over it which I just thought this was too freakin cute and it has the fold-over mitten things which I really like and then it comes with this matching pair of pants so I thought that was super cute I had to get it and then at Target I also got this 3-pack of the knotted hats cuz I love the Freak I love the knot it has I think they're so cute and so I got a pack of three of them right here so break it adorable I'm just gonna have to put the stuff behind me so cochlea doesn't bug anybody too much okay so we have a lot of these little swaddle me waddles right here I really like the swaddles with Velcro for a night time because I feel like it's just a lot easier or a lot harder for them to slip out we loved the use of casein it made sure to buy a bunch of these we're not going to show them all because they're just the same thing just and for prints but I love those Oh next here we just have a little onesie that says handsome little fella we just have a lot of plain like short sleeve onesies and footed sleepers cuz that's mainly what I'm gonna be keeping him in because it's the easiest and the comfiest then we have it this little onesie right here super cute I love the little print you will notice a pattern here eventually really like baby blue colors for little boys like I just think it's so cute so I have a lot of baby blue stuff like this onesie this one says so not tired so freakin tiny there's that one then here's a little just footed cotton sleeper it has little puppy dogs on it but it's super cute super tiny we have a lot of these that's what he's gonna be in the majority of the time to be honest another little one with puppies on it again super cute then we have this little sleeper the dinosaur on it another sleeper this one's button but it was super cute so I just got it anyway even though it's buttoned cute and just like a plain little onesie just has stars on it I got a pack of these it had this onesie in it I think this one this one had a bunch of ones in there like that that like they were cute like they weren't ugly but the main reason I got the pack was for this onesie I don't know if you can really tell hold on let me try and get you can see the color I love this like pale yellow color for babies but they're really hard to find I feel like I have not been able to find hardly any clothes in this color a lot of them are like girl clothes but I really like this color for a boy so I had to get this that pack of onesies just said I could get this yellow one because I love that color and it came with like or it didn't come with but they had hats near it that were a big bunch of hats just ones that matched a little onesies then there's a yellow one to match how yellow onesie right there yeah just a bunch of little hats so we're stocked up on hats this one just says I love mommy I thought that was super cute then we just have a plain little pair of pants right here so freakin tiny and cute this green colored one cute this is just a brown stripe one with a monkey on it this one Brian picked out what says D is for dinosaur he got it for casein cuz casein loves dinosaurs um so I thought that was cute another just plain little pair of pants right here I love this little sleeper it's so cute because it has like a baby Mickey and Pluto on there like how cute is that and I love this color it's like a light like pale green color um we have a dinosaur long-sleeve onesie so there's a little onesie but it's sleeveless it's super cute oh it's actually a little romper how cute is that especially for summer oh this is cute too it's a little sweater vests there that one kind of far another just sleeper um oh my gosh this is freaking adorable so I got this little bathrobe it's like a little bathroom see if I can show it to you Oh bathrobe it's so cute has little ties has a little bear on the side that is so freakin adorable I just have a few more onesies here to show you there's this one it's this happy little one again with the blue color I'm realizing that I have a lot of that I should have got some more variations but then there's just this onesie so what that's basically it obviously I have a crap ton more clothes but I just they're all basically just the same style of things just different colors different prints so I didn't want to just show all of them you know what I mean I picked out my favorites the cutest ones so um yeah I may be doing another haul when we get more gear like items because we don't have a lot of that stuff yet we're gonna wait until the baby shower before we buy a lot of stuff like that so I may do another haul but I'll be 36 weeks in my baby shower so we'll just have to see like when I end up going into labor if I do that or not but I'll probably do another haul but yeah that's like a lot of baby clothes and I wish that I could buy 10,000 more of those cute little gowns and like a bunch of cute colors but they're so freakin expensive but okay anyway let's offer this whole guys you guys enjoyed my back is freaking killing me now yeah I will see you guys in my next video


  1. I literally cringe 😫😩thru this video
    Do wrinkled clothes not bother you? 😳
    Its such a pet peeve for me 😆😅 lbs

  2. That is a cute shade of yellow. I also love that color for baby clothes. You're so close to having him, how exciting! How does it feel to be so pregnant in the middle of summer? Will you make at least one more pregnancy update?

  3. 🥺they are so cute ! I can not wait for a boy😭

    I am also a teen mom with two little girls

  4. Love watching hauls I'm having a little girl due in September along with an 8 month old. I just posted a baby haul on my channel so excited to finish watching yours!

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