12 Replies to “Huge Pregnancy Update🤰🏽 q&a + pregnancy must haves!”

  1. I’m 32 weeks this coming Tuesday! I’m due with a little boy. Pretty excited, and just ready to have him with me.

  2. Omg your due date is my Son's birthday! 😍 I was due for Nov 24 and was schedule for induction but baby came on it's own ❤

  3. My absolute WORST fear is giving birth. 😫 I feel you on that!
    But praying for a healthy pregnancy & safe delivery for you & every other mama carrying. 💟

  4. Your pregnancy is going by so fast omg. However you look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. You’re glowing 💖💖💖😍😍😍

  5. Hi omg I love ur videos.
    I'm expecting a bby girl to in nov 29 im 21w. N I can relate to your symptoms its hard but ur videos have helped
    Cant wait to meet ur sweetheart 👣❤
    Take care 💙💜😘

  6. New subscriber here! I requested you on insta and can't wait to see all your cute photos! Congrats to you and Chanse on baby girl!

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