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all right what's going on everybody Philip Frimpong congratulations you are first Jesse Reese story but you are first loser okay so as some of you may have just seen I uploaded a video just like a few minutes ago pretty much um or yes it's been like an hour we're hunter Avallone agreed to have a debate on abortion with me that's kind of surprising because about a month ago he declined an abortion debate but I guess now he's had a change of heart either he is pressured to do so for moral reasons I know this is a topic he seems to care about a lot maybe his own audience pressured him into doing it you know because like he criticized me for wanting to be in an echo chamber which makes no sense because I was the one who challenged him to a debate or he thinks his arguments in support of abortion are are good he thinks he has some solid arguments to attack my position but judging by his most recent abortion video he is not prepared for this debate at all so really the point of this video isn't just to make another video debunking you know the the pro-life argument again it's actually to help Hunter strengthen his argument and actually learn how to argue because Hunter literally does not know how to construct an argument so we're going to go through this video explain why hunter just makes non arguments that don't really make any sense and then hopefully in the next few days when hunter and I are going to debate you know he'll be a little more prepared and we can have a little bit more of a constructive sort of back-and-forth so first thing I want to point out he started the video off by saying this video was not monetized I guess this is his way of virtue signaling saying like guys guys this is a topic I really care about so I want to make sure like you guys know I'm not just saying this for money dude you literally just uploaded a video about a girl who's been suffering from anorexia for seemingly all of her adolescent and adult life and you made fun of anorexia even though it's the most deadly mental disorder you literally made jokes about it and you're you're trying to take the high road now saying I'm not monetizing this video but you will monetize videos making light of anorexia the most deadly mental disorder there is okay what's up everybody it's hunter Avallone here and right away you probably can tell this is a bit of a different style than my usual content however this video is extremely important this is a video we both feel very compelled to make in this video we plan on telling you all our personal experience with an unplanned pregnancy and how that shaped our stance on abortion okay so I'm just gonna call it right here your stance on abortion is entirely emotional it is not based on any kind of logic or reason sure people can use personal experience to form their own opinions but again this is just I've seen most of this video already and in the premise of your own video you're basically admitting this is totally emotional for me I did not really give this any honest hard thought this is just how I emotionally react to this issue and this is how I feel and that's literally how all of your arguments sound like joining me today the mother of my child and my wonderful fiance Carissa Keeley did we plan on not only telling our personal story but also providing irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong not only okay notice what she just said there she said we are going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong um let's see if they meet that burden of proof and by the way your fiancee should probably start an ASMR channel she has a very calming sort of voice believe from a moral standpoint but also an intellectual a little over a year ago we found ourselves in an unexpected situation we got pregnant just a few months after moving in together and if you were to ask any pro-choice advocate we would be a prime example of a warranted abortion surveys conducted over the past several years found that the largest reason for women pursuing an abortion 98.3% was due to elective reasons that's a misleading figure elective just means there's no medical reason to do it so basically there's not any kind of legitimate life-threatening reason to get an abortion so just because there isn't a life-threatening reason to get an abortion where if you take a child to term like there's a very good likelihood that you'll die that doesn't mean all other reasons are illegitimate so that's a bit of a misleading figure I think that's a bit dishonest it's a little bit of a dishonest way of bringing up that figure now we were both blessed to be in a decent financial situation however we certainly met some of this criteria I know personally I was really scared I did not feel ready I didn't feel old enough and I certainly didn't feel ready to take on that kind of responsibility though you probably weren't old enough you probably weren't mature enough but hey people grow up maybe you'll make great parents or whatever but again this is the issue with your with your argument and the whole premise here you're basing your opinion off of your own personal anecdotal experience and/or your own emotions on this topic do you think everyone is as mature as you as financially stable as you as emotionally stable as you as reliable as you I may disagree with a lot of hunters opinions but look I can recognize the guy is somebody who is willing to take responsibility okay he looks like he seems like the type of dude who yeah if he gets a girl pregnant he'll end up taking responsibility for it and making sure he can take care of the kid I don't really have any doubt that he won't try his best to be a father but guess what not every father is like that there are plenty an endless amount of deadbeat dads there are plenty of abusive parents who should never have kids again just because this is your this is what happened to you this is your own personal anecdotal experience I don't see how this is a justification to ban abortions for everyone just because you think your own particular circumstance applies to most people and again the port like she started this like his wife or fiancee she started this off by saying we're gonna provide irrefutable proof your own personal anecdotal experience isn't exactly irrefutable proof is it chase Watney donated $14.99 he says I'm ify or sorry if he on abortion and lean slightly pro-life and that late term is a very gray area for me I can at least acknowledge that this is going to be a stomp for Richard well emotional is not the way to argue well I recommend you watch my previous abortion videos the one that lets see the video I made about John Doyle in particular where is that so I'd recommend checking out this stream and also checking out the links in the description I linked to a really good video on abortion I'll link it in the in the chat there what is it philosophy tube he made an amazing video on abortion I recommend everyone watch that I've actually based a lot of my abortion arguments off of philosophy tubes video so if you're kind of iffy on it I'd recommend watching those two videos my livestream and philosophy tubes video but I appreciate the donation chase and you know maybe after watching some of my content in the future debate I'm going to have a hunter you might be swayed but I appreciate it dude and Matt r26 donated 99 cents appreciate the donation Matt okay let's continue those reasons alone make up 32 percent of reasons for abortion as a stress grew put a serious toll on our relationship which was already undeveloped before we found out about the pregnancy I certainly have a lot of regrets and I let my anxiety and the fear of the unknown cloud my judgment and it caused me to make some very rash decisions involving our relationship Hunter grew really distant and it caused our relationship to slowly burn out there is definitely a point in time in which we were in a very poor relationship which makes up 12 to 13 percent of the reason why women like me get an abortion okay another sort of misleading ish statistic I don't think that statistic is misleading in and of itself is just how they're introducing it they're basically coming at this from the angle oh we had a baby guys we're in a great relationship right now we're financially stable and guess what before before we were deciding oh should we have this baby should we not have it we were just like everybody else like we like 12% like 1 1 in 10 people have these same issues and they end up killing their child so here's the issue if you're going to if you're going to like introduce that statistic from that angle you should first actually establish that you are killing an unborn child like it is tantamount to murder which you haven't done yet so basically you've created this premise that abortion is murder and then from that premise you just keep making that same assertion throughout the video without actually establishing why it's wrong even though you've said you were going to provide irrefutable proof that it's wrong no all you're doing is making an assertion and and this assertion is based off of your own anecdotal experience which is pretty bad despite all of this a portion was never an option I think going through an unplanned pregnancy we can both really empathize a lot more with people who do pursue an abortion we both understand how flat-out terrifying it can be and the temptation to alleviate that stress quickly can sometimes cloud your judgment I know also for a lot of men there's that temptation to run like I said I was scared and although I was physically present mentally I was running far far away I didn't want to take responsibility for my actions and I didn't want to face the fact that I was a father but I look back now and there's so much that I just wish I had handled differently again she claimed that we're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong is this irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong somebody personally saying that he has regrets with how he handled his relationship no that's her own personal feelings your anecdotal experience this is not actual this is not an argument in support of your position that abortion is wrong again you're just making this assertion saying oh I was running away from responsibility a lot of dudes do this but again this is based on that assertion that abortion is wrong but you haven't actually made an argument to prove or provide evidence for that assertion Eric rah-rah-rah donated 1999 really appreciate that big donation Eric you didn't have anything to say but thanks a lot for the donation dude so yeah fundamental problem right now they've made the assertion that abortion is wrong they claim they're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong but they're not providing that proof they're just repeatedly stating that assertion over and over again that abortion is wrong look I can do the same thing I can say guys I'm going to prove to you that if you eat multigrain bread that is immoral and then I just keep going on and on and on saying you know I had the sandwich last week guys and you know I regret it I felt so bad after eating it I was an emotional wreck I was detaching from reality is that proof that eating multigrain bread is wrong no okay that's basically your argument thus far because taking responsibility and being a father has easily been the best thing I've ever done despite the anecdotal claim worthless not an argument fact that statistically it would have been completely understandable for us both to pursue an abortion considering the situation we were in so again notice how they're dishonestly referencing these statistics oh we were in a situation just like most other people most people get an abortion for this reason but we ended up keeping our child so therefore we did the morally good thing again you you have to actually establish that abortion is tantamount to murder or is murder what you haven't done however choosing life was the right decision for all of us and no matter how poor or how scared or how immature you may feel there is virtually no excuse to pursue an abortion okay again assertion assertion assertion you did not provide an argument for why abortion is murder or is tantamount to murder why abortion is wrong and why there is no excuse for an abortion I'll be generous and say hey maybe this is just the premise to your video and maybe you're gonna actually come up with arguments but I seriously doubt that somebody with a weird Russian or Slavic name donated $2 he says it enforces repercussions for irresponsibility or IMO it enforces repercussions for irresponsibility that's retarded okay so I've heard this argument from people oh but if we let people have abortions then they'll never learn how to be responsible first of all um why would you want your responsible people to have children why does that even matter I could say look I could say I couldn't I can make analogous sort of arguments let's say if you contract some sort of sexually transmitted disease let's say you get syphilis and the reason you got syphilis was because you had sex without a condom well guess what syphilis is a very easily treatable disease you can just go to the doctor get antibiotics and it's treated it's done I think it only takes like a few weeks worth of treatment to get rid of syphilis well what if the doctor said you know what I'm not going to give you syphilis treatment because then you won't learn how to be responsible and learn how to use a condom so I'm going to let you live with syphilis for a while I'm going to let the flesh rot off of your head and have you lose hair I'm going to have you suffer you know neurological brain damage from the syphilis and then then you'll learn your lesson to use a condom you can also use other examples like let's say you were driving dangerously and you end up by getting into an accident okay so you broke your leg should you not get medical treatment for a broken leg because we should punish people in some way like learn the the consequences of your actions so I'm not going to treat you for a broken leg even though it's easily treatable it's complete nonsense and again I this this abortion argument I think it's looked at the wrong way it should be looked at as a debate about bodily autonomy does bodily autonomy supersede the life of another being and I'd argue yes I would say a woman's right to her body do whatever the hell she wants with it supersedes a potential life so therefore art thou but thanks for the donation as Beth a woman and us someone who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy there is no questioning okay somebody's uh so I don't mean to cut them off somebody's writing stupid shit in the comment section so pseudo lounge he says pain receptors appear around the mouth for five weeks post fertilization and he also claims that six weeks post fertilization an born child first responds to touch okay that doesn't actually mean they're sentient so this this is something I've seen be reported misleadingly even by some neuroscientists by the way so in the human animal sentience doesn't actually develop until the cerebral cortex develops so the cerebral cortex is responsible force for sentience being able to have consciousness a lot of these a lot of these functions like being able to respond to touch they're actually handled by the brain stem so it's not like the the unborn child like feels pain like oh my god I'm feeling something or it's actually responding to touch and it can feel things no it can't feel what's happening is its nervous system is developing some of these lower functions are being handled by the brainstem but that doesn't actually mean it's having a conscious subjective experience because it doesn't have the fetus doesn't develop a cerebral cortex until three months into the pregnancy and most most neuroscientists will tell you that it's around five months that a fetus becomes actually conscious or sentient so that's the amount of development actually required for a fetus to be conscious and actually experience things like pain and essential and a sense of touch just because they can respond to stimuli just because pain receptors do begin to form really early on in the pregnancy that doesn't mean they can actually feel anything that just means those systems are being developed early on and pregnancy but the actual ability to have consciousness sentience that's not around until roughly five months into into the the pregnancy so you're incorrect there all right let's continue and as someone who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy there's no question in my mind that abortion is wrong no matter okay um again another assertion there's guys guys I'm gonna prove to you with irrefutable you're a few double proof I'm gonna provide you with irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong then your proof is guys I feel like abortions wrong that's not proof that's not an argument that's just you making an assertion so that's the fundamental problem with everything you've said so far matter how you look at it there are disturbing similarities between pro-choice logic today and Nazi ideology from the 1940s the United Nations was formed shortly after World War two with one of its primary objectives being to hold nations accountable to uphold crucial human rights the UN made the provision that all members of the human family have the right to inherent dignity as well as freedom justice and peace by using these provisions the UN meant to ensure that no people group whether classified by race sex age or any other conceivable category would face the humanitarian atrocities of discrimination violence and genocide which took place during World War two okay I have two big things – well maybe three three big things to point out here first of all I think it's kind of funny that um I think it's kind of funny how they bring up you know the UN Universal Human Rights trying to create better living standards for everyone well here's a World Health Organization report unsafe abortion global and regional incidents trans consequences and challenges one of the findings from this research was that legal restrictions on safe abortion do not reduce incidents of abortion so by making abortion illegal what you end up doing is not actually impacting abortion rates and you just ensure that more women will actually succumb to harm from unsafe unregulated medical procedures so in supporting this ridiculous pro-life and agenda you claim you want to improve living standards and reduce overall harm but you're actually increasing the likelihood of committing harm against somebody by by restricting abortion so that's the first point second point again your your premise is abortion is wrong and you are claiming that you're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong this is not proof that abortion is wrong this is just a universally hit a document Universal Declaration of Human Rights so I think what they're trying to suggest here is that a fetus is the same as a fully formed human being and it deserves the same rights allotted to them well that's an assertion you haven't actually argued that that is the case so once again you have provided no no argument no evidence for your claims and you're just expecting everyone to accept this premise that abortion is wrong at face value and then from there you bring up something like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights see guys see according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights abortion is wrong well no that's only if we recognize a fetus as a human being which you haven't done you haven't actually given us an argument for why we should recognize a fetus as a human being and this isn't this isn't exactly important for my argument but I think it does strengthen my stance I would say we shouldn't recognize a fetus as a fully formed human being primarily because it's not sentient up until roughly five months into pregnancy so a being that isn't even sentient can't think or feel doesn't think why should we consider that to be a human being we actually euthanize fully adult humans that are in similar circumstances if somebody is in a coma they'll never wake up from they can't think feel they're not sentient anymore like severe brain damage we we pull the plug we kill them so I don't see why it would be wrong to abort a fetus and let's just assume for the sake of argument okay a fetus is the same thing as human okay well I don't know if you're familiar with this but Judith Jarvis Thompson believed she was a journalist back in the 1970s she came up with this really good argument in support of pro-choice so you can I'll leave this in the in the description I'll just add this to the description of the of the video so you all can read but in a nutshell what she argued was that this is this abortion debate it's an issue about bodily autonomy even if we could agree for the sake of argument that an abort that a fetus is the same thing as a fully formed human being which I could easily argue it is not even if we could argue that would we would we say in similar circumstances that the life of another being supersedes bodily autonomy so in this hypothetical she created again it's pretty long and wordy I'm going to vary I'm going to paraphrase this pretty heavily but say somebody abducted you and they had a severe kidney disease and what they did was they basically took your circulatory system and connected it to theirs so basically our Riis leading from your body or leading into their body and they're using you as a live human kidney dialysis machine now when you wake up you have the choice of either staying in that hospital bed with them and waiting nine months until they can receive proper treatment for their kidney disease or if this kidney disease disease just heals on its own let's just say it takes nine months but you're going to be bound to this person in a hospital bed or you could choose to leave and in doing so that would surely end up resulting in the death of that person now would you say that you have the right of bodily autonomy and you have the right to sever yourself your circulatory system from that person resulting in their death I would say yes I think most people would say yes including Hunter Avallone you have the right to bodily autonomy so even if so even if we could agree that a human or soria fetus is the same thing as a fully formed human which we're not going to agree on but let's just say for the sake of argument we did I think there's a very strong argument in support of the idea of bodily autonomy superseding the right of another being the right to live of another being so unless you'd bite the bullet and say okay if somebody abducted you and connected their circulatory system to you and you know you had to stay connected to them for nine months like if you think you should be forced to do that give up your bodily autonomy to save the life of someone else then I don't think you have any sort of logically consistent position on abortion or you're pro-life agenda so to simplify this down a bit let's like really really simplify this article down do you think you should be forced to give up a kidney to save someone else's life that's the a very simplified version of this argument if you'd say no then you clearly support bodily autonomy over the life of another being and as such I think to be logically consistent with your own position you would have to say that a woman also has the same right to bodily autonomy where they shouldn't have to give up you know their bodily functions to support the life of a child so there you go so maybe hunter should give that a little bit of thought going into the debate that's going to be one of my main arguments for the debate and hunters should be prepared to answer that a common tactic of rationalization when there are genocide apat earns is that of dehumanizing the victim David Livingstone Smith the co-founder and director of the Institute for cognitive science and evolutionary psychology at the University of New England talks about this in regards to Nazi Germany's rationalization of their treatment of the Jews when people dehumanize others they actually conceived of them as subhuman creatures okay so the argument they've come up with right now is that abortion is analogous to Nazis Holocaust in the Jews that is a pretty ridiculous analogy in my opinion for a number of reasons I'd say primarily because a fetus is not a sentient being a can't think or feel can't feel pain or suffering it cannot feel the threat of death doesn't have a will to live so claiming that destroying a fetus is the same thing as gassing a Jew that's quite ridiculous in my opinion secondly you're claiming we're dehumanizing fetuses when we do this I don't know if you're aware of this cop damn it so there's a big think article on this and there's also a Washington Post article but you can find plenty basically fertility clinics end up aborting more unborn children than abortion clinics believe it or not so infertility clinics what they do is they they extract eggs out of a woman and what they do is they fertilize those eggs those eggs become embryos so unborn children if you will their fertilized eggs they're viable you know they're not human yet like they're not fully developed but they are like there are they are unborn children they're fertilized eggs and according to Hunter that would make it an unborn child so what ends up happening is they they produce more embryos than they need and the reason they do this is because that's the most economically viable way to for this you know artificial insemination or fertility clinic you know set up so not all of the embryos are going to like once they're implanted not all of them are going to be successful so I don't know what the actual figures are but you know usually they have ten or twenty additional embryos than they actually need maybe the first few embryos don't take once they're implanted inside the woman's womb but once an embryo is successful and is successfully implanted in a womb you have a surplus of embryos so you know roughly five ten fifteen twenty additional embryos so what happens to those embryos it depends and this big think article they go through it they might donate some of them – it's all in here so a huge percent of percentage of them 57 percent of labs report they immediately discard them so so roughly half of the embryos they create they're just discarded they're thrown out into the trash they're burnt just incinerated as medical waste so just for one just so just for one fertility treatment you're essentially killing according to Hunter like 5 10 15 20 unborn children so our fertility clinics treating embryos as subhuman or our embryos not human I've never heard you ever talk about fertility clinics I've never heard you talk about the great injustice that is that is being brought upon embryos in these fertility clinics in these research laboratories maybe that's because they're not sentient they can't think or feel they're just a clump of cells and who cares what happens to them just possibly so this is pretty damning for your whole pro-life argument when you're trying to convince us that oh we're dehumanizing fetuses it's just like the Nazis you know you know Holocaust I we're treating fetuses well then why don't you care about fertility clinics just discarding of embryos which are perfectly viable it's because they're not sentient nobody cares literally nobody cares doesn't matter it's not a moral issue when you're just destroying a clump of cells that is not sentient can't think or feel there's no moral issue here and that's the same thing with aborting an unborn fetus again a fetus isn't sentient until roughly five months into pregnancy we can be generous and say okay well the cerebral cortex begins developing at three months so maybe a baby has some semblance of sentience starting at three months of pregnancy we can be generous there and you know we can talk about the ethics within that range but no like hunter you can't make the the argument that an abortion is totally immoral at any stage of pregnancy for whatever reason that is just an absolutely ridiculous position and on top of that let's just create a hypothetical hypothetical situation Hunter you're claiming that killing an unborn fetus killing an embryo it's the exact same thing as killing a Jew in the Holocaust so fetuses should be recognized as the same thing as a human okay well let's say you were to go to a fertility clinic and it started burning down there was this crazy fire and you saw a collection of unborn embryos so totally viable embryos you saw a stack of a thousand of them so a thousand unborn children are in this or in this cooler or whatever the hell they're kept in like one of these things you can either choose to save those thousand unburrow unborn embryos or you also notice that there's a little three-year-old child on the ground who is separated from its parents can't move on its own it's scared and you could either choose to save that three-year-old child or you can choose to save a thousand unborn embryos which would you choose to save you can choose to save a thousand potential life's lives right here or you could choose to save one three-year-old child which would you choose I'm guessing you would choose to save the three-year-old child because deep down you couldn't give two fucking shits about unborn children and this is all about you wanting to control women simple as that so yeah again maybe that's another maybe that's another thing you want to be prepared on before we have this debate Kenny G donated $6.99 he says hi vegan gains I just wanted to say thanks for turning me vegan I'm a barber in the GTA you should come by one time on the house if you want pics Instagram is okay you know what I was actually thinking of getting like a really dope fancy kind of haircut I'll check out your Instagram and thanks for the donation chemichi and thanks for the offer a lot check out your Instagram maybe I'll get a haircut from you okay so let's continue um so basically fun mental problem here is again they claimed they're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong of course they didn't do that they're just making an endless series of assertions saying that abortion is the same as the Holocaust you have not provide an argument for that all you've done is say it's the same so that's just an assertion you've you know come up with your own personal life experiences saying oh I felt I felt like it was my responsibility again that's not an argument that's your own personal feelings so they haven't provided an argument yet and there are some things that are pretty damning against their arguments only then in the process livery aggression and exclude the target of aggression from the moral community predictably this is exactly what we're seeing today according to Amy Littlefield a staunchly pro-choice journalist but if we are truly to defend access to abortion and the personhood of pregnant people we have to be able to say unequivocally that the aborted fetus is not a person it is not a baby it is that's absolutely right wait that's absolutely right I have no problem in accepting that again again hunter would you give a shit about a thousand embryos being destroyed in a fire no you wouldn't if you had the choice between saving a thousand embryos or one three-year-old child you'd save a three-year-old child and I think you know the answer to that it's because the three-year-old child is sentient it's an actual human being whereas the embryo embryos are not a human being if you're going to this is where your ridiculous beliefs lead to if you're going to say that an abortion at all stages of the development at all stages of the pregnancy for whatever reason is totally immoral because at the the second like the second that the sperm enters the ovum you know gametes what have you that is considered a human life this is where it leads you if you are morally if you are logically consistent with your moral beliefs you'd decide to let that three-year-old child burn to death and you would save those thousand embryos but you wouldn't do it because you don't actually believe in what you're saying so just complete and utter nonsense yeah I have no problem in saying that a fetus is not a person as simple as that east another tactic which is common between Hitler's genocide over Paige and how a society interprets abortion is how we distribute blame in order to brainwash such a large majority of Germany or had to push the ideology that Jews were actually the perpetrators making the rest of Germans lives so much worse the Nazi Party provided the population hope but most importantly they gave the population escape code of which to assign blame it was through this means that the Communists and Jews were hunted down prosecuted imprisoned or killed this is exactly what we see with the issue of abortion stupid during World War two 6 million Jews were tragically massacred from 1970 to the present day there have been over 45 million abortions the media has changed the narrative okay that makes absolutely no goddamn sense so this analogy is absolutely ridiculous because again you're saying that murdering fully formed human beings that are sentient can think and feel have a will to live have friends family members that's the exact same thing as destroying a clump of cells so again hunter if you had the choice between saving a thousand embryos or one three-year-old child you'd save the one three-year-old child because guess what you don't believe this bullshit secondly this idea that we're treating children as the perpetrators and we're getting some sort of justice by committing abortion that doesn't make any sense to me I think the idea is I'm not ready to have a child and I wouldn't want the child to suffer have a bad life because I'm not ready to have the kid I don't think there's this idea that you're getting some sort of retribution against a child an unborn child who wronged the because you were careless and got pregnant or something happened in your life where a pregnancy would be very inconvenient for you so that analogy makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever I would just say that's a false analogy you are reaching so far to try to come up with some sort of reasonable justification for your ridiculous pro-life beliefs like look I can understand that this is sort of a morally gray topic but if you're going to come up with if you're going to like sit here with a position that an abortion is wrong under all circumstances at all stages of the pregnancy you just have an absolutely ridiculous position the truth lies somewhere in the middle again like considering all the facts a huge amount of pregnancies and in miscarriage not everyone should have children and a lot of the time later sorry I'm was I going to say the like a fetus doesn't even develop sentience until roughly five months into the pregnancy like and you also have issue like moral issues with bodily autonomy this is a morally gray issue and the ant-like the answer lies somewhere in the middle you you have this just ridiculous view that you clearly don't believe in because again if there is a fire in a fertility clinic you'd save the three-year-old child and not a thousand embryos so it's just complete nonsense and again just to remind everyone they started this off saying they're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong have they provided that irrefutable proof well I've heard them state over and over and over again if like abortions wrong dies abortions wrong so is an assertion proof is asserting that abortion is tantamount to a Holocaust is that is that proof that abortion is wrong no that's just an assertion you're just expecting everyone to believe whatever you say because you didn't actually think about this you didn't actually think logically about this problem you are acting purely on emotion and because this is entirely emotional for you you just expect everyone to feel the same way simple as that Kevin Mann donated five dollars he asks are you worried that by doing this response video you'll be giving hunter Avallone an opportunity to better prepare counter arguments to your points nope I prefer him to provide better counter arguments I'm interested in having an actual debate discussion I think even if I gave him the best chance he'd have no chance again so here's the issue here's what it comes down to if you consider abortion not as a question of whether or not we should let an unborn life develop but more of a question of bodily autonomy you run into huge issues so do you think that a person should have a person's bodily autonomy should have precedent over a life of an unborn child or a potential life if you're going to say that no you bodily autonomy doesn't matter as much as a life or a potential life that opens the door to a huge amount of problems you'd have to say then you should be forced to donate a kidney to somebody who's suffering from kidney failure because again your own bodily autonomy is not as important as the life of another being you would have to say that if someone was going to rape you and there wasn't actually in a threat a threat of them killing you but they were just going to rape you you would not be allowed to use lethal force against them because again bodily autonomy doesn't matter as much as the life of another another person so if you're going to like if you're going to like this is where I'm going to take the debate it's really down to bodily autonomy he's going to have to bite the bullet on a lot of weird issues he's going to have to say that no you don't have a right to bodily autonomy if your bodily autonomy interferes with the life of another being then you're going to have to give up bodily autonomy you're leaving okay love you sweetie that means you're going to have to let people rape you you're going to have to let the government steal your organs to save the life of somebody else you're like we could even justify things like slavery giving up your wealth money there's a lot of really like it leads down a really ridiculous path if you're going to if you're going to say that bodily autonomy does not matter as much as the life of another person so not worried at all because the pro-choice stance is very very very strong but thanks for the e donation Kevin man Tyler Jones donated $2 he asks thoughts on antinatalism I'm an ante natal list there's different levels to antinatalism there's heart antenatal Asst all life and all of existence should be wiped out I'm not one of those I'm an antenatal lyst who believes not everyone should have children only some people should reproduce it's more of a right than a or sorry it's more of a privilege than a right and we should we should make these restrictions on reproduction because you are like if we don't make these restrictions you're creating unnecessary lives that very will likely suffer and will cause more suffering in the world like those lot those additional lives that don't need to exist they can make others suffer as well so that's my thoughts on antinatalism but thanks for the donation Tyler Jones all right well let's continue so so far they haven't come up with a single argument all they've done is made a series of assertions from the babies being the victims to the woman being the victim and the unwanted pregnancy being the perpetrator makes no sense in her life so much more difficult yeah this makes no sense that I've already covered it this analogy makes no sense that's not how most people think holds fetuses are to cry as subhuman and they are blamed and eradicated for the sake of making the parents lives easier sadly this makes sense claim that any group you wish to eradicate is subhuman push the agenda that this people group is to blame for all of your problems and you can find justification to annihilate them that okay so again this analogy doesn't make any sense so he's saying this is analogous to the Holocaust because Hitler blamed the Jews for all their problems and pregnant women are blaming their unborn children for all their problems that that doesn't make sense on several levels first of all Jews cannot be compared to unborn children because unborn children are not sentient secondly mothers aren't blaming children for their problems I think it's generally recognized or I think it's generally most people generally think that oh I'm not ready to have a child I don't want to have a child and have that child you know suffer a life of poverty or abuse or neglect because I'm not ready to have a child for whatever reason maybe you don't have a good job maybe you don't have a stable relationship family life maybe the person you're with is abusive so this this analogy doesn't make any sense what the fuck happened here okay it's like okay so we had like almost 400 concurrent viewers then it dropped down to a hundred out of nowhere that jump backed up to 400 then to 200 then it went back up to 2 400 again announced at 0 is YouTube not working that is weird okay that's what I'm seeing on my live – YouTube doesn't seem to be working right now unless all of you really hate the sound of my voice this brings us to our point that despite the disturbing rationalization that society divulges in fetuses are part of the human family they have the rights of assertions dignity freedom justice and peace of just more assertions she's saying she said she was going to provide irrefutable proof that that it's wrong to abort a fetus this isn't proof this is an assertion so again I fundamentally disagree with your view that a fetus is a person it deserves the same rights allotted to people and that bodily autonomy is less important than a right to life I disagree with all of those claims and you have not provided an argument for the claims you are making that a fetus is a person deserves the same rights as a human and the right to life supersedes bodily autonomy which they are being deprived on a daily basis what if it was just once they are implanted are at the beginning stages of humanity it is without question that defeated okay interesting interesting word choice she said a fetus once implanted is the beginning stages of humanity so that is interesting um I don't know if she meant to use that kind of wording but if she's saying oh it only matters once it's implanted into you so does that mean if we had the technology to grow a fetus or an embryo to term you don't even need to put it inside like the womb of a mother does that make it okay to kill a a 12 month old baby because it was never inside of a mother's womb so that's a little weird I don't know if she was saying that to get around the fertility clinic issue but yeah you can't get around the fertility clinic issue if you're going to say that oh it only matters if it's implanted into the mother then okay then you're basically saying it's okay to kill fully formed children if we had the technology to develop them outside the womb I don't know if she actually thought of that or if she just you know for whatever reason used that wording but that's kind of interesting this is alive the scientific definition of life is the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organ being manifested by growth through metabolism reproduction and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally while the fetus must rely on the mother for a good environment and nutrition to grow without complications that fetus will form into a fully functioning human being Fievel this is have a metabolism their cells are constantly reproducing and they adapt to their environment it's cute how he thinks this is a good argument as they continue to grow into fully formed human beings it is without a question that the fetus is a human life ok so he used a throwaway definition of living it really doesn't matter in this case I couldn't give a shit if a fetus was living what I care about is sentience and I think the only thing you care about is sentience to look the embryos you wouldn't give a shit about like look again the embryo situation would you rather save a thousand embryos or the life of one child you'd save the life of one child you couldn't give a crap if an embryo is living because life doesn't really matter to you any of us blades of grass are living will you not mow your lawn anymore for the risk of killing a blade of grass no of course you're gonna mow your lawn because you don't give a shit of a blade of grass as living what you care about is sentience a blade of grass is not sentient and that's why you're perfectly willing to mow your lawn that's why you're perfectly willing to sacrifice a thousand embryos to save the life of one three-year-old child if we're going to use this like if we're going to use life itself as a as some sort of argument for pro pro life then I don't see how you're not vegan I don't even understand how you can justify some of your other beliefs I don't understand how you can justify your beliefs in self defense firearms ownership bodily autonomy all of these things if you're going to say life Oh life is what makes something have a right to live then okay you'd be vegan and you'd you'd be against lethal force for self-defense purposes because again life is what gives something like life is the most important thing it has to be protected under any and all circumstances so your your moral views are completely and utterly inconsistent what you care about is sentience and maybe we could say potential to have sentience that's something else you you might throw in there but you couldn't care less of some things a living being nobody cares that an embryo or a fetus is a living being yes it fits the scientific definition of living but if something doesn't have sentience consciousness if it can't have any kind of subjective experience in a philosophical sense would you call it living no we'd call it dead like look people who are who have severe brain damage and are no longer sentient and will never wake up we call them brain-dead so like that's basically what a fetus is even if it is like technically living it has metabolism and it will develop into a fully formed human it's it's essentially brain dead or you know philosophically dead it doesn't have a sentience consciousness or anything so a really bad week argument if you're going to use life itself as a as an argument for for like against abortion then you would have to say that you'd have to be vegan you can't kill anything you can't kill plants animals you can't kill out of self-defense you know to protect your own bodily autonomy it leads to a down a ridiculous road so again obviously you care more about things like bodily autonomy you care more about things like sentience than just life itself so again hunter hasn't really thought of this like at all which is weird because I did make that response to him and it looks like he did watch it so it's pretty odd that he's still using these same really bad arguments dwight Langston donated two pounds he asks wow you sound like Margit margaret sanger the witch margaret sanger who the hell is that margaret let me see it margaret sanger i was an american birth control activist sex educator writer nursing or popularized the term birth control opened the first birth control clinic so allowing people to choose when to have children makes you a witch okay so you're not particularly bright but thanks Dwight max peacock donated five dollars he says single motherhood is the number one cause of poverty in first and third world countries economies always do better when women have children later in life think I'd have to agree with that but according to Hunter EV alone doesn't matter doesn't matter if we make the world a worse place with more crime more poverty more death more people suffer we have to protect the lives of clumps of cells that couldn't even give a shit if they were destroyed in the first place so but I agree with you max and thanks for the donation appreciate it hound dog donated $10 he asks not sure if you knew this but hunter claims to be an atheist he shouldn't have any religious doctrine influencing his beliefs you might be able to change his mind or at least plant a seed I'll either so this could go two ways I can either change his mind about certain aspects of abortion if he is like if he has enough honesty and strength of character to admit he's wrong about certain things or I'll make him look like an absolute moron it'll go either of those two ways but I didn't know that I would I actually wanted to ask him whether or not he's Christian because a lot of the things he's saying it sounds very Christian like but thanks for telling me that now I know a bit more about where his position is coming from and I think I might be slightly better prepared for the debate but thanks for the donation hound dog really appreciate it I hate pretty girls donated $2 he asks have you ever tried cotton candy grapes good vid yes cotton candy grapes are amazing there's a store relatively close by I think it's like 20 minutes away that sells cotton candy grapes and they're dope I i friggin love them whenever I see him I get them but thanks I hate pretty girls okay let's continue with this nonsense video so again they claimed they're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong so far they have not done that they just keep asserting over and over again that abortion is wrong which of course is not an argument that's I guess circular reasoning why is abortion wrong because abortion is wrong but why is abortion wrong because abortion is wrong that's literally what they're doing so we are left with understanding that fetuses are yes part of the human family and their rights according to the provisions laid out by the UN this is very fully recognized there is it it literally feels like they shot a video that was maybe 30 minutes long and then edited out all the portions that included arguments that's literally what it feels like but that's not what happened they literally thought they came up with arguments they literally thought hey guys we're going to prove that abortion is wrong you know how we know that abortion is wrong abortion is wrong oh but why is it bortion wrong because abortion is wrong but you didn't explain why abortions wrong well I explained to you why abortions wrong it's because abortion is wrong that's literally their video a genocide of the unborn going on which is scarily similar to hitler's eradication of the jews but it's to know it is not in any way similar to hitler's eradication of the jews the fundamental difference i would say is the jews were fully formed human beings that were sentient and had a will to live whereas fetuses are not sentient they have no consciousness they exist with inside the mother and the mother consents to abort this clump of cells so i think that's the fundamental difference between those two scenarios again you that they didn't even provide an argument for how this is like analogous to like the the Jewish Holocaust they just said Hitler did this to the Jews we're doing this to two fetuses this is somehow related in some way it's it's absurd they're they they're really really reaching as hard as they can but it's just not working right it's not only okay but empowering just because the oppressed people group cannot fight back pro-choice advocates also love to protect okay um she claimed that fetuses are an oppressed people group in what way are fetuses being oppressed they're not sentient have no consciousness have no will to live can't think or feel that's like saying people who are literally brain-dead but brain-dead who have been in severe accidents they can't think they can't feel they're just being tube fed they they have a breathing machine like breathing for them they can't think or feel oh because we're pulling the plug on them they're an oppressed group that's literally your argument it's absolutely nonsense to claim that something that isn't sentient has no consciousness is somehow an oppressed group ridiculous tend to be pro-woman to somehow validate their support for the slaughter of the unborn okay okay um two things to point out here so he said oh some people say they're Pro woman and that's why they they think that validates their support of slaughtering the unborn misleading way of wording that um later on in this video in just a few seconds I think they're going to claim that women who have been raped should be forced to have fucking children not even fucking joking like really your if this isn't a fucking if this isn't the best evidence ever that this whole abortion like this whole pro-life argument isn't just to control women I don't know what the fuck is it's absurd I have not seen the new Lion King yet Gary Flores donated $2 he asks here about Larry wheels physical abuse to his ex no I haven't a look I'll look into that later look I know a lot of these bodybuilders they have aggression problems that's likely due to their steroid use this is something that's looked over a lot not a lot of people talk about it steroids do have they do significantly impact brain function they do affect your nervous system and neurotransmitters inside your brain and they have been proven to reduce your ability to have self-control they do make you more impulsive and aggressive so that definitely contributes to it and I know Larry wheels in particular he had a really bad situation growing up where he was like abused and neglected so that might play into it as well but I'll look into it thanks for the donation though Gary okay let's continue with this ridiculous video however abortion can result in significant harm to the mother as well a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that women who had an abortion are 34 percent more likely to develop anxiety 37 percent more likely to experience depression 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol and 155 percent more likely to commit suicide whenever okay funny how we didn't mention the the marijuana the thing but okay misleading statistics so this is where you learn about relative risk and absolute risk so let's say the risk of a woman developing an anxiety disorder is I don't know one in a hundred so one in a hundred women have some sort of an anxiety disorder if that increases by 34 percent that means one point three four in a hundred women have an anxiety disorder so the risk is 34% but the absolute risk doesn't even increase by 1% so does that matter to anyone not really by the way like you're talking about let's see one hundred and fifty five percent more likely to commit suicide so they're basically two and a half times more likely to commit suicide men are something like five times more likely to commit suicide than women so is allowing people to live as male now immoral because men are five times more likely to commit suicide should we gender bend every child to be female to avoid the suicide risk who cares and again relative risk versus absolute risk let's say the let's actually look at the absolute how many women actually commit suicide risk of suicide and women I don't know what the absolute risk of suicide is for women let's just quickly google this see if we can find something 1013 women died by suicide in Canada in 2013 compared to 3,000 men okay so population of Canada is about 30 million so I guess this is on a yearly basis it doesn't really matter okay so let's okay so there's 15 million women let's divide 1,000 shit 1000 divided by 15 million this isn't this like really back of the hand calculation because this includes children but yeah so this is an incredibly incredibly low number it's point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero like it goes on like it's it's an incredibly small likelihood of there's a incredibly low likelihood that a woman would commit suicide so when it so when that number increases by one hundred and fifty five percent the absolute risk of a woman committing suicide doesn't even increase by like one percent like the absolute risk it it's tiny so this is absolutely absurd there are other things that can increase risk of suicide certain jobs can increase risk of suicide massively dentists they actually have an occupation that is highly associated with suicide should we ban dentistry because dentists are very likely to commit suicide compared to other other professions know like again there like there are plenty of things that can increase risk of suicide working a factory job can increase your risk of suicide should we ban all of these things that increase risk of suicide no like you would you would argue that bodily autonomy supersedes this notion that we should do everything we can to prevent like suicide risk or prevent harm I I could be wrong but I think hunter Ave alone has a bit of a libertarian stance where he thinks people should be able to do whatever the hell they want if they want to harm themselves that's fine well then why are you using this as an argument against abortion when in every other circumstance you support bodily autonomy even if bodily autonomy could result in personal harm so this is ridiculous you're misrepresenting statistics you're conflating absolute risk with relative risk and at the end of the day who cares people can make their own decisions again bodily autonomy supersedes things like look a hunter should I be able to control your entire life because I believe that if I control your actions that will lead to better outcomes should you not have any choice should the government force you to do certain jobs eat certain foods live a certain way because according to like a collection of data oh if you have this job you have the lowest likelihood of committing suicide oh if you eat this you have the lowest likelihood of dying or getting heart disease or diabetes oh if you have a relationship with this woman you're most likely to stay together for the longest period of time should every single thing your life be micromanaged by the government because there the government believes that oh if we force you to do certain things we think you'll have a better overall life based on these you know misleading statistics no you would support bodily autonomy so this is probably so this is the first argument he's come up with and it's a really terrible argument really really stupid goddamn argument let's see I hate pretty girls donated $2 he asks do you think hunter is scared to debate you live I'm sure he is I don't know exactly why he agreed to debate me now I think the most likely reason is because he's felt pressured to he constantly talks about abortion he makes it a big deal on his channel and one of the few people who's offered to debate him with a big channel he's refused refused to because he said I hurt his feelings so I think he's being pressured into a debate with me but we'll see maybe he thinks he has an actual argument but that would be that would surprise me it's it's pretty shocking that he uploaded this video thinking that this is an actual argument in support of pro-life it's shocking to me but we'll see how it goes thanks for the donation though I hate pretty girls calisthenics the lion donated 2 euros he asks how did your tattoo heal still getting crow tattoo question mark my tattoo healed pretty damn well it's really all healed now in some parts you can still feel the ink is a little raised but it's pretty much all healed I just have to keep it out of the Sun still you know I guess I'll give you a closer look because a lot of people are interested in the tattoo it's basically a battle stag just a deer and armor but I'm not getting the crow tattoo right now I'm gonna wait a bit to get any more tattoos but thanks for the donation calisthenics the lion Levin donated 5 euros he asks hey man I made a parody on sfera jizz epitome series would love to see a reaction okay I'll go to your channel is it Lange's wigeon okay these I don't know if I want to let me see I just want to make sure there isn't anything sexual here okay there's some weird videos on your channel I don't know if I'll I'll look at your channel maybe send me the link on Twitter or something to the video you're talking about it doesn't even look like you ever liked a spare IDEO on your channel as far as I can tell but send me a link on Twitter maybe in another stream I can respond to it live but thanks for the donation 11 max peacock donated $2 he asks every use CBD oil for any of your injuries no I've never rubbed CBD oil on a wound I have taken CBD oil before just gives me a very relaxing feeling but I've never used it on any wound or I've never used it to deal with any joint issues I've just tried it here and there and it just seems to give me a nice relaxing feeling so it seems like it's good if I ever have anxiety depression but thanks for the donation Mac speaking I appreciate it okay so let's continue a first argument hunter Evelyn has come up with just a recap is abortion can be harmful to women it can increase risk of anxiety suicide alcohol use who cares you would not say that the government should ban alcohol should ban cigarette smoking it should ban any other harmful activities because it causes health issues but in this one particular circumstance you're saying we should ban abortion because it could potentially lead to health issues so that is a double standard you're being hypocrite here you're also misrepresenting these statistics you're conflating relative risk with absolute risk and like really again bodily autonomy matters more in the circumstance than this idea of causing less overall harm and I was gonna add one thing oh yeah taking a child to term can be extraordinarily risky look there's usually more medical issues associated with taking a child to term than aborting a child it's more of a health risk to actually give birth than to abort a fetus and secondly like especially in cases of rape like let's say a woman was raped and she got pregnant you don't think that would be extraordinarily psychologically damaging for a woman and then you're talking about anxiety disorder and depression you don't think being forced to have a fucking baby like that was given to you by a rapist you don't think that would be fucking harmful and by the way this is relevant because hunter says women who are raped should be forced to keep their children they're about to say it so for him to fucking say oh think of all the women who develop anxiety disorders and depression from having an abortion cool you don't give a fuck about that you're a fucking liar you don't give a shit about any of this fucking shit because you would force a rape victim to keep her child so fuck off with this bullshit you liar whenever abortion is brought up pro-choice activists are quick to bring up the most extreme circumstances it's important to note rape only makes up 0.3 percent of reasons for abortion but regardless of that percentage abortion even in the cases of rape or incest is wrong as we see ok ok cool so see the fucking double standard here first he claims oh we should ban abortion because Oh women who have abortions they develop anxiety disorders they get depression and then they fucking go on to say that if you're a rape victim you should be forced to keep your rape baby gee I wonder if that causes anxiety or depression you fucking lying hypocrite Jesus Christ that fucking pisses me off and this goes back to the argument I made before the Judith Jarvis Thompson article so if you're going to say women should be forced to keep their rape babies okay well men don't really ever have to be in that circumstance so let's create a hypothetical scenario where like a man would be forced to keep the equivalent of a rape baby let's say you were kidnapped this is all outlined in the article by the way it's in the description so if you want to read the full thing go ahead but this is a this paraphrasing let's say you were kidnapped in the middle of the night and you woke up in a basement and you were attached to someone's circulatory system and they were using you as a living kidney dialysis machine and you could either choose to disconnect from that person that you're giving dialysis to which would end up killing them or you could choose to be attached to them for nine months and after nine months they would be living totally fine their disease would be gone should you be forced to be attached to that person via you know the kidney dialysis basically your circulatory system attached should you be forced to do that for nine months you you claim women should be forced to do that for nine months but oh I'm assuming in this hypothetical scenario you would say oh no no if somebody kidnaps me and they use me as a kidney dialysis machine no I should have the right to walk away and have them just just die so you're a fucking lying hypocrite hunter you're both ridiculous emotional selfish fucking pieces of shit guess what I I'm fucking certain if you were raped if some dude fucking raped you and you got pregnant you wouldn't think fucking twice of going to a fucking abortion clinic Planned Parenthood bitch right the fuck away horseshit you are both fucking liars you are the most dishonest manipulative lying pieces of turd I have ever fuckin witnessed you literally literally did you in a matter of seconds you fucking say we should not let women get abortions because women who get abortions are more likely to develop anxiety disorder and depression and then you say fucking rape Vic should be forced to keep their fucking rape babies really that doesn't cause anxiety or depression you fucking liars Jesus Christ okay um Levin donated two euros he says oops wrong account right one now okay well glad you've got the right account now eleven and thanks again for the donation Kevin man donated five dollars he asks do you think there is any chance your debate with Hunter will shift to veganism like for example he says you can't be vegan but kill babies it might I'm going to make sure the debate stays on track with the abortion argument I might slide in a something to do with veganism along the way like if hunter is going to claim that oh it's a living being we should respect living beings then I would say okay well if you're going to make this argument and say just because it's living therefore it deserves a right to life then how do you justify murdering animals for food clearly you don't care that it's a living thing an animal like a chicken cow pig it has more sentience more ability to think and feel and experience pains and suffering than a fetus so if like I might slide something like that in there and say okay well you're being inconsistent with your moral views I won't take that into a whole tangent and talk about whether or not veganism is compatible with pro-life or anything like that I might just mention something like that to point out an inconsistency in his moral view but I'll absolutely make sure that the bait the debate stays on track and talks about the moral and political issues of abortion but appreciate the donation Kevin yeah sorry for getting emotionally heated but this is a topic I care about and I can't stand liars if you want to get on my bad side the one thing you can fucking do to me is lie and both of these people are selfish liars I don't believe for a second actually believe this bullshit I think they just care about their own child and they think they can force you know their lifestyle their moral views on everyone else and a lot of the a lot of the crap they're preaching here they don't actually believe in all right let's continue abortion is taking the life of another human and a human and there's no no no no okay so again more assertions you've said you were going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong the only argument you've come up with so far the only argument you've come up with so far is that abortion increases risk of anxiety depression suicide and women who have gotten abortions and who cares we've already gone over that nonsense argument and now you're just making more assertions that abortion is wrong abortions murder that's not irrefutable proof that's her own personal opinion you just keep asserting your opinion as if it were fact and expect to believe every like expect everyone to take that as fact at face value this is pathetic this video you have created matter how it's conceived there is certainly progress to be made for example it is disgusting now rapists can legally fight for custody in certain states but we don't need to take the tragedy of rape and add the tragedy of abortion to okay um I could okay so look um she's claiming again that bodily autonomy doesn't matter a woman does not have a right to bodily autonomy so that means if someone was trying to rape you you shouldn't be able to use lethal force to defend yourself that means you can use any type of force to protect your well-being short of lethal so that means you know if you're if you're being attacked and the only way you could defend yourself against a rapist a determined rapist is with a lethal weapon like a knife or a gun you cannot use that weapon against him at least in a lethal manner so if you do then I'm an imagining that you believe that a woman should go to jail for murder if she uses a lethal weapon to protect herself from a rapist so this is where your ridiculous stupid pro-life stance gets us to your saying oh we shouldn't add to the tragedy of rape with a tragedy of murder okay so then that would also mean you believe women should not be allowed to use lethal force to protect themselves from being raped because why add to the tragedy of rape with the tragedy of murder a bullshit so you're fucking liar guess what if you had a gun some dude was trying to rape you I don't doubt for a fucking second you'd put that gun to his chest pull the fucking trigger and he'd be dead before he hit the ground and you wouldn't fucking think twice about it you are a god damn fucking liar ridiculous just so fucking stupid it's unreal I hate pretty girls donated $10 he asks does it bother you that there are meat eaters who have been subscribed to your channel for years watch most of it sorry watched most if not all your videos and still aren't vegan question mark also Bravo like seeing you rage Law mmm sort of like I mean if somebody like I like how people are watching my videos I think I'm happy most of all that non vegans do end up watching my videos one problem with a lot of vegan channels is that they mostly only get vegan viewers so I am happy to see meat eaters watching my content even if it even if it's not enough to convince them to go vegan at least they're watching it at least they have that information available to them and they might share it with other meat-eaters or if that sort of conversation gets brought up in their circle of friends they can say okay well you know what vegan gains told me this even though you know they might not have the strength of character to make the right decision maybe they'll actually argue with their friends will hey like if you're saying it's okay to eat you know pigs because they taste good then would you eat your own dog like they might make that sort of argument even though they're not vegan themselves so it's kind of annoying but I am at least glad to see some non vegans watching my content so yeah it is annoying to see some people watch my content for years and years still not go vegan but it's good that they're watching anyway and learning I'm glad you are appreciating the rage I hate pretty girls and thanks for the donation again alright um so yeah this is so this is the corner that you're always going to bet be backed into when you get into a debate about pro-life you're going to be backed into a corner where you have to decide whether bodily autonomy matters more than the life of another person and they've backed themselves into that corner pretty hard where they're claiming if you're a woman you should not be able to defend yourself with lethal force against a rape victim so women have absolutely no right to bodily autonomy if you're going to get raped then too bad if a guy wants to fuck you you have to let him because you can't use lethal force to defend yourself too bad too bad ladies you don't have a right to your body if you have a fucking pussy if you have a vagina guess what every man on earth owns you so great you're wonderful fucking people thank you for your your virtue signaling about how you care so much about other people so much about unborn children but you think women should be all women are fucking pieces of shit who should be owned by every men they don't own their own fucking vaginas any man who walks across who walks by them across the street they fucking own you who wrongs do not make a rape people also justify abortion by bringing up scenarios where it may be necessary to save the life of the mother this only makes up 0.1% of reasons for this is the only position where I'd say they could be morally consistent in because pro-life the idea is to prevent as many as much death as possible so in the circumstance where somebody could kill you it makes sense to defend yourself with lethal force I think it is a logically consistent position if you are pro-life to say it's ok to get an abortion if the he could kill you but it's absolutely ridiculous to say that if you're raped you shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion it's just sick and fucking disgusting portion but this is the it again and again the this men do not have to deal with this issue and if we create a scenario where a man would have to deal with this issue again read the article by Judith Judith Jarvis Thompson I left the link in the description um I'm guessing hunter Evelyn would say oh no no you know bodily autonomy super supersedes the life of that other person so either hunter Avallone is just going to have to agree that guess what there are circumstances where abortion is totally acceptable like in in circumstances of rape or he's going to have to make a complete double standard and make a total fuckin fool of himself I don't know what he's going to choose one and only time abortion is a viable option no one should be required to sacrifice their life to save the life of another anytime adoption is suggested as an alternative to abortion pro-choice activists are quick to say that there aren't enough families waiting to adopt now I agree there are complications with adoption for example it should certainly be made to be more affordable but it is a flat-out lie that there are not enough families waiting to adopt in fact there are more hopeful adoptive parents than children currently in need of adoption abortion advocates like to argue that a child may have a bad life therefore abortion may be necessary there are countless individuals are born in destitute conditions who grew up to live happy and fulfilling lives I know it might sound anecdotal but as long as there's a small possibility that the child may grow up to live a happy fulfilling life it is not your call to make okay cool anecdotal she admitted himself she admitted it herself she claimed she was going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong and then she admitted this isn't only anecdotal okay a great great lady why is it your choice to make to decide how other people live their lives and what other people do with their body so why is that your choice to make you're claiming it's not our choice to make to like to keep a child but whether or not to keep a child but oh it's your choice to make to force women who have been raped to keep the rape babies cool story thank thanks for your virtue signaling bullshit look you are two extremely privileged wealthy selfish fucking people and you just expect the whole world to just bend to your will as simple as that you don't actually believe in the moral principles you espouse your two fucking hypocrites I'd say you're just flat-out liars the hypocrisy and dishonesty I've seen in this video it's enough for me to make a very like a very strong assumption that you're just deliberately lying here and for whatever reason you just want people to bend to your will live exactly like you do it's sick both of these people are saying that if a woman is raped she should be forced to keep her rape baby because well the the tragedy of r8y add the tragedy of murder okay so women don't own their own bodies men own women so ladies if a dude wants to fuck you you have to let him simple as that if you're not allowed to use lethal force to protect your own body then you don't own your own body men own you so sorry ladies sorry ladies if construction worker haulers and hoots at you and says hey you want me to you want this dick you up there sorry you have to you have to give him your pussy too bad men own you according to fucking hunter and is his woman there max peacock donated $5 he says I'm not vegan and you're actually right I cite your arguments to my mom and teachers when they trash on vegans well I'm glad to hear that I think you should develop the strength of character to actually go vegan but I'm glad to hear that you are are teaching people about the issues with eating meat carnism but you should go vegan yourself since you do know that it is morally wrong I think you should ask yourself what type of person you want to be do you want to be selfish dick your whole life or do you want to be a good person who actually does what's right but I appreciate the donation max peacock all right so let's continue apparently so we've gotten to we've heard two arguments so far I think the only two valid arguments they've come up with is what is it abortion increases the risk of the mother to develop anxiety depression and commit suicide who cares again bodily autonomy supersedes that you wouldn't say we should ban certain professions and micromanage everyone's life because we have some statistics showing certain actions can increase risk of anxiety suicide whatever you aren't in favor of banning alcohol cigarettes certain dangerous jobs just because there's a higher likelihood of you developing depression or health issues or committing suicide so this is a huge double standard and secondly I think the second argument if you can even call it an argument is they're saying murder is always wrong no matter what even if it's to protect your own body so therefore it's wrong to get an abortion even under circumstances of rape so that leads to the logical conclusion that if you are being raped you should not be allowed to use lethal force because the rape is worse our sorry murder is worse than rape and you're just adding to the tragedy of rape with murder so yeah that leads to the consequence that women have absolutely no rights of their bodies that also leads to the consequence that if somebody steals your organs or if somebody is in need of an organ transplant like a kidney transplant they should be able to steal your organs because again you have no right to bodily autonomy and the right to life of another person supersedes your right to bodily autonomy ridiculous position neither of these two have really thought of this and I'm very very surprised that they uploaded this video and thought like any of these arguments were good arguments calisthenics the lion donated 10 euros he asks is there a world for people exhibiting s trade as sorry is there a word for people exhibiting SJW behavior while at the same time claiming to be anti anti s JW yes there is it's called right-wing s JW hunter Avallone is a right wing SJ w that term was coined by a guy on YouTube right wing sjw if you searched this you might find him I can't remember the oh yeah hi I think I'm real so that so that term was coined by the youtuber hi I think I'm real he he made a series of about this right wing sjw you'll find yes Stefan Molyneux is a right wing sjw so I would say people who use emotional arguments like this who are anti sjw they're just right-wing sjw's they're two sides of the same coin they use emotional arguments they use dishonest manipulation tactics and they constantly complain about sjw's you know walling people off living in an echo chamber they do the exact same thing so right wing sjw is the correct term he also asks how does upper body one day everything upper lower body next day sound for gym with one rest day a week that's fine I think yeah that that is fine you I would just say make sure you do have one rest day a week for just good full systemic recovery when you don't have any rest days that's when for one you might end up overreaching and even if you don't end up overreaching there's certain tissues in your body that do need some time some more time to recover than your muscle tissue so when you get into so when you get into a pattern of never taking a day off which some people do and they can get away with it for a while you're really increasing your risk of like snapping a tendon ligaments even breaking bones shit like that so it's good to have at least one rest day for good full systemic recovery and I'd also say make sure you periodically also have D load weeks every say three to eight weeks it's a good it's a good idea to just incorporate a D load into your program I'd say for most people four to five weeks is fine but you know depending on your personal needs training experience what-have-you every three to eight weeks you should have a deal load week again just for full systemic recovery where your connective tissue and everything can recover but upper lower upper lower upper lower and one rest day that is perfectly fine so long as you're managing fatigue appropriately so yeah that is perfectly fine I would just say make sure you do incorporate D load weeks into your program but thanks for the donation calisthenics the lion appreciate it okay let's see if we can polish this up last common pro-choice argument is that abortion helps with overpopulation never mind the fact that this way of thinking actually motivated a good part of Hitler's racist ideology regarded argument will humor this overpopulation point overpopulate Hitler never spoke about overpopulation he talked about eugenics eugenics is completely different than overpopulation there's also different ways to calculate weather there is two like there is just too much population density or sorry there's two like there's too high of a population you can look at things like population density places like Hong Kong they have coffin apartments I don't know if you've ever seen it so coffin apartments Hong Kong I think there are also in some other Asian countries you can also find them in like Tokyo but these are literal apartments people live like this this is their apartment this is where they live when people have to live like this when places are so overcrowded and overpopulated do you think that might be an argument that okay there's a bit of overpopulation going on maybe people should stop having children if people are forced to live like this another way of looking at overpopulation is just simple economics due and resources does the country you live in produce enough food to feed the population and if it has to get its food and resources outside of a country this is true of this is true of why can't I remember the country it's true of the Netherlands the Netherlands is technically overpopulated because they cannot produce enough food to feed their population there literally is not enough food to feed their own population so they have to get food from elsewhere in the next 20 30 50 years are all the countries there getting food from are they going to be producing enough food to to have surplus to sell to the Netherlands are they going to be on good terms are they going to be willing to trade are there going to be wars that break out that disrupt that trade so that's another way of looking at overpopulation there are certain countries that literally do not produce enough food to to feed their people and that is a food security issue especially considering things like global warming and speaking of global warming another way to look at overpopulation is environmental impact look there are a ton of fucking people on this planet just simply by having the relation we could probably eliminate these issues of global warming if the population wasn't as large as it is today we probably wouldn't even have to like think about problems with car like co2 emissions global warming just because there's not enough people to contribute to it so there's a lot of different ways to look at the overpopulation issue and I think it's very like it's very easy to make an argument yet that yeah the world is in fact overpopulated we have extraordinarily dense places where people just aren't living good quality lives like just being able to pay for rent and housing it's just insane if the population was lower you know it would be much easier just the sheer amount of people were surrounded by it's too much we shouldn't be living in such dense in such dense you know city centers certain areas don't produce enough food to feed their people which produces food scarcity issues and there's issues with pollution so yes the the world is overpopulated in my opinion and things like abortion can help to can help to control birth rates Latian is a ridiculous attempt to try and justify abortion and there's no different than claiming you literally compared aborting a fetus to the Jewish Holocaust so you you say overpopulation is ridiculous but comparing aborting a fetus to gassing a Jew that's not ridiculous we should eradicate any other people group due to overpopulation fine no no no that that's no that's a total straw man again the position of pro-choice pro-choice people like myself is that fetuses are not people so no that would not justify exterminating any other person group that's a total fuckin straw man fertility rate in the United States is being falling for you that's just not a good enough because fortunately earlier this year a study not only in the United States for Disease Control and Prevention who cares at the fertility rate in the US has been falling for years who cares so low that then yeah that's only in the United States so again this is just ridiculous nation's population would be declining without immigration once our baby girl was born it quite literally changed everything who fuckin cares you told me that you are going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong all you've done so far is made hypocritical fuckin claims that you clearly don't believe in you claimed that abortion can harm the mother when no there's actually greater risk of bringing a pregnancy to term in terms of health consequences and you don't care about other potentially dangerous or harmful acts giving a you know giving health consequences or you know life threatening issues to the risk of people who do those things like cigarette smoking alcohol firearms use you know riding a motorcycle being a dentist none of those things like you think bodily autonomy supersedes this idea that we should micromanage everyone so that they can like avoid danger and the other argument you came up with was man I can even like it all melds together what was it that oh yeah women should not have a right to defend themselves against rape victims because you don't want to add to the tragedy of rape with murder so yeah it with with that reasoning if it's not okay to abort a rape baby then women have absolutely no bodily autonomy and things like yet like things like bodily autonomy again it it takes a backseat to life so that would mean you also believe that if a woman is being raped then she cannot use lethal force to defend herself so ridiculous completely ridiculous not good arguments so far I definitely would not call that irrefutable proof max peacock donated five dollars he says I do want to go vegan but my mom is a bitch when I tell her I don't want to eat meat I plan to do it when I live on my own okay well I can understand that I mean depending on your family situation like you could just choose civil disobedience if she wants to play that fucking game with you then you know you could just try playing that game don't eat anything at all and see how she puts up with that like if she's gonna say oh yeah well if you're gonna eat only vegetables then nothing at all for you well okay then go on like a hunger strike or something I do something like that I get it I know a few people who have had that issue with their parents but I'd still try to try if they're gonna be difficult with you you can try being difficult with them I know some people are just fucking insane like I know one kid who said his parents were literally going to kick him out of the house if he if he'd only eat plants so I get how it can be a problem for some people but don't be afraid of being difficult with your parents if they're not the type of people to do that to you but thanks max appreciate the donation all right let's go I quickly realized that my mentality before was disgustingly immature I no longer wanted to run away okay you haven't actually demonstrated that your mentality was wrong or immature you just said it was I wanted to run right towards my baby with arms open this entire experience was extremely difficult for everyone however I think this helped me learn that although instant gratification okay let me just put this into perspective for you guys hunter Avallone has 654 thousand subscribers he gets about 150 for like around 150 200k views per video so pretty goddamn successful YouTube channel hunter have alone socialblade let's see how many views he gets per month so he delete oh wait no okay so yeah he gets about one one-and-a-half okay it declined by 114 percent so this isn't actually normal so he probably deleted videos this yeah it's going below okay so normally he gets around three million views per month for comparison I get about a million and a half views per month depending on how frequently I upload with a million and a half views per month I get I earn roughly six to eight thousand dollars from YouTube alone so hunters making good fucking money guys he's making probably at least ten grand a month at least like that's really low estimate it's easy for him to talk about this was a really difficult time in my you're making a lot of money I'm sure your your fiance also works I'm sure you both have families that can help support you dude this wasn't a difficult decision for you which is why it's very fuckin easy for you to talk from a place of privilege and entitlement to tell everyone hey guys you know if you're raped I've never dealt with this personally I've never had to deal with rape I've never even been attacked on the street never even had to defend myself I live in a nice rich neighborhood with lots of friends family around me I'm nice and safe but you know what if your rape do you have to keep your rape baby and the reason I think that is because my wife and I we accidentally had a kid and we decided to keep it and you know everything worked out for us you know we are combined incomes are around 200k a year so you know if you know that that makes sense right you're the right is just yeah does that sound reasonable guys just uh just fucking ridiculous makes this makes me sick really sick to my stomach so I guess in short Hunter didn't come up with any real valid arguments here the only technically he only came up with one argument because the other argument was a bit of an assertion again abortion can put risk can increase risk of anxiety depression suicide for the mother we already know why that that's nonsense I've gone through that like a million times already and he claimed that murder he claimed that you shouldn't add to the tragedy of a bore of rape with murder well again we have to assume that abortion is murder so that's not even that's still not really an argument but all of this leads to him saying oh well bodily autonomy doesn't matter so women have no right to their body women cannot use lethal force to protect themselves against rape if they are raped and do get pregnant then they they're forced to keep the rape baby even though you claimed in the video that anxiety depression suicide that's something that should be considered when talking about the legality of abortion well obviously being raped being forcibly impregnated would cause anxiety and thoughts of suicide shit like that so for you to use that double standard in the same video it's pretty retarded and in like if we were to come up with a analogous situation for men where if you're kidnapped and somebody's using you as a kidney dialysis machine you wouldn't you wouldn't accept that you'd say your bodily autonomy supersedes you know that their you know the value of their life so you're a hypocrite none of the things you've said in this video I don't believe I don't think you believe in any of it I think you're just a very selfish whiny just privileged asshole who thinks you can just you can just force everybody to live like you do you don't know the like what everyone else is going through you don't know what it's like to be raped and be forcibly impregnated yet you're going to say you should have the right to micromanage everyone's life and tell people what to do with their lives it's fucking disgusting veggie oh wait um shinhwa's Golani donated $2 he asks who's Dumber Frank tafani or this Frank Tufano you said Frank Duffy or this see up for question mark who's dumber I'd say Frank Tufano Frank is a very special boy I wouldn't say hunter Avallone is particularly intelligent either but Frank defano putting it mildly is a very special boy so I would say Frank de fondos dumber but that's not saying much but thanks for the donation Shanna woz veggies for thought donated $5 he asks I think there's no point in debate prep hunter will just get offended straw man red herring and say that you're the one who straw Manning him he can he can do that but guess what in a live debate doesn't matter he's gonna be the one looking bad that's the whole point of this I I'm pretty certain I'm not going to actually sway his opinion I just want to have debates with these pro-life morons because I want everyone to know how stupid and ridiculous their fuckin beliefs are that's the whole point of this I want to show the world that a pro-life position is fucking stupid and it's inherently it's just inherently sexist because again it is inherently sexist because only women have to do that like I have to deal with this if we were to create this hypothetical scenario where men have to deal with this issue of life versus bodily autonomy guess what everyone would say oh well in a male situation well obviously the men should have bodily autonomy so it's an inherently sexist position to have a pro-life position but um thanks for the donation veggies for thought appreciate it French magpie donated 50 euros he says a very special boy I love it ha ha well thank you for the big donation French magpie really appreciate that and I'm glad you like my humour thanks a lot dude okay I don't think he has much else to say let's just finish it up again might seem in the moment taking responsibility will lead to long-term fulfillment I recently read a quote and I think it perfectly describes my feelings towards this entire situation feelings feelings oh shit uh I thought you said you cared more about facts over feelings I thought you said you're gonna provide irrefutable proof that abortions wrong feelings what do feelings have to do with proof hunter feelings feelings aren't proof it guys like have I been wrong this whole time I thought feelings weren't evidence I didn't I so are our facts feelings now or our feelings and facts one in the same whenever hunter wants it to be that's weird that's weird it says I'm so glad I didn't get what I thought I wanted the best things in life are sometimes that unexpected yeah because there are some people who don't regret having kids right moron God you don't think there are some people who desperately wanted kids and then once they had them they regretted it ridiculous just stupid and although this is just emotional bull crap not an argument what's the surprise she's only filled us with more joy and motivation so if you or a friend are in a scary situation involving an unplanned pregnancy choose life it will be the best thing you've ever done yeah you am I like I just feel like I'm in crazy world so we started this off with them saying we're going to provide irrefutable proof that abortion is wrong and then they end the video saying shoot don't don't have an abortion it'll work out great for everybody it's a better it's a better choice Wow that uh perfectly sums up your lack of understanding on this topic and your lack of understanding of what an argument is he literally doesn't understand what an argument is so this debate is going to go great I'm looking forward to it I don't know if I don't know if he is going to back out but we'll see I like again I made this video for his benefit so he'd actually have a chance to defend himself if he came into the debate with this like retarded horseshit it would just be an absolute bloodbath like hopefully he watches this doesn't get too offended starts crying and so you debate is off because you hurt my feelings hopefully he watches it and actually thinks about some of these things thinks about whether bodily autonomy like you know bodily autonomy versus life which really is more important thinks of these hypothetical scenarios thinks about whether or not a fetus actually is a living thing whether or not they are actually worth as much as a human being you should think about all of these things and come up and try to think of responses to some of these positions I have otherwise it's going to be an absolute butt bloodbath and look he's in a corner when you have a hard-line stance like this that life begins at conception and if you even abort a fetus that's one day old that is murder you're going to be backed into a corner where you're going to have to either accept that you're wrong or you're going to have to accept some ridiculous fucking beliefs like women should be forced to keep their children to term even if they're raped women can't even defend themselves with lethal force against a rapist you should be forced to donate kidneys to people that you don't even know like there's a lot of there's a lot of ridiculous avenues that his beliefs go down so hopefully I can either convince him that like hopefully I can convince him that you know he has to have a more moderate stance on abortion because what he believes right now is ridiculous it's in consist with his own moral beliefs it's not even good for society or he's just going to make himself look like an absolute moron simple as that so 31st that is in 1 2 3 4 5 yeah five six ish days depending on how you look at it so less than a week just a few days next week Wednesday so that's when the debates going to happen still waiting for hunter to email me back so we can work out the details of exactly when he wants this I don't know what time yet I just know the day but I hope you guys enjoyed this livestream big thanks to everyone who donated in the super chat I would so I would recommend that uh let's see wait I would recommend you all go and watch philosophy tubes video and abortion he goes into detail about this bodily autonomy versus life issue again I will link this in the description too but life versus bodily me and there we go and I spelt philosophy wrong there we go so that's added to the description in case any of you want to watch so uh and there's one more super chat Shanna waz Golani donated two dollars he asks I was Pro but heard you once and rethought my life yeah I've seen a lot of people who have seen my argument it's just a different way of looking at it most people look at the abortion debate as whether or not like rather than focusing on whether or not fetus is a living thing or if something that's going to become like a living thing should have moral consideration it's more of a matter of bodily autonomy the the debate over whether or not a fetus is living that's kind of besides the point it does strengthen the pro-choice argument but it really doesn't matter at the end it's more of a matter of bodily autonomy but thanks for the donation Shauna wanna appreciate it ok so again thanks for everyone who donated in the super chat hope you guys enjoyed the stream and as always keep making those vegan gains and I'm about to stream Wolfenstein youngbloodz so stay tuned for that in just a few minutes and I'm just going to wait an extra a few seconds because OBS tends to cut me off Wow looks like there's a lot of lag this time ok Oh somebody just donated in the super chat again Julia McAfee donated five and Zed she asks hey vegan gains what weight would you recommend to someone who wants to deadlift but never has just start with so ok so if you're really really weak and you have trouble even lifting the bar you might want to grab a lighter bar and not lift from the floor but just go down to like around your midship so just grab a lighter bar like I know some gyms have like 10 20 pound bars if you're really really weak maybe do something like that if you're a bit stronger and you can use a bit more than 45 pounds for deadlift then my recommendation would be to grab a normal weight lifting bar but see if your gym has the like the ten or fifteen pound bumper plates and use that today to deadlift with the problem with using normal like 10 or 15 pound plates is that they're really small and you have to lean really far down you're basically doing deficit deadlifts so see if your gym has bumper plates that that would be my recommendation if you're really really weak then just go with a lighter bar like a ten 20 you know 25 pound bar some gyms have those and just do like deadlifts down to like around your midship once you get a bit stronger you can use like the bar weight then you can just do like deadlifts the same way with just you know heavier weight with a normal weight lifting boner then once you get a bit stronger then just do normal conventional deadlifts with you know the bumper plates so hope that helps Julia mcgaffey and appreciate the donation so now I'm going to be signing off going to weigh just a few seconds because OBS cuts me off think we're good

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    I know he declined before, but his content has spread to people who take the information without the studies/research and facts whether its him saying that veganism doesn't help the animals nor the environment, plus basically discarding vegan weight lifters for being vegan.

  5. Vegan gains – the most vile piece of shit on You tube. He hates children and would enjoy stomping them to death. Mentally ill psychotic behavior. I just hope I don't see him on a mass killing in the news. He really should be locked up.

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  7. I didn't care for you at first but the video started out very polite and respectful so well done. However people have different opinions. Right and wrong and chosen by the leaders or the majority.

  8. Atheism is incapable or morality because it can never produce a "why" beyond the emotional.

    Why not murder babies? Why not destroy the planet? Why not torture animals for fun?

    Other than their emotions they have no argument against any of it.

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