43 Replies to “Husband TELLS Wife She Is Pregnant AFTER VASECTOMY”

  1. uuuum after a v-sec you have 2 go 2 a follow up 2 make sure the tube dont grow back 2gether— if not— this beautiful shit happens sis

  2. Hot guy who is totally committed to his stunning lady, & happy to be a dad. This is the equivalent to a woman splayed out naked on the hood of a sports car. #ladyporn

  3. What an awesome husband and father. Mommy you  are so beautiful!!  Your boys are endearing. This family rocks !!

  4. I had a tubal ligation. 12 years later my daughter was in medical school , my 2nd daughter was a senior in high school and to my surprise 🤗 I got pregnant. It was all good. 😁 yes it was my husbands baby 🥰

  5. My father got a vasectomy and my parents didn’t wait long enough and I came along and have been resented ever since birth.

  6. You prolly needed your nuts clipped.Your a dipshit and your kid,s will prolly grow up to be dipshit,s as well.You should go back and staple punch your quack doctor right in the forehead….

  7. I have many Doctor friends and all of them have told me that what's today's procedures it is like one in a million chance that this could happen .
    DNA test bro !!!.
    Even Church girls cheat on their husband

  8. Friend of mine married a girl from church and then about a year after they got married she got pregnant it was all excited and told him that they're going to have a baby.
    Little did she know that it didn't have testicles due to health problems.
    His now ex-wife had to go through several different guys to find out who was the father.

  9. That is what happens when you have random sex. You have NO clue who the father is.
    I know a few people currently in this position.
    Keep it in your pants or keep your legs closed.

  10. You both need to work alot, we don't need anymore people on the welfare rolls, hopefully you work and make enough to support them! Good luck

  11. You could tell she was pissed it wasn't a girl, she didn't fake it to well, maybe it was the part where she covered her face with her hands and whispered…..FUCK!!!

  12. I like the way he covers for his wife cheating on him by magically saying he found out his vasectomy failed… yah, okay

  13. this was super sweet …. why are there down votes that horribly mean to do .( what kind of person does that )

  14. Well since everybody seems to be saying it's probably not his, and to get a DNA test, here's the video with the results of the DNA test. https://youtu.be/VhmG1v5UDI8?t=244 where it categorically says it's 99.99% his child.

  15. I'm looking for a woman that wants to have lots of kids, most women my age(37) do not want kids or only 1.

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