– Okay, you ready?
– Yeah. (upbeat music) (sharpie scratching) I know this isn’t even half of it, a little bit of what I’ve observed, there are like a million
more things, but for me, all these things are actually
easy during pregnancy, except eating is actually
kind of difficult for me, because I have to hide
the good food that I eat. – So hard. Such a hard life. – Hey! What’s up guys? – Whoops!
– My hat! It’s fine. Great. Guys, Nellie is in her
third trimester, whoopie! – Ready, ready, ready, ready? – Doo doo doo doo, belly! – Boom.
– It’s crazy. I wrote down a list of some
things that bothered you. – I wanna see. Exercising, standing up,
sitting down, pee breaks, – Oh, I forgot putting on socks. – And shoes. – So that we can relate a little bit more. Obviously, I don’t have to struggle with a lot of this stuff. We’re gonna go to the gym. (ninja noises) We’re gonna try to make me as pregnant as I can be while working out. – Which I really appreciate. – We’re here!
– Hey yo! – It is cold, guys. It is really cold. Elevate. Get your Elevate on. – If you’re in Utah County,
you should come join us. We’ve been coming here a few months, we have a personal trainer, Kyle, who’s gonna show us some workouts today. Like, what… – Get that pump. Get that pump. – [Bryce] Um, we’re here. – Hey, oh. Just uh… – Just got the bicycle, over… – Okay, but really, we’re gonna
do an actual workout today, that’s good for me and the baby, and for Bryce and his fake baby. – All right, Kyle’s
gonna make me pregnant. – Yeah. Whoa! (laughter) Are you ready for this? – I’m ready. – Let me get your hair for you. – Thanks, ow. – Yeah, that’s pretty heavy. – I’m in my third trimester, guys. I’m carrying high, though, so… – I’m carrying high! – Should we warm up? – Time to warm up. – But, he doesn’t have to have
the intense bladder effect, he doesn’t have to pee
while he walks as much. – I dunno, that’s pretty tight on you. Look at this! No big deal. – Yeah.
– No big deal. – Pregnancy. So far, not bad. – The only thing with this
is, I really do have to pee. – I’m not gonna lie, this
does make a difference. – Yeah, it does. At least yours stays still. She’ll like punch and kick
me, and I’m like, ooh! (grunts) – A little lower, Bryce. – So far, pregnant, feeling great. – So those you’re gonna pull down, so you can get in your
back a little bit here, getting that bounce a
little bit as you go up. – [Bryce] Oh, nice. – You obviously don’t go
in as much, don’t wanna… – [Nellie] Yeah. – [Bryce] Careful with the baby. – [Kyle] Keep your leg there, pull up. Tuck it, yeah. – [Bryce] All right, how we doin’? – Good, how are you doing?
– [Bryce] I’m doing great. – Are you sweating yet?
– [Bryce] Maybe. Under here, it’s really hot. Baking, ’cause it’s in the oven. – Weight here, go down, up, so just curls. Last time you were
right here, down and up, and then you can do
push-ups on the ground. – [Bryce] See that treatment? I have to do them on the ground. – The treatment? – Oh. (laughs) I’m tired.
– [Kyle] Uh oh, Bryce. Yeah, there you go. 40 extra pounds there. – I can rest on my belly, Nellie can’t. – Yeah, I know, it’s weird. – This is actually hard with all this weight, to do a push-up. – Yeah.
– Ridiculous. Okay, I’m seeing it more and more now. – Good. So things that are more
challenging when I’m pregnant. So like, weights and stuff is still easy, but squats are hard, ’cause
I got all that weight, and the push-ups are harder, anything that has to do
with actually using my belly is hard, and walking a treadmill, ’cause I always feel like I have to pee. – A braced single leg Romanian deadlift. So she’ll grab a weight, stay grounded, great exercise for your backside, but again it’s braced. ‘Cause further along in pregnancy, you’re gonna be a little
bit off on balance. – [Bryce] Meanwhile, we
get these dudes over here. Way to go Cassidy! These are our homies. (grunting) – [Kyle] That’s perfect. Squeeze your left butt cheek, – [Bryce] Left, okay.
– [Kyle] Squish that tush. – Ah! This is hard for balance, ’cause you gotta keep all that weight in. – Woo! Feelin’ it! Honestly, even just
standing here gets tiring. Women, if you’re pregnant, you don’t want to change your workout, what you were currently doing, too much when you’re pregnant, right? – You always want to– – I mean not to make it more.
– Consult your physician. Yeah, but you don’t want to
increase your activity level from things you haven’t been doing. If you haven’t been exercising, you probably don’t want to
start doing a lot of exercise. Just light stuff. If you’ve been exercising, you can continue doing what you’re doing, you are gonna have to
make some modifications to what you’re doing, though, based on your pregnancy,
how you’re feeling, and based on what your doctor recommends. – So those are the workouts, now we’re gonna do like, a full circuit. I’m gonna go ham, with my baby! Look at this. It’s totally like a baby. – Ow! That’s hard.
– Don’t hit the ba– That’s a criminal offense. Someone report Nells. How long are we doing this? – Getting off. Push. – Oh shoot.
– Oh, cute! Good. (laughter) – I need to crawl in my hole. – Yeah, you can do slamming if you want, or you can just touch it. Ooh, yeah. See, you’re hittin’ it. – Hold on. Look at this. – One step higher, this is, no way. – Just sayin’, that’s not a usual workout. Shoot! I’m almost regretting this baby! – His fake baby, not his real baby. – Yeah. Yeah. I would never regret that. – Ready for the next one? – [Bryce] Yeah. – I liked that slam thing. It felt good. (inspirational music) – [Nellie] Babe, you’re killin’ it! – Yeah. – Bryce is a champion. – Yeah, look at this. (laughing) I’m so dead! I’m so dead. – I appreciate him trying to relate to how I feel as a pregnant lady. A lot of times, you kind of feel alone. So I appreciate that he’s like, I kinda wanna experience
what you go through. And I’m like, sure. Yep. That’s fine with me. – I know this isn’t the real experience. I get that. But this was hard! – Yeah, you did great! Yeah! – Oh, careful!
– You did all right. By the way, really though? If you are in Utah, or you’re
traveling through Utah, stop and work out with the beardy trainer. – New Years resolution, first, like come train out with
us for free something? You know what I mean? – Oh, we could do that! If you are in Utah,
and you wanna work out, we’ll do like a Monday Wednesday
Friday week meetup/workout, ’cause there’s no better way to hang out. – And Kyle will get your butt into gear, and help you with your
New Years resolutions, and ours, ’cause we
gotta get in gear, too. – Getting your consistency! Consistency!
– Yeah, yeah. Consistency. If you guys follow us on
Instagram, you know that’s my word. What’s your word?
– Learn. – Learn. – And patience, ’cause
I’m gonna have a baby, and I’m probably gonna need that. Giveaway! We’ll probably post it on our Instagrams, follow us @TheJurgys,
and @TheBeardedTrainer. – [Bryce] Oh yeah, follow Kyle. – ‘Cause we’re gonna do a
giveaway for free training. So if you’re in Utah County,
seriously, come join us. Especially, ’cause it’s
2018 and if you have a New Years resolution?
– [Bryce] Yeah. Oh, you have a competition
coming up, too, right? – Oh yeah, we got a challenge! It’s the Transform Partner Challenge! So you get with a partner, a member of the gym,
non-member of the gym, the team that loses the
most body fat percentage in two months wins a thousand dollars. The top male and top
female both win 250 each. Starts at the end of January, you can go to – Thanks for watching,
thanks for commenting. – Bryce is gonna go have a child now. – I love you guys. Hit that notification bell, so we can keep you notified
when our next upload comes. Which will be tomorrow. See ya! – Love you, bye! – Delivery right here. 30 seconds. And then, all of a
sudden, my belly’s back. Just like all the Pinterest women. (laughter)


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