HypnoBirthing childbirth education class

so tell me what you thought of your hypno birthing class experience so when I first heard about hypnobirthing I was excited to get started I felt like it was something I wanted to do when I read the book and then I realized that if I just read the book I may not have all the interaction that I wanted so when I was able to have the class it was so helpful to have questions answered that came up while I was reading the book and then after I was practicing my relaxation it was nice to have you available to also redo those relaxation techniques kind of recenter me and then when I would go do them on my own it was just a nice reminder of how to do them correctly and how to really embody them so I just feel like I got so much more prepared for visualizing the kind of birth that I want the questions and I need to be asked answering that maybe I didn't think to ask and then I guess also just being totally prepared that things are going to come up but having the confidence to know how to verbalize how to ask if this is normal I not so I think the class experience gave me a lot of confidence in that I have tried a lot of it and I visualized a lot of it and just reading the book kind of was the tip of the iceberg that to actually have somebody to speak to about it and kind of go through it all was very valuable stuff oh good was your favorite part of the class um I think the very first time doing the relaxation was really nice in person because it kind of gives you the confidence like this does work ok now I just have to put into practice oh yeah so that was really helpful and then also just having the verbal back and forth like what as you're describing something for me to be able to ask right then and there and answer back cool okay well thank you you're welcome

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