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Hi! My name is Norma, and I am nineteen years
old. It has been almost a year since I moved away
from my parents, and I have to admit that I was very proud to be so independent. But a little while ago something happened,
and afterward I really wanted to go back to my parents’ house. My story will be about the person who’s influenced
my view of life so much. I will tell you about Elijah, my boyfriend. “After I finished school, I decided to take
a break from my studies. You see, I’m from a little town in one of
the mountainous states. I love my town, but I felt really bored there. I had always dreamed of seeing the world,
as the saying goes. And the internet was not enough for me – I
wanted to travel across the country. My parents were not happy with this decision,
but they did not object. They even gave me some money to start out,
but for some reason I went through it too quickly and it was gone within the first month
of my independent life. So my plans were in jeopardy – I had to
settle down on the outskirts of Los Angeles and get a temporary job. I couldn’t afford to rent an apartment by
myself, so I shared it with a girl named Laura. She was nice and we got along really well. ”
And after a while Elijah came into my life – he just approached me on the street in
Los Angeles, when I was walking home from work one evening, and started a conversation. Of course, usually I tended to keep my distance
from strangers trying to pick me up on the street, but this time it was different. Maybe because of Elijah’s manners – he
was not intrusive, he was interesting to talk to, he was polite, he respected my personal
space. I probably just liked how Elijah looked – he
was handsome and well-dressed. So I did not hesitate much when he asked for
my phone number, and soon we started to go out together. Elijah was eight years older than me. And this fact – was almost the only thing
I knew about my boyfriend for sure — for some reason he was pretty reluctant to talk
about himself. Instead he just asked me questions about my
life, so I didn’t pay much attention to this strange fact. And later I even found the aura of mystery
around Elijah amusing. I saw it as some kind of a game. Also, I did not try to search for information
about my boyfriend on the internet– Elijah claimed that he was not present on any social
network and generally treated him negatively. He also never showed me his house, he only
promised to one day take me there – as he used to say, he lived in an apartment rented
by the company he worked for, so there was nothing interesting about it. We maintained this relationship for a little
while. I was totally content and even, maybe, happy…
but it turned out that all this was only an illusion, that I just blindly believed in… The day when my heart was broken started out
like many other day – Elijah asked me to meet him at my favorite coffee-shop. I was expecting a pleasant romantic evening,
but Elijah didn’t even try to buy time. He warned me right away that he was hoping
to avoid a scene and to keep good memories about all the good days we had together, and
then he told me he was getting married. And as you have already guessed – I wasn’t
the lucky person he was going to marry. I was absolutely shocked, so I didn’t care
about the good memories of the days we spent together that Elijah wanted to keep – I
burst into tears and ran out of the coffee-shop. Since then I never saw Elijah, at least in
person. I was depressed. I hardly had the mental or physical strength
to get up in the mornings and to go to work, and I spent all my spare time in my room. It may sound funny, but it was exactly like
that – for whole days I stayed in my pajamas, hugging a bucket of ice cream, and watching
some stupid movies on my laptop. I woke up from this state only when my roommate
Laura told me that we needed to have a serious talk. She had learned something about Elijah. Elijah frequently visited our apartment, so
Laura knew him well enough to recognize my ex on the street, for example. This was an important detail, because it meant
that Laura was telling me the truth. Laura worked in a mod beauty shop in Los Angeles,
she’s a really good manicurist. One of her clients was a girl named Alexandra. Laura had known her for a quite a while, she
had her phone number, and they were close enough to chat about everything that was on
their minds. When Alexandra came into the shop in her second
trimester, unable to hide her pregnancy anymore, Laura congratulated Alexandra, and she, in
response, showed off an expensive ring, — Alexandra was engaged. The last time Alexandra visited the beauty
shop, Laura witnessed a phone call that shocked her. When the phone rang, the picture in its screen
was of my Elijah! Alexandra put him on the loudspeaker, so Laura
also heard his voice. It was DEFINITELY him! But that was not the end of the story – Alexandra
addressed Elijah with words: “Yes, my love.” Do you understand? It looked like Alexandra was this Elijah’s
fiancée. Laura and I also tried to calculate the time
line, and it turned out that when Elijah and I were dating, Alexandra was already pregnant! At first I felt confused, and I didn’t know
what to do. I both wanted and did not want to contact
Alexandra in order to tell her everything. On the one hand, I hoped that this whole story
with Elijah would be forgotten, so I had no desire to get involved in it again. On the other hand, I wanted Elijah’s fiancée
to find out the truth about the guy she was going to live her life with. Besides, to be honest, I wanted to get revenge
on Elijah for what he had done to me. I asked Laura for Alexandra’s phone number
and made an anonymous call, suggesting that we meet at the same coffee-shop where Elijah
dumped me. I told Alexandra that I had to tell her something
very important about her fiancé, and she seemed to be intrigued. Alexandra showed up exactly on time. She turned out to be a bit older than me,
and she behaved very confidently, so I felt a shy at first, not knowing how to tell her
about Elijah and me. Finally, I just threw the whole truth on her,
neither trying to hide it, nor make it easier for her. And you know what happened next? While Alexandra listened to me, she remained
absolutely calm and did not seem surprised at all. She told me that she didn’t care about Elijah’s
side affairs, since she was absolutely sure that Elijah would never leave her. The fact was that he worked for her father’s
company, and if Elijah dared to offend her, it would mean an end to his career. I simply didn’t know what to say. I was shocked by her reaction, and so our
meeting came to an abrupt end. But I still thought about it, a lot. Is this really that open world that I was
trying to fit into? So as a result, I made a decision: I would
to go back to my parents and start from scratch. I will start college, I will find a good job,
and I will try to keep my social circle free of people whose actions make me ashamed. Here is the end of my story. Please tell me what you think about it and
how it ended? Leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. Here is the end of this story. Please tell what you think about it and how it ended? Leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe to this channel.

  2. Poor Elijah he probably only cheated on his wife because he was unhappy in the relationship but didn’t want to lose his job idk thou that’s just my thoughts

  3. This is exactly why God said to save yourself till marriage, sex is Gift from God as a wedding present to be shared in-love. Not simply a tool for pleasure or satisfaction, just look at people who can't get enough, trust me they are never satisfied, it's like walking down a giant steep hill, if you go too fast its very hard to slowdown and you may stumble to your demise.

  4. I probably just liked how he looked

    And I just realized I didn't mean to keep caps on lol srry
    But for real tho

  5. Comments: Makes a joke about the next video’s title
    Actually Happened: We should use some of these as titles Takes notes

  6. Nahhhh i would've went up to Alexandra's dad and tell him and show the evidence im not going down like that

  7. wait she is going to stay with him, oooo hunny i don't know about that. this story may be real or not but to be honest to the pregnant lady in this video you may have balls for saying that but honestly you stupid and dumb but do you i guess.

  8. I never saw a more stupid person like Alexandra. He cheated on her too many times and she is like " oh you cheated? That's cool. I still love you" . HELLO! This stuff only exists in films. Alexandra , if i was you, i would throw the ring right on his face and put the baby for adoption.

  9. Well, I hope you kept in contact with the friend that originally tipped you off. Seems you she should be you best friend in Life.

  10. Did she sleep with him because she seemed very angry and usually that happens when they sleep with you and then you find out they had someone else

  11. Yea nah, these girls gonna get raped or killed because they're dumb. Just because of looks and manners you are not gonna talk to them.

  12. hello i realy like it if u like it so like it👇than i will tell u my story one day i was going to market and my father left me behind he was sitting in the car and he dont now i was there at market than i ran and i cry than my father new i was there than he ran and pick me up the end of this story if u cry so like it 😭

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  14. "I'm from a town in one of the mountainous states… ::Actually Happened shows her town smack-dab in the middle of KANSAS::

  15. Thats f*cked up! So, Elijah is your own personal love Doll? Daddy bought you a doll? You can walk" and talk, kiss you and f*ck you. He can even give you the love that Daddy never gave you. What store did you buy him from?

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