36 Replies to “I Don't Know Who The Father Is | UNDERAGE AND PREGNANT”

  1. There gonna have to blood test ppl in the future before they get married to make sure there bot half brothers n sisters

  2. Am i the only teen(20 now) who never drank, never did drugs, never had problems with the law, and actually stayed in church.

  3. Did she say her ex-boyfriend already has a 6 week old baby. 😲 Her child is potentially his second baby. 😶 Whoa.

  4. No wonder she cant find her phone jnt that house…where Kim and aggy when you need them #hoarders..

  5. This is not normal at all! I have raised two teenagers. No pregnancies or getting anyone pregnant, no getting arrested. I let them have an odd drink at Christmas. Both aren't interested in drinking. Neither smoke. These kids are far to spoilt. My daughter has been so ill for four years now. She'd be delighted just to go to school and doing actual normal teenage things. Going shopping with friends, going to the cinema etc. At 14 she sees girls like this and thinks they are crazy.

  6. Because most teenagers are not ready to have a baby even if their family is supportive of the baby should have given her like non-hormonal birth control and sexual condoms especially the new she had a boyfriend can't stop her from having sex but they can educator on it

  7. teenagers should have sex education in school about the emotional to physical and taking care of baby this is why you should wait to be married have sex because at least then you have a partner.
    And getting married to your boyfriend because he made you pregnant is a terrible idea

  8. I’m a grown adult in my 20’s & still hasn’t tried for a baby 🍼 I guess I’m off in the head 😂😂😂😂

  9. In spite of all the troubles she caused, I think she'll do a great job being a mother. The warm smile she gives as she looks on her baby made me think that. There are no bad people, just bad decisions.

  10. I’m happy she has a father for her baby but this girl is crazy. I hope she matured once her baby came bc she’s a bit too wild and spontaneous, needy to be a mother r

  11. I was a virgin until I was 18 and only am just having my first child at 26 with my fiancé. I feel like situations like the one in this video are so common and that’s really sad.

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