36 Replies to “I Don't Wanna Stop”

  1. They didn't really let Zakk unload on a lot of the solos on this album, but it is still top 5 easy.

  2. I love Ozzy but honestly how he went so far is beyond me. I saw him live on the Ultimate Sin Tour. He looked like a zombie. I thought hed fall over dead during the set.
    This song was literally the only non crap song on this album.

  3. I don't wanna stop either ozzy. Rock on.
    Thousands of years from now when they dig our bones up they will classify us as(headbangerous-chromeioushomosapien x3.1
    They will say( a distinctive feature of these creatures is they formed in groups and played instruments of mass destruction. The position of the body suggest a rocking end.
    One hand in the air in cult fashion and the skull suggests head banging.
    God bless these rocking souls.

  4. Saw him on this tour. So fucking good. I mainly when to see Rob Zombie but I was surprised at how fucking awesome Ozzy was!

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