I GOT PREGNANT AT 12 BY MY TEACHER – Actually Happened Pregnant – Animated Story

Hi I’m Haley. I’m 15 years old now. it was
2016. me and my new friend Rosie walked into my school. suddenly, I found the most
handsome man I have ever seen. that time we were in rush for math class. we attend
our math class and that handsome man was our new teacher. he has green eyes and a
beautiful smile on his face. I was in dream for few minutes. my friend Rosie
slap on my arm and I just woke up from my sweet dream. it doesn’t happen before
with me. by the way, my new handsome math teachers voice booms across the room.
welcome students, my name is Mr. Robert. I am 26 years old. I am your new math
teacher. so, if you have any problem with math, then you can tell me. I wasn’t only
listening his voice but also I got his bio.
It’s funny right! after finishing my class my friend Rosie told, he is hot
right! I told, no not at all!! few days later my math teacher
understood that I wasn’t doing well in my math, so he told me, hey you Haley,
you should come to my room after math class. you need more attention for math. I
was happy and meet him after math class. he gave me lots of advice and
encouragement. one day, when he wrote an important math,
suddenly, he told “you a really cute girl and your eyes as the light of your body
he’s too beautiful I swear.” I was excited and looked at my teachers eyes. I
felt, he is a person who had a great heart.
at that moment we kissed but trust me I wasn’t ready for that but it happened! it
just happened! we both pretend like nothing happened!!
then the next day, when I was in his room I can remember I
was looking down and my teacher say he loved me. my heart was beating so loudly!
I was surprised and couldn’t believe! then I kissed and done. I did with him
for two times. well, as I was 12 I was nervous but everything I did with love.
we also dated in a coffee shop weekly. my friend Rosie knew that I liked him
nothing else… after couple of months I felt nauseous and couldn’t eat anything!
my mom doubt on me. suddenly my mom told me for pregnancy tests. I was shocked and
I wasn’t sure why my mom doubt on me! I was sure that I am not pregnant. so I
checked my pregnancy test in front of my mom. I couldn’t believe that I am
pregnant at 12! my mom shamed on me. I called my teacher, told him I want to
meet with you today it’s urgent… mr. Robert said ok, cool we will meet at the
same coffee shop at evening. then we met. I told him and he was shocked! he told me
he wasn’t wanted to make me pregnant and I was too young to have a baby! It would spoil my study. so it would be better that I should abortion right now. and he
will marry me when I become 17. I believed him and I thought he was right.
I should abortion. But when I came home and thought deeply I realized that, I
should take my baby. I can’t kill a human.. whether it was uncertain. but I finally I
decided that I will take the baby and I will take my mom’s help. I will stop my
study just for a year. then I managed my mom. I also told my decision to my
teacher, my baby’s father. but he ignored and told
me that, that is my life’s worst decision. he also directly told that, he will not
take the responsibility of my baby. he cleared that, my baby is just my baby. I
told him, “oh really! you cheater! you are not able as a father, you are a cheater! I
will complain about you to the Dean.” then he told that, he already left the job and
took job in any-other City.. the last word he told me “take care and goodbye.” you know I
wanted to kill him, I could shout out very loudly but I didn’t because I loved
him. now my son is near three years old and he has green eyes like his father.
I want that he will not like his father. (a great cheater) I also study well. my mom
helped me. oh! I forget to tell you that, my friend Rosie also helped me for my
study and take care of my baby. I’m really happy with my unexpected child.
you know after my father’s death me and my mom was sad but my baby give us a
smile on our faces. lastly, I want to tell you that, don’t believe anyone at a
glance! Be aware. cause there are lots of lame guys in this beautiful earth!! please
keep us in your prayers. don’t forget to Like, comment, share, my story and also
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  1. I almost didn't understand a word she said!!
    But I think she did wrong
    That is not the action she should have made

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