I Had A Boy! Labor & Delivery Vlog 2019 | Meet Kyrie! (4K)

what's up guys we are walking into the hospital you can kind of see us just a little bit you can just a little bit I just see us with their little little lights but we are walking into the hospital is father talking morning and we are about to start this ending slaver's that keep you guys in – it's the hospital guys what is good YouTube so we are here and the labor role they induce labor as you can see santibaΓ±ez over here land on her left side guys she's laying over here on our left side so we can wait Tyria ye so city mom came into town and she Houston so that way he is going hard over there he ready to come out of there but her mom came into town because Amina is not allowed in the delivery room when she's delivering and of course I'm not gonna miss this so that was really sweet of Deborah to come in town and opens out a little bit so she's here they walking around right now because they had to do they had the Vista Mercedes so we'll keep you guys posted as everything goes on she can barely feel her fingers guys IV we'll see there this needle was like freaking this long guys like legit that long and it wasn't thick like before she put it in my hand she was like looking at me it was like do you have any questions like every time I like look away and look back like she has a pretty big new yet I'll call you I mean it we're going through this again gasps another baby another freaking baby yeah she can't eat nothing right now they talk about only they literally just woke up it mom like in the morning yeah well she thought she was feeding during some naked Jews it's it right here this she thought she was going through some naked you know they're all right guys so it is what time and what is going on said you tell our subscribers was wrong they started some medicine to start wiping or softening up my cervix at 7:00 a.m. oh and they also got this IV in me that's like swollen again so y'all look at me right now I'm like fat like my hand and my arm is starting to swell up compared to this one and then remember because when I was pairing with the meaning this also happened I'm starting to show up because of this thing but they put like a pill a really tiny pill up to my cervix and so it's like every four hours they're gonna actually she about to walk in and put another one in there so to try and dilate you get you dilated to soften my service mustard makes is apparently when they were like trying to check me do a exams they said it's all the way up there like I stick and they hold forget arm up there and making me wanna reach you know and they say it's like super super horny it sounds like and they're supposed to be so yeah they stopped and they trying to bring it down they can't even go start leaving I'm not even labor yet so we might be here for a long time so affair show them the contractions of you know the contraction is at the very bottom that yellow line that you guys see right up in there that it's my wonderful hand that you see and this is the contractions do-do-do-do-do-do-do and the very top line that is no longer the baby's heartbeat now okay so that is the baby's heartbeat like there is kind of confusing because they had to up there at first but I guess they switched off the machine so now it is you know this what you see right here that's the baby's heartbeat right there at the top Mercedes is down here that's Mercedes that's the graph dating that's basically the same as all of that information up there daddy is feeling really good I am sleepy right now I kind of have a headache I just had the wrong guy eat chili and all of that so I'm like they like to know everything so be so right now I'm probably about to lay down and probably get a napping in Mina just took a nap she's over there with her grandma you see them over there so she's over there being a a back here right now well she's doing pretty good I came laughs she's being pretty good that's her yeah Mercedes thought she was going to come up here and get to Eden she saw some girl cheeseburgers and we've been here you literally it's a wide angle lens I'm not really that close I'm not close I'm literally all you you see you go all the way from her I'm not playing like it's really so why don't you Lance is why well okay guys it is 3:30 and of course he will sleep for like a good four hours yeah it has nothing to do with what you're talking about man cuz because I had three hours of sleep well anyway soon as you got on the camera oh you done did is complain for the first 47 seconds basically that number that Lauren's number right there is the baby's heart rate and his heart rate I mean that was cool it's alright right now but usually 170 I just saw that his heart rate it's supposed to be it's not supposed to be less than 110 beats per minute and no more than 100 and 60 beats per minute so he always goes up to like probably 170 or 180 sometimes better than having a contraction whenever I'm getting a contraction is like he starts freaking out and then now my contractions are becoming two minutes apart so he's like getting really tired in there and getting like frustrated or whatever so what they've been doing was they gave me more fluids and IV and they had to change my position in million times they also gave me like supplemental oxygen we're go right here so I do that like for 30 minutes like take breaks and another 30 minutes so we can see if his heart rate go down so it has been going down but whenever I get like really back in charge makes me starts freaking out so now they're trying to change my medicine they think that the medicine that they gave me that little pill that they stuck up my settings like gave me two doses of those every four hours they think that excuse me I'm so sorry that just literally slip out I'm so sorry love it they think that the baby doesn't like that many thing you know it's bothering make the construction it's like crazy all that type stuff so they're going to come back and she's gonna check me to see if I'm dilated at all last time I was Valley it was like like four eight hours ago maybe four hours ago and that was only one and a half centimeters so hopefully they check me and I'm like we got to get this show on the road because the contractions are coming back so back to back to back and I'm having one right in here so if the next medicine doesn't work but I think it's gonna be the oxytocin or whatever though they're gonna stop that and mean lean and then like give me some medicine to like relax my uterus to make basically make the contractions stop or decrease them and then they may have to like either try to pull the baby out if I'm slightly open or whatever but if not then have a c-section I was still going they said that they gave her oxygen and she doesn't have an oxygen mask on you starting to come down I'll watch you guys so we gonna keep you guys posted but the next wave oh yeah look at Mina Mina's over here not City wake me up to four hours of rest you mean I've been sleep the whole day been sleep the whole day look at Sleeping Beauty knowing she looked just like me I'll drop a comment if y'all think she looks just like me she got dad that face look i'ma sit next to y'all tell me she looked as like there that don't you I'm starving I haven't eaten since yesterday boy you just hey a broth some jello all kinda shit some brah you're making it seem like you ain't a nun don't be lying to these mothers out here that's drinking they said it's just liquid jello is not liquid broth don't bother to like some little beef in a potato image it was late with it I'm drinking everything in the freaking gelatin with sugar free though I'm over her give her our town she making everything sound so hard I only had that like three times that I don't like like starving I'm starving now I can't even drink no water and I can't eat nothing hey and daddy is over eating it up everything bring a cookie cake bring a brownie that sandwich was so good too we got a star get them sandwiches the New York style deli sandwich bought everyone food was off the chain or you would have really liked that sandwich I also brought myself that salad too I got to look I got a Sally here what happened you haven't told them about the doctor coming to try to do your water break your water the doctor came around like 7:00 yeah try to break my water but he is still like up there okay guys so now it is time to push the doctors on the way yes yes yeah it's 5:00 news 5 it's 10 centimeters so that's the nurse say is she's ten centimeters okay this time I push guys it's time I have Kyrie goes what you got to say to say do baby it is for carry yari say to get a camera some deuces that's right how you feeling grab your legs Wow take a deep breath no elbows back and pushing your yeah most likely look a car yeah we have a youtube channel so we've been like recording look at my boy he looked just like me don't leave a comment below if y'all think he looked just like me I think you look like safe you look good look good just hanging a little over here how you feeling Sadie how you feeling she just pushed Kyrie ouch ah like a champ I think it was 20 pushes it was 20 it was five wow what a nice 820 I'm here 20 or something I'm going to bed eight pounds just like Amina I think that was she was and then we went over her due date yeah boy he looks just like me but the karahi literally cry just like they're like that what she'd be poking on our live I'm just like so handsome yeah here my boy over there crying we're gonna need them eyebrows come on handle got you out here looking all confused hurry the dead that just playing dead that just joking my man look good and his eyes look crazy like he got them he got them eyes he got the eyes I think he gonna happen I mean cuz I mean there's a light too but you know but cake hey it's you some dessert look she is she literally wants to touch Tyree so bad yeah like she knows that's her brother or something yeah that's your brother that's meso mama yes your brother yeah baby that she'll s your baby brother yes it is a code in his room that's my my baby my my daddy's baby I mean no she can't touch him at all especially like I'm not saying don't touch his baby touch him and this I would say hi baby this wave see nice hard to say what's up big boy he just be chilling us word okay so this is day three guys and we are about to be discharged finally get to go home look at my baby boy Kyrie order just snuggled up I said snuggled up or you trying to say if he was following me I see his probably smiling is he smiling cause he just chilled me sleep Kyrie is the chile's baby I seen he don't cry for it he just and when you touch him he don't want to be touching I want to be bothered so we are about to be discharged I am so excited to finally be leaving because although we have enjoyed the hospital trip and everything like that I don't I like my privacy and the nurses it's buzzing in now some of the nurses aren't really careful or they see some nurses seem judgmental you know I'm ready to go to fuck on our selves together I'm gonna take and then we up out of here well I gotta go to the car and I'll probably take you guys with me while I go to the car and put the car seat ham for Kyrie because we got me a new car seat in there we just like hi we have a meanest old car seat we had a car seat that was given to us but that she look trashy disgusting so he threw that shit away so on we gave Kyrie at meanest old car seat which is a lot cleaner and we gave him inna a new car seat so if she upgraded and Kyrie kinda got some hand-me-downs but his dear Clinton is still at my size of course and so I have to go to the car and do that and yeah so we all packed up as you guys can see I got snacks all over here all in the bag camera bag yeah I know you know your knowing I like my JS you know I got his thing Jordan so we don't have Kyrie meaning MJ doubt in just a second look at my boy look at my baby pull your hand in the way look at him drop a comment below if you up and keep it just like me or y'all think he looked just like mama we ready to go said he already dropping pounds already her snap back hanging crazy her snap back and crazy she had a mean and literally ten days later she looked like she had fucking went to the gym and has some 30-day 60-day 90-day plan the doctor a knee before the K after the birth Monday came he got that check he just period for the last birth yeah we couldn't I couldn't be n going the epidural I had to step out the room doing hurry up a door shot I have to step out the room what was other all Amina couldn't stay past nine o'clock so I mean I had to leave so Sadie's mom is here so her mom's here doing watching Amina she is watching Tamina for us and basically just holding the fort down until we get back because I mean it couldn't be here I wanted my baby girl here and I also couldn't report Sadie pushin that would have been a very good part of the vlog we couldn't even record that so I just come to this house better kinda been like a little piece of shit I mean it's nice and room is nice as you guys can see like everything yeah we were able to film everything what I mean so the room is like you know it's a decent-sized room and all of that stuff like TV to view decent the view decent but all of the little changes as far as not being being able to be in here for her doing the epidural shot and I mean I gotta go somewhere and an old recording doing a pushing like this is our experience nachos you know so I was little I was a little upset about that guys I wasn't too happy about that but we are yeah well there was some of these older some old your old school nurses I don't really yeah you know I'm all tethered up ya know I'm all tatted up went to tattoos wearing Nike and Jordans and she a young mother so sometimes some of the people that it was kind of rubbing us wrong but besides all that shit you know we really thankful you know we stay prayed up super happy and excited for God blessing us with my baby boy arriving safely sadie is good she in good shape as I see back there she in good shape so the most important thing is everybody good so we're gonna leave here this is just as a moment this is just a moment excuse me so we're not gonna really stress out that I'm just ready to fucking be discharged so I've been personally selected so we about to get discharged and just get home with the baby girl you know go back to see her mom has been no such an awesome job you know watching our daughter and just being a positive positive energy for us you know support not vlog and she definitely felt like we bought the bullet with the vlog shit in just the support is impeccable so you know Deborah we appreciate you shout out together so we are ready to go so I'm about to go hook up the car seat and I'ma keep you guys with it please hold on Kyrie you know me being a chair down yeah that Sun is warm and then thank you so much so if we go that way well actually if you're gonna pull up then I'll just wait here you can pull up over here okay should I say Kyrie here okay that's fine you

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  1. Congrats, treasure your lady and your children. Family is priceless sweetheart. NEW SUBBIE! You all are a beautiful family.

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