okay hey that's the spider we're right there I gotta make sure myself and I look fabulous Katie mom what it is what's up got Katie back back back on the screen so guys my name is Kimberley my name is Dan welcome back for another video another video guys that it's gonna be touchy touchy inspiring and very sad maybe I don't know I don't want this video to be very emotional sad we want it to be you know I don't want to be this I don't want it to be too heavy because it is like a heavy subject and I don't want you to feel so heavy you lefur making you to feel some type of way but we don't want you guys to feel bad or yes yes I don't want you to feel bad no it happens you know things happen in life and it just we just got a cute movie I like what my shirt says I'm happy to read it happen coffee helps my husband's he helped start this video guys make sure to go a light comment share and subscribe join the Katie mob for these liddie video today is gonna be about something that happened to my sister okay can we roll a clip of how we felt in a moment I had surprised her if you guys haven't watched that video I surprise you I was pregnant [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] yes I'm pregnant I do you see I was really excited and happy because she told me she was pregnant yeah I was super excited guys to know that I was gonna carry another baby I mean I first my reaction cuz you guys just see how my reaction was before I told my sister I was in shock and I didn't even know how to react I felt things are happening so quick when I had told her and everything I wasn't super excited yet cuz I wanted to tell her I wanted to tell my parents and I wanted to see the reaction because I was like what if they're like not happy I didn't want to feel super excited and then be like oh another one there's something I don't know but they were excited and also we have a clip of the outro that little clip of them were supposed to post that video well there you go my parents being happy and excited Wow you gotta guess you got happy I know you're surprised that she is pregnant and I couldn't believe it either that's our parents being excited right now then this happy things happened so quick in life and I know most of you might relate it's just crazy because I didn't expect it so spike so soon and so fast I didn't expect the pregnancy and we were ready planning for a lot of things to do while pregnant was June 24th I had a miscarriage the baby I'm gonna say so I had a miscarriage okay okay look horn man we're a middle of a video porn man let's go I'm just trying to laugh and everything and I'm trying to like not make this video so sad we're not very set up of people only at the moment we were sad he did cry a little I'm the type of person that I am strong I'm glad it didn't happen like where I was like further along 16-8 my my loner we just found out from my dad that we have a cousin on Mexico and if you're watching this I feel so sorry a lot to love all hearts go to Hawaii oh and family and so pointless we have a cousin that her baby had pretty much died at 8 months pregnant they were trying to induce her so she could try to push baby out didn't happen so she was an opening I believe and then they had to give her a c-section so it's just crazy because her experience compared to my experience and everybody's experience it's just it's just crazy when a miscarriage happens or when you know the baby doesn't make it it's something that I wish nobody would go through but I mean things just happen in life and I guess the baby that I was supposed to have I thought it was coming who are so excited we thought we were gonna have a girl chorus we're so excited and it's just crazy because it just happened a matter of seconds that it was just it's just gone it was God's plan okay basically it was God's plan he didn't want her to have a baby so he basically you know take it away okay to heaven but to get back to it yeah so sometimes in life guys it doesn't go as plan as you want it to so basically that's what happened to my sister this is my experience so I do want to talk about it I don't want to talk about how I feel and how it happened I'm pretty sure you're like how I was at work pretty much he which was yesterday with June 24th I was just working and next thing I know I felt wetness down there I go you really can't time to wake up and I was like okay what's going on I go to the restroom and I check and of course I do see blood on my underwear when I saw it I got scared I had a vivid dream believe it or not that I was gonna have miscarriage and it's crazy because no I'm not psychic I'm not a witch it's just crazy because I feel like God was preparing me he was like this it might not happen I think my dream was gonna come true I even told my sister and they both looked at me and they're like deser you're just putting stuff in your head oh boy and he was speaking into existing space basically because Jesus Jeannie Benson she threw it up in the universe and she said it and we're like do not think negative I'm gonna be okay and then it happened and we're out like thinking making like but basically that that tells you like when you speak into existence like things happen like Phil when you have a dream and it's so vivid don't you get scared or what if you do have a vivid dream and then it happens something was trying to tell me that this was gonna happen this day this is what happened and I was at work and then I had told several my co-workers that I loved thank you so much for the love and support I know some of them do watch my chapter you know our channel so I Channel Kady I know okay thank you for watching always our channel and supporting us you know all my co-workers supported me and they're like dad like you have to go home because I went to the restroom second time and it was bad I was bleeding non-stop and I had to put a pad I wasn't feeling good I looked up the symptoms all the symptoms were like pinpointed of what what I was going through dizzy at the moment I felt I was about to give a labor like I start having contractions on my body I didn't even know how long I was I didn't even know how yeah how long I was pregnant I didn't know anything I couldn't see a doctor because I have insurance at the time – I go excrement cords and my co-workers were like that like you have to go doctors like right now and they're like don't worry about it don't worry about it my manager didn't even know that I was pregnant either like sheesh like what am I gonna do had two of my co-workers walking out to the car and they told me does he need anything I'll Drive you there if you want me to drive you there are you sure you're gonna be able to drive like no no I'm good I'm good I could take myself all of this like stuff happen so quick it was like in a blink of an eye I feel like my spirit was gone guys it was just my body and I was driving it wasn't Island pretty much [Applause] [Laughter] before we like to run through my fireworks geyser with the corn man then the camera died no try so hard not to cry either you know or be sad about it because it's you do need to talk about it but you can't just be quiet about it not only that also our channel it's Katie Marvin like we've been through so much as you can use it with a yeah journey and been through it with us but so we want to let you guys know everything that happens in our life in our life yeah because it's like it is a family this channel is kind of like a family channel yeah because you know we are a big family we expected to have another baby come into this world you know and another boy or girl whatever was gonna be my dad he even texted me it was so beautiful I wanted to cry because this is what he said he said my princess thank you for the best present I received this year my new baton my new baby this is the best Father's present I had gifts but this one is the best I'm very happy and I'm praying for a little princess god bless you love you forever and ever so my dad guys was super excited for this baby and Geoffrey was super excited it just sucks because my experience also at the hospital wasn't the best Arrowhead sucks like I'm just gonna put it out there I feel bad for the people that that go to Arrowhead that don't have of course insurance good insurance and it's just crazy because yeah like I had to go to Arrowhead because I have médicale they just didn't care that I was bleeding and in pain and in the waiting room I got there at 3:00 I didn't get out of there till 9:00 so honey hours was like there they were like six hours okay exactly so six hours I got my blood drawn and then not only that that they don't sanitizer stuff until whenever they feel like it and it's just under mandatory it's just crazy so when I dealt with it was just crazy his lady told me cuz she told me almost about almost 7 weeks pregnant for her it was just like tissue you know the baby didn't mean like is nothing yeah they treat it like they sure quoted a lot of things they treat it like it's nothing oh we're gonna be fine like it's okay you get pregnant by the way I asked her everything flushes out out of your system kind of thing like I didn't tell her like the procedure they didn't tell they're like what's gonna happen after no they didn't give her a heads-up of anything they taught me like oh you may bleed like a lot and you know you may see tissue coming out of you know the private area which is a bad Jay told me like you if you bleed a lot then you know if you're bleeding through pads like within an hour whatever like you could come back like to the emergency cuz you're not supposed to you're not supposed to go through that a lot of things were like happening so quick from the video we just filmed from when I got pregnant to like shoulder a pair – now it's just crazy how like my life is sometimes even with my sister everything happens so fast like yeah I'm like I don't know it's like a blink of an eye like I like I said I feel like my body is just here and my soul is somewhere else like I need to go find my soul the lady learned he said that the heartbeat doesn't even like beat at six weeks whatever because I was like almost seven weeks next we got probably would have been eight weeks which is crazy and I'm glad I wasn't further along like I said but look at six weeks what does it say camp at six weeks pregnant baby's heart will be beating around twice as rate of yours she told me that the music that the movie started was I going to be he said that its second tissue and that there's no heartbeat so there's a heartbeat and she said there wasn't a heartbeat that's true that's true this pretty girl back in town is pretty show her that because okay hardly at six weeks yeah and they told me at the hospital especially the doctor the lady she was like oh it's just a stack of tissue it's just by passing and they didn't want to tell me I was having a miscarriage their way of saying it it's just like I can't tell you that we need to test the tissue we took out like they scraped they scraped me they didn't want to tell me and then after they gave me the paperwork says about miscarriage and the symptoms and stuff and I'm just like why don't they just tell you I even said I'm having a miscarriage and then the lady was telling me supposedly I didn't calculate my menstrual cycle right that I didn't that maybe I'm off baby I'm I'm pregnant while I'm bleeding like what's the flip I don't know if you guys are shook from my information that I'm giving you guys because they're probably like what's up little basically don't ever go to Arrowhead go to Kaiser I just wanted to tell you a little story time of what exactly happened but yeah I lost the baby guys and it's not only me that loses babies yeah there's a lot of people out there that even lose it further along so if you're watching this and you have all had that experience you know you know how it feels you know how it go it really does hurt and it sucks but life keeps going on my heart goes to everybody out there that had gone through this situation especially my sister seeing her you know sad and go through this it does hurt our whole family but you know at the end of the day it's how we make get into the crazy though because with my family I'm able to just express myself and burn up like you guys in front of others I just put the smile I'm trying so hard not to cry you know or or just not Eva it's just sighs it's okay sorry Katie K no it's like I'm sorry guys it's just sorry because yeah like alright I never like nobody just thinks I'm getting the camera just talking about it you know it's just crazy because I really did think I was gonna have a third baby but it's cool it wasn't meant to be and at least it's my little angel and the only thing I do want to say is read this to you guys I'm not gonna cry hey I said I wasn't gonna cry at all you video grew up a little sorry I'm not gonna cry either like I'm trying so hard not to cry for you guys like pearl and like I said all those moms that you have lost someone I'm sorry I love you guys I wish I could hug you guys you know cuz I could feel how you guys felt this is something I want to read to you guys and hopefully makes you feel a little better this is welcome to babies in heaven it says I'll be there as his daddy please don't look sad so sad mama please don't cry cuz I am in the arms of Jesus and he sings me lullabies please try not to question God don't think that he is unkind don't think he sent me to you and then he changed his mind you see I am a special child and I'm needed up above I'm the special gift you gave him the product of your love I'll always be there with you and watch the sky at night find the brightest star that's gleaming that's my halos bright and light you'll see me in the morning frost that miss your window pane that's in the summer showers I'll be dancing in the rain when you feel a little break out when you feel a little breeze from a gentle wind that blows that's me I'll be there planning a kiss on your nose when you see a child playing and your heart feels a little tug that's me I'll be there giving your heart a hug so daddy please don't look so sad mama don't you cry I'm in the arms of Jesus and he sings me a lullaby I just wanted that that's that's touching but you know you are going through it just like I am it's okay I know like at the end of the day you know I'm gonna just think of it like you know someday when I do die cuz I do Pat faith I'm gonna see probably that little heart angel that I you know that I got taken away and it's okay but thank you guys for watching her channel you know this is desert and of course it's my sister Kimberly and the mob stands for making others believe and anything you want to believe in so guys go and chase your dreams go do whatever you got to do and we're just trying to trace our dream set I just want you guys to know that we're doing this not just because I wouldn't want to make you guys feel bad no or like you know get so many viewers of course either but we just want to make videos that people could relate and not only that comment down below that makes our days you know knowing that you guys are relating to our situations that makes us like human like everybody's human but things happen in life so fast so guys with that being said I hope you guys did enjoy the video I hope it this wasn't very tough on you guys or like you know hard at the end of the day are all in this together right we love you guys so much we hope to you know the next video like just some other funny video of course and make you guys laugh and just continue with our videos continuing with our journey and and of course inspire one another inspire everybody and thank you for watching guys we love you guys Filan idea thank you


  1. I’m so sorry dez! I had a miscarriage a month and a half before I found out I was pregnant with Eli. I hope in time you will be blessed again with another beautiful baby in your womb.

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