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[Applause] I got this feeling now started now I feel adventurous with you and there is nothing that we can do it then I woke up this money talking about money money and money money less money is good I know in our game good morning guys welcome back to our China we have the chef in the kitchen today which is use very chef gooseberry she's making oh yeah she's a chef so she cooks with me last week she made the most delicious yummy breakfast for the family I know and this coin right here she hasn't cooked for us yeah what she's on and she's on she's gonna be cooking for us today we have the egg chef in the house okay so what are you cooking french toast the most no why do you always use three or four like this huh you know it's wonderful okay girls it's hot in the kitchen I don't want it today yeah it's about I be please can drop in every to order more phone cases if you want so yeah good morning guys and welcome back okay guys um Ezra is cooking Malik is in his room in this room probably playing games oh god it is what's that smell in my room smells like he you know we like go in your room and it's not like so he it's like sex wait I don't know where that is coming from and my room is plain cuz I claim the whole of the room yesterday vacuum so so I kept a smile just like a heat smell I don't like that like a sticky muggy smell anyway I want to give a shout out to my old friend a youtuber here okay um she is a family vlogger she has a cute cutest family they live in Switzerland and yes she has a very family vlog that she put out every every time hi sunshine I put at contouring the kid here and that's taken to the kitchen where's your face like that I need you to always have like a beautiful smiley face okay anyway so um she has a family vlog and I name is the air goes family so I'm gonna leave a China in the comment section below honestly excuse me Monica you're blocking honestly you guys it's a good checker I'll check her out and she's amazing she's just sweet lady and you're going to love a kid out you're gonna love my kids a kid to soak you should just give her put on my bra oh you wanna sorry I keep the surveys and she just gave birth to the most cutest son ever baby boy and she has a three year old I think almost for alia yeah she is absolutely cute and beautiful she put efforts on video please go check I'm sorry a video will be in the comment section below a channel will be in comment section below go check out wow she's amazing and yeah we're gonna start today like I said God is something crazy happened yesterday hey I'm talking to my subscribers yes what you hope your work yeah after we finished breakfast we have to do some work one would hope when who you're going to be joining system okay girls can you go in the living room I'm making a video for now girls go in the living room please I want to tell my subscriber something one two three jump good I was mentioning in my video yesterday that I got really steamed British tank when I went out we was right girls night last night and I got released and my period was just and it happened again you happened again overnight I was like I wasn't feeling like a lot of pain at nighttime it wasn't like contain spandau we're just like a little crimes and the crumbs I never their crimes and the crimes was coming with like heavy rock blood and my period last month was well this period was late so I can't look like a miscarriage I don't know so I booked appointments I don't wanna go to the hospital because I'm not feeling any pain but I booked up on me to go see my doctor on Tuesday so I don't know what a days I don't know what I don't know because my pure never got my prayer never got that heavy before never ever and this one was just like clot blood some kinda like pains in it too so I don't know it was like I don't know what I would call that maybe like a miscarried there just got a miscarry I think that my husband not me I thought this guy is gonna get mad at me and be like I'm so just to take things easy I did it to like relax I got everything you know I'm like I'm home now I don't want my husband's like you know doing all the work for me when it comes back from work you already work hard all day so he's always telling me like don't do anything just do you go work just you're editing when I come back I'll do the work out of the cleaning out of the dishes you guys probably see my cup of blocks like a game cleaning the dishes so it's like how did he vacuum me out but how will I be make I stay home all day yeah we're trying to get pregnant but it doesn't want me to like because too much hard work is always liked like don't lift anything heavy so if I tell him this obstacle Italian but it's probably gonna comment like I told you I told you not to do those things I told you not to lift anything heavy I said not to do a lot of work which is like okay so I don't know if that was a miscarried bomb right now I'm not feeling any pain lots of Chi like a cramp pain overnight so that was what a pain and it was I won't say like I won't say was I kick really intense pain it was just like a medium cramping but how I seen a lot of blood so yeah I'm gonna go see my doctor on Tuesday I'm gonna say what that is probably she's gonna send me for ultrasound and we'll take it from there I'm not gonna lie to you guys I haven't seen doctor obviously in fertility doctor who's this for you where's the strawberry Oh put some strawberries on in my mind and I look pretty sob you see if I said it's a doctor like I said and it's been going well honestly like the test that I went through it's like nothing is actually really wrong which is they're just kind of like try to escalate like my own volition like give me some medication I can't really explain what are these for like um yeah so I'm on some medication some fertility medication there were like speed up my population I don't know if I'm saying that right well yeah everything is been going on my next appointment is next week however if I should have put in this ow none of this is going I don't know if I'm gonna put this video I'm gonna include this clip in it you don't I'm gonna ask my husband first if I said it's okay to dispose that's okay otherwise you guys are not gonna be saving face what I'm saying right now so yeah I've been saying he mean it's been going a while it's been going great and yeah so today yesterday you guys saw the blog that was supposed to go out to the movies we didn't go but today we're going to see Lion King we gotta get out you know we had a great girls night yesterday and today it's movie night and I don't know if the boys are called me because they've been so boy late these days I mean like Daddy and son out which is okay no idea I'm not fighting lick into whatever the one because that also oh wow would it access the user yeah mmm coax Malik if you want something that's Monica's want some french toast to probably say no he doesn't want fresh do you want fried rice um yes sir the boys I've been doing a lot of stuff like you know they're not vlogging in that's okay you're like we don't have to like blogaid which is fine well we girls we got this like we're like a lid in the house right now we're like the bus woman right now that then is you guys gonna be doing my makeup today and it's gonna be going on a channel and I'm I'm I'm scared gosh no she has no idea what goes on what making my face off and it's gonna be going on a channel so by the time you guys say this you'll be on a track the kids have been paying their work every day we do brilliance math counting and monetizing the great one and she's doing amazing I'm so proud of her yes Ani yeah but today we eat breakfast first before before right if you don't you breakfast first then you'll be starving yeah so the lights been doing this she's been doing me missing addend oh yeah yeah I know she's doing amazing she's been like finding what gives her all these answers and this week we started on Monday she's covered a lot she's feeling amazing job yeah but this is another book she's an amazing and Malika carrot key gertie yo yo yo yo yes honey yeah eight-game you sure seven plus eight is not sixteen okay guys we just finished in some writings and writings and you know some summer work with the kids so now I am in my bedroom I want to change my bed sheets um I already Star already stopped I'm changing them so because I told you guys what happen last night I like I lost so much blood overnight I'm so happy that it didn't come with like intense cramping and like I said I'm gonna go see my daughter blah so I just ripped down my whole bed sheet you know disinfect my bed and I'm gonna put a new on it you hey guys welcome back I don't know if you guys I like in my makeup it was unlike me this is userís makeup so we did this makeup and it's gonna be on our channel and we are we are the movie theater right now the kids are getting toys I'm gonna get popcorn we are here to watch The Lion King yeah the kids want to get it Lion King on toys Monica ready yep go one toys over there so yeah we're just gonna get some popcorn oh the toy Japan right oh my bad yeah when you finish when we finish watching do you share us yeah Starbucks care to comment macchiato I can over to the next hop not coach I have americano cappuccino latte macchiato cappuccino latte so I'm just waiting for my cappuccino take care – watching The Lion King and we are the food courts user our orders of one second when I finish talking okay you use your order some Asian food what is rice noodles and corn Anila order subway the healthy stuff from Subway and what do you want to tell them – title okay guys so that's mama over there I think he's editing and she's tired and the girls are over there they also tired but you're watching your last show for the day before everybody goes from bad you're not tired okay I guess Monica's not tired so and pops and Malik have gone out for a little bit shopping I don't know I guess he'll be back in a while so we are done for today at least I am done for the day and we watched the movie Lion King it's just perfect it was a nice movie already watched it before and I already knew everything else in Alvin but watch it again and it felt so real cos we watch it in 3d and he's like awesome I just love the movie so much so and I guess that's the end of the vlog for today everybody's like tired and you're also we are expecting tomorrow and you know Monday you know the kind of feeling Sunday leaves you with about Monday so I guess we're all in that feeling right now so thank you thank you guys so much for watching I keep saying thank you guys so much for watching please don't forget to subscribe if you're new to our channel we have like you definitely have a lot of things to watch and we're not a boring family so don't be worrying have nothing to lose make sure you like our videos and subscribe we'll see you next video bye okay that was super awkward okay thank you guys so much for watching our video I hope you enjoyed this video today if you wanna Utah channel please don't forget to subscribe and make sure you give us a big thumbs up so that's not what you think and what you wanna see next in the comment section and we will see you in our next video bye

47 Replies to “I had early stage Miscarriage !? | ABIANDFAMILY”

  1. I'm sorry dear about what happened but take it easy hey I'm agree with your hubby but get better soon dear hey

  2. I’m glad you mention this in your video Abi, you may have some subscribers who’s dealing with infertility, I am actually one of them. I will keep you in my dua. It sound like a chemical pregnancy that you had. Allahu Aleem. I pray that everyone that’s trying to have a baby will be bless with a healthy baby Ameen

  3. Listen to yo body Abi and let it be. Don't think about getting pregnant, u will at God's timing n u will feel great about it. All da best beautiful.

  4. Oh sorry i hope you're not having a miscarriage…. Abi you need to pray for yourself and your family too and take it easy hun 😥 stay bless.

  5. As you get older, your periods can be different in amount and longevity but it is well checking it out with your obgyn

  6. Do you remember that pain you had the last time that you said it felt like what you ate. It must have been happening then. I am glad you are doing ok. So sorry.

  7. Hi abi I think you are. Overworking your slef or could it be stress you have to do less work please keep those little ones out of the kitchen we don't want anything to happen to them kiss your family for me I am from Jamaica of the west indes

  8. I pray that all is well. Miscarriage is not easy on the body,nor on the mind. Take it easy,and follow your husband's advice.
    The makeup is nice and your girls are beautiful. God bless!


  10. Hello, Abi. It’s not uncommon for women to get occasional heavy periods. Not necessarily a miscarriage, probably likely not. However, it’s always good to get expert opinion and to rule things out. Any type of medication will affect your period, period (Lol, no pun intended)!

    All the vloggers I watch are currently pregnant, or have new babies, you’re next. Just take things easy and don’t make a big deal out of it. It’ll come when it should.

  11. Hi Abi sorry to hear about this,you have awesome family as your husband said you are doing too much. Take care of yourself,blessings 👏

  12. U have to be careful ,i started like this ad i have to be Roche to the hospital for Blood . My doctor said i have anemia am on sicklive till today. I was thinking i have a miscarge. Please visit the doctor

  13. It's nice to see Yusra in the kitchen. Abi, all will be well…everything works for the good of those who love the Lord

  14. Aww so sorry about that sis. I think it's best to see your gynaecologist. Don't worry God has got you.

  15. Don't worry, god will take care of you. Stay positive and strong and always pray. I'm glad you all enjoyed the movies. Always wonderful to see you all . God bless you and your family😘

  16. Listen sister I had three miscarriages in a row but I tell u this cux am now 16 weeks pregnant
    Wat I did was take maca powder it works for hormanal imbalance, wanting to get pregnant and any infertility its so great u will thank me later
    Maca powder is natural and works better than all this infertility drugs…

  17. So the same thing happened to me before i had Aaliyah and after a month i got pregnant,so it’s well baby will definitely come 🙏🏾enjoy watching the blog like always ❤️❤️

  18. Abi dear!!! So sorry about That
    God is diffinently going to give you the one that Will stay

  19. Oh my!!!! huggs and kisses to you, i almost made a comment on your vlog yesterday when you are were having a nice time with your girls, i almost screamed "stop" when you were feasting on the lemon, growing up, i was made to understand "to avoid lemon and lime when i grow up and planning to have kids", it took me a while to understand why, so seeing this now, i am not saying it is the reason, i am just saying please take precaution, love you and your family always sist, and i am rooting for you as we await the "baby" news 🙂

  20. Abi trust me it will happen soon.i don't think it was miscarriage. It's happened to me months before my last pregnancy, I think is hormonal in balance which will stable soon.

  21. Abi bby Allah is with u there’s nothing he can’t do🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 the makeup looks good on u 🥰

  22. Abiii if you feel like you miscarried, do a pregnancy test. The test should still be positive up to a week after a loss. Sorry you have to go through this.

  23. Kiise gbogbo nkan to ba nsele naa.ni ko maa so sita. Omo Yoruba ni e. O wu mi lati ba e soro. God bless you.

  24. Hi Abi,God is going to do his work at the right time.I hope you feel better and please take good care of yourself.

  25. Abi it's well with you mama.In God's time your womb will be blessed again He is a faithful God and He says if we delight ourselves in Him He shall give us the desires of our heart….

  26. Hi Abby, sorry you are going through this. This has happened to me, however it wasn't a miscarriage, it was the start of issues with hormonal imbalance.

    Hope you get clear answers from your Drs.

  27. I pray you are feeling better Abi. The meds you are taking may have caused a little clotting. No worries. Thank you for allowing us to spend s little time with the fam bam. Blessings to all 💚

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