I had my 1st baby vaginally, and my 2nd by C-section. Should I do a VBAC with my 3rd?

it sounds like you're pregnant for the third time and congratulations on that you mentioned that the first time you delivered a baby it was vaginally the second one who was born by c-section because your baby was breech and this time you're wondering whether or not you should do a VBAC or attempt a vaginal birth after a c-section now this sounds like you've started this conversation with your doctor and they mentioned that you are a good candidate and from everything you've told me it does sound like you are especially because you've had had a vaginal delivery before now there are risks with a VBAC imagine if I made a big incision down my bicep and then I started to lift heavy weight you could imagine that that incision could burst and the uterus is a big muscle and when we do a c-section we make an incision on it we stitch it up and it heals nicely but it is a weak point forevermore and so next time you start having contractions or go into labor there is always that possibility that it could burst this is called the uterine rupture and is potentially life-threatening to mothers and babies but thankfully for those who attempt the VBAC it only happens one percent of the time so because of this very low risk doctors often recommend a VBAC to patients who are good candidates like you your doctor will talk with you about all of the risks of a VBAC and then have you sign a consent form saying that you've been well educated and you understand that there is a significant risk but the chance of it happening is very small and if you decide to go through it they'll sign a consent form and then when you come to the hospital we'll let you labor and see how things go we always monitor you extra closely to make sure that you're not showing any signs or symptoms the uterine rupture and you should always deliver at a high-risk facility that's capable of handling an emergency if one does happen in making your decision it's important to know that 60 to 80 percent of women who attempt to be back are successful that means that they end up with a vaginal delivery now and again only 1% have a uterine rupture and in your case because you've already had a vaginal delivery your statistics of delivering vaginally would probably be closer to that 80% and hopefully you won't need another c-section and things will go well for you again if you have more specific questions or concerns don't hesitate to talk with your doctor because they know the specifics of your situation but if you have more questions for me in the future I'd love to answer them on our facebook page at facebook.com slash Intermountain moms and recommend us to your friends and family too

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  1. I'm considering my third pregnancy. I've had two c sections what are the risks and is it high to have a third c section? It's the only thing keeping me from having another baby. Also considering having a tubal ligation at the time of third c section. Is that risky and will everything be ok? Thank you!!

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