I Had My Baby | 33 Weeks Pregnant

okay so update Chelsea's having contractions again and they're pretty no I don't know how they normal contractions are but she's feeling them they're gonna bring her some new bang new Bain new Bain not bang energy drinks kind of settle it down they've had to give it to her once before already and she really enjoyed it and she was kind of loopy she's tough Dana would you what you can open up any your panini oh by the way it's day five so Jessie's got the new bangs so she's kinda loopy but she's still hurting she's having long contractions she had a four-minute contraction earlier you're pretty tough and you got it I gotta get you in a new know what you call this gal she got her lunch all over I didn't notice until now sorry mater the medicines not making me relax a bit more serious contraction was the last time it as soon as she gave it to you they stopped how you feel to hear that that's the baby moving five days of this after Peter cuz I'm not sure if you can hear her she's wore out she's ready to go to the house sorry baby mmm it looks like it's coming down that baby they've got your heart rate monitored now so you're at a hundred and nine she's at 143 and 96 percent oxygen yep telework tell you're having a contraction I'm gonna call her you want her to be up here we okay so it's been about an hour since the last time she's having contractions and they haven't stopped I've just gotten worse she's hurt she's hurt real bad she's tough not be crying right now these are her two dragons right here they're pretty gnarly pretty consistent she's still dilated to one so they don't want to do a c-section just yeah because she still has breached I'm gonna banner you don't offend you she's really hot kind of flushed yeah bad bruise bridges all over poor girl no one there they couldn't she has little veins so they have a hard time with taking blood and putting IVs and stuff this high so they're taking her back first distinction with the back-to-back contractions he doesn't like it and so they're gonna go ahead and take a peg okay so we're having a c-section xxx you like clue and Chelsea's getting ready she's already gotten cleaned they're about to go do the they still do the what what is it epidural they just caught us okay so I'm still I'm obviously shook if her contractions if you can see them they are like non-stop she doesn't she's not really getting any breaks and that's what was worrisome to him is that she's having back to back to back contractions so they said they got a good team here they're gonna take care of us we pray our mom's on her way I've told everybody that I think what I needed to tell I'm not sure we're just trusting I already do we're headed back okay okay it'll bang all right so I've got a cool little hat and everything else small they're about to take her I'm about to go back there I'm gonna get as much as I can I'm nervous oh here we go there's smelling that shit in vain you know you excited I'm nervous you nervous mm-hmm they got you feeling okay they gonna take good care she's going to the nursery she said they're gonna let her I'm trouble you see here and being [Laughter] oh yeah [Laughter] hey little baby spitting little baby little baby be what you doing little baby what are you doing but that was like right after birth it's not accurate anymore she's probably about well 60s 60s she's flaring and she got a little bit dusky in the loire but I'm about to check us at she's literally like 10 minutes old she's awesome that little food up in the air like Stoica me thank you so much as Chelsea's baby girl Elsie sunburn yes I hope so pretty sure this is a sight maybe I grabbed okay I usually like to do my non-dominant hand in the baby's mouth and then feed with my dominant hand okay so then you put pad side up on the roof of her mouth and just kind of tickle her mouth so she kind of opens it there we go and stick it all the way in till you feel the soft palate of her mouth okay there you go okay then with your other hand you're gonna take the syringe and you're gonna stick it into the corner of her mouth so that the curve goes toward her cheek okay doesn't matter which side nope whichever side is comfortable okay and just give her just a little squirt and watch her reaction we're gonna go she's like oh give her more yeah if she's second you can continue just a little bit at a time look at her and in case you didn't know breast milk is sweet she is awesome if she's taking a break then you take afraid of – yeah she's back at it she's got a good set pattern oh dude yeah and that's a really good that she's able to wrap around your finger which means that she should be awesome yeah I was doing awesome Mike say it from here you think oh I did a little bit to my to came out oh she got it back in there yes he's gonna break I'm not wasting a drop you're the best thank you for video for me yeah you know you're gonna be breastfeeding hi dad no Joseph said this pregnancy's been so hard on me oh my god said I've already done all the wrong words did she kick you yes the things she's gonna probably struggle with the most while she's here is pacing herself and learning to eat you know suck swallowing breathing at the same time okay and premature babies get tired really fast I said that is completely normal but then she goes back at it ain't she a ho okay I got to feed Fresno theater I mean hey mama hey it is 1:30 in the morning I finally fixed myself up oh just hurt I cannot laugh that don't hurt I had Stella at 8:58 p.m. on July 14th 2000 up team so hello Stan how big is she she was 5 pounds 7 ounces and 18 and a half inches long 18 and a half and she's so cute in the 33 weeks she's literally so cute videos and I've been mission on my belly instead I'm just recovering still can't move my legs I can feel a malbet she's coming in in about 20 20 30 minutes to push on me again and it for I'll be able to go see her good to go see her baby yeah I guess of our baby but she's like hell hooked up because of the just because she's early so they got her they're monitoring blood sugar and everything that yes they check her glucose and everything yeah so that's what they're she's breeding them by herself so I'm really hot I'm kind of sweating right now but but you know you did it oh my gosh you're through the champ she's just like a big Nadia minority they were already taking the baby out I was trying to like be remain calm cuz like I was super like I was super tired and I really wanted to cry but I was trying to like be chill I was freaking out honestly but it's like I don't know just having surgery and then not being sleep like that's never happened before I think so just like you have nerve wracking but it was fun I'm hurting a little bit now and a little bit pain but it's a thing it's it's effective and mom Myrna says you just left and he's waiting to see baby girl I had to express the milk so she could have it I'm getting super dizzy I just put a little injection at medicine you're good okay yeah the milk express some milk a little heat is so good you know our parents I didn't do anything I just I was I would literally breathing your hair that's what I did yeah supportive my bruise no Yardbirds what do you wanna tell Stella I love you Stella happy birthday happy birthday is it your final happy happy day of birds happy day of birth some wait days we love you we love you so much

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  1. Congratulations guys, she is a great size for 33 weeks. you two are just so sweet, wishing you 3 the best of health and a speedy recovery momma

  2. Congratulations to you both , I've checked everyday sense last video and praying for baby girl, love you both enjoy that adorable baby.

  3. Oh, my Darling Chelsea, WELL DONE, MUMMY. HUGE Congratulations to you both. Stella is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I am so PROUD of you both. Thank You for sharing such a wonderful, beautiful time in your lives. I’m thrilled for you. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Stella. You’ve got the most amazing Mummy and Daddy. 👶🏼🤱🏼👪💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  4. Congratulations! She is perfect ❤️ Both my babies were born early. 35 weeks 1 day. They are now 21 and 19 and have grown into healthy perfect adults. Time flys. Enjoy these sweet moments

  5. I had my first baby at 33 weeks and 3 days. She was in the NICU for 21 days. I had pre-eclampsia and was living in the hospital (even had my baby shower there 😟) for 3 weeks before she was born bc my blood pressure was so high. I’m happy to say, she hit every milestone and she is now a loving, but bratty, pre-teen (ha!) and everything worked out so great. Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl. She looks just like her mama! Beautiful! Enjoy every minute.

  6. Oh congrats honey that's awesome. She is beautiful. She looked like she was smiling at one point. You are so blessed to have your precious bundle of joy and to have dad right there with you the whole time is a special gift. Don't underestimate your contribution dad. You were great in there. God bless your family. Welcome to the world Stella Sadler.

  7. She looks like a little doll. A little alien doll. (All babies are little smooshed-up aliens to me, no hate.) You done did good, mamabear.

  8. You both are so adorable. Dee is do paccommodating for you. Your love for each other is so sweet. And now your precious Stella. How perfect God's love is for us & how He created us is so perfect. God bless yo u both & your baby girl. Love and blessings 👣👨‍👩‍👧

  9. Congratulations!!!! Stella is beautiful! I also had a NICU baby born at 33 weeks so I’ve been in your shoes. My baby ended up staying for 20 days. She didn’t have any problems breathing or anything like that. She just had to learn how to breathe, suck, and swallow. Hopefully Stella will get to come home sooner! So happy for you all!! Baby’s are a gift from God!

  10. Congratulations mum and dad happy birthday Stella I've been waiting patiently for the announcement I'm so excited for you all. Job well done sending some love from Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️❤️

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Y'ALL!!!!! Welcome to the world baby Stella 👶! The angels sang the day you were born because you are a precious gift from God. Y'all enjoy lovin on her. Hugs from the southeast coast of Florida🌴😎💙😎🌴

  12. Congratulations……I'm so happy for you. I'm glad everything worked out. Stella is beautiful. You are very blessed. 😊

  13. That is so precious!, thank you for letting us watch your beautiful baby girl come into the world. God bless you all!

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