I Have Quadruplets At 17

Hey, I’m Rebecca and even though I am only 18, I already have 4 kids, hard to believe right? Well Here’s how it happened me and my boyfriend Dean. Had our first time when we were 17. We were young and stupid, and a few weeks later… I found out I was pregnant Of course, I was shocked, but to be honest I was also a bit happy about it. Because I’ve always wanted to have kids. And I loved Dean so much. We had the perfect relationship and I thought we would stay together for the rest of our lives. So when the pregnancy test came out positive I immediately went over to Dean’s house to tell him about it. But unfortunately he wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. He started crying and said,” That’s it my life is over.” My parents will never talk to me again. Oh, jesus what a wuss. And to make things worse Dean broke up with me that day. because he said,” He wasn’t ready for a long term relationship.” In that moment I just wanted to break down and cry. But I knew I had to be strong. And at least I had my family to support me. Right? No. When I told them I was pregnant They got so mad. They said I had to learn to take responsibility for my mistakes. And raise my kids on my own. I was devastated. I always thought a family is there to support and care about you. Especially during hard times, but that wasn’t the case with my parents, at the first appointment with my doctor I told him I was 3 months pregnant But then he started to laugh at me. Saying my stomach was way too big. And that I had to be at least 5 months pregnant. He treated me like a stupid little girl. But when he did an ultrasound, he went pale and said, This is incredible!.” “Your carrying 4 babies, your happy QUADRUPLETS!” I thought he was kidding me. But then he turned the monitor so I could see and there were definetely 4 babies. Apparently it’s very rare to conceive quadruplets naturally, but it happens. Well I almost had a panic attack, because how was I supposed to raise 4 little babies without my parents support? And my ex-boyfriend acting like a baby himself. Well my babies were born by C-section on my 18th birthday. Because the doctor said it will be too dangerous to try for a natural birth, but the moment I saw my 4 daughters, I fell in love they were perfect and Dean came to see me in the hospital and said he wanted us to “try again” at first he was a great dad, everyday after school he’d come to my home to help with our babies but as time went on he started making excuses that it was too stressful and now I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks, I guess. Our relationship is over, he’s just too immature to take responsibility, he’d rather play video games than take care of his own kids, I don’t even know what I ever saw in him he was always irresponsible and never made any plans for his future now that I have quadruplets it’s impossible to go without stopping me every 5 minutes to talk about them people are always asking me if my babies are natural and one guy once asked “What I’d done in my previous life to end up with quadruplets.” Ugh, what a jerk, however the worst thing is that my daughters are growing up without a father. For months I hoped.. Dean would call to say sorry for running away. But he never did, I guess it’s easier for a guy to leave his family than it is for a girl because I could never abandon my 4 babies but I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me because I’m very lucky after my kids were born my parents changed their minds and now they really love their grand-daughters. My mom even quit her job to look after them while I go to college to get a degree my babies have brought our whole family much closer together. And it’s so cute seeing my dad singing songs to them or mom playing peek-a-boo, one last thing please don’t think raising a baby is easy It’s not! And I’ve got four of them, even though their almost one they don’t sleep through the night so I never get more than five hours sleep and changing diapers for 4 babies isn’t exactly fun either. The biggest surprise was how expensive it is to have babies currently I’m spending $700 on each baby per month that’s &2,800 in total just for my daughters! That’s also why my parents also made me get a weekend job. So I could contribute financially, but it only pays $200 a week and if it wasn’t for my parents helping me I wasn’t sure if I could survive this I mean I’m still waiting for Dean to get a job he can so he can finally start paying child support if he won’t spend time with his girls he should at least pay some of their expenses It’s not fair when a family has to do everything but still even if Dean still isn’t there for his children I’m stunned by how many people have helped me my uncle even flew all the way from Europe to America just to see my little babies and he had some very generous gifts for me and my kids this story is a big thank you to my family you were there for me when I needed you most even though at first It was hard for my parents to accept that their 17 year old daughter was pregnant they overcame their issues and have been the best granparents ever. I love you mum and dad thank you for watching and I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments and please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel.

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  1. Hey, this is a re-upload because last time Youtube demonetised this video. That's why we cut out one (s€x) scene to make it more "advertiser friendly" 🙄.
    ヽ(ー_ー ) ノ

  2. Okay like I don't understand why parent's get so mad over that I mean I personality hate teen moms but if my child was like 15 or 16 then I'd be more helpful and supostive but still mad. I mean I'd be more pissed if my child was like only 13 or 14 !!!

  3. Girl:im preg…
    Guy: let me finish this round real quick
    Girl:pause it
    Guy:you cant pause online
    Girl:*bends over bakwards and shoots 40 babys at him*
    guy:ill go get the milk
    never comes back

  4. This is why you don’t have sex until marriage. Babies will have a mother and father because the two are committed for life.
    Also, married people are better off financially. Glad she kept the babies.

  5. If I got pregnant at 17 with only one baby my mom would support me because she got pregnant at 17 so If I ever do I won’t be scared or I hope so

  6. you know that man that stopped rebecca to ask her how she got herself pregnant? he had a girl next to him that looked awfully like someone else from another share my story

  7. 0:53 wow she is kind of a dick, if someone is scared, don’t call them a wus especially if it’s your own boyfriend who is scared and may have anxiety

  8. At 3:31 i saw seqid waurd at the picture and at the begging of the video the girl said she was 18 but after the video she said she was 17 and at the thumb nail

  9. That is so amazing and I'm so happy for you and you and your kid I hope you guys get more money in my life and I hope your boyfriend come back for you that's all I say the first time you are stupid never ever do that in your life like don't get pregnant cuz you need to relax like you're 26 or 27 somewhere like that you can get pregnant or you can go marry yeah but never do that again love you😊😊😊😋😋😍😍😍😍😂😘🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍

  10. Honestly can she really be that upset at Dean tho? He's just a kid, and what do you expect him to do? At least he tried. Most guys woulda dropped everything and ran.

  11. 0:23 Oh my good gosh…She fell in that deep to a point where she was shocked AND HAPPY!?!

    Kids if you are watching this…Don't fall pregnant if you are a teenager or younger ok…I swear your partner is gonna leave you…PLUS your not even supposed to be in a relationship unless you're 16+ alright ..Now you see because some idiots think other wise and shag the other person … Look at the consequences. I swear if I told my mom that I'm gonna be a PARENT at the age of 13..SHE'D BLOODY SLAP ME ACROSS THE WORLD!!! Just don't……DON'T do anything you will regret later on. Trust me. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!

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