I Let My Kids Dress Me For A Week

– What?
(quiet yay) (cute electronic music)
– Whatcha got there? Hello, darling humans, I’m Hannah, and I haven’t quite figured out what I’m gonna do to intro this. But in the last couple
of videos we’ve done, we post a number that you guys can text me to say any ideas that you
have for future episodes, and it was very clear
what you guys wanted, and so we’re gonna give it to you today. I let my kids dress me for a whole week. It was very fun, it was very
weird, and I learned a lot. So first, as always, I needed
to lay some ground rules, most importantly so I
didn’t get arrested in this experiment for, like, public
indecency or something. First rule was I needed
to be fully clothed. There was going to be no
underwear in place of pants, or bathing suit tops in place of shirts, or underwear on my head as a hat. Because I have two boys,
they think it’s very funny. So second, I tried to give them equal opportunity to each choose an outfit for those of you who understand what life is like with two boys. There’s a lot of conflict around sharing, so I just straight up delegated days to each kid so that it
wasn’t an hour of them like, arguing over who got to pick what. And third, I had to do
this for seven days, and I had to follow through
with whatever outfit they chose, within reason, and I
immediately regretted that. (laughs) Day one of these boys
picking out my clothes. So day one, I decided
Jaxon would pick my outfit because he’s pretty stylish, he likes to dress himself, he kind of knows how to coordinate outfits, and that day, I happened to have a friend in town who was visiting and so I was taking her to the Getty Villa in Malibu, and we were gonna be around a lot of people because it’s a big tourist attraction. So right off the bat, he picks the top, and he chooses this off the shoulder kind of billowy, flowy,
pink and black tie-dyed top that I actually just
bought recently and I love. That shirt? Okay. What he chose for the bottoms were these children’s Old
Navy size large shorts that I’d gotten at a
children’s thrift store and they are baby blue
with white polka dots. Oh my God.
– Now get dressed! (Hannah laughs) – I looked like a spotted, deranged Oompa Loompa in this outfit. I keep forgetting that I’m wearing this and people keep staring at me and I think that they’re staring at my hair and then I realize it’s …
just this. (her friend giggles) Let me tell you no one was
looking at the art that day. They were looking at my outfit. That was a pretty ridiculous way to start out the experiment. It was kind of like my worst fears all coming true on day one. So, day two, I gave Jaxon
a chance to redeem himself. We needed a do-over, so
he chose a really cute romper that I love and actually gave me a hoodie to wear too, which I was excited about because it
was chilly out that day. So I left the house feeling very happy in my cute romper until
I remembered one thing. I totally forgot that today I have a doctor’s appointment, and TMI, but it’s a female doctor’s appointment where you have to undress
from the waist down. You girls out there know the struggle of trying to, like, pee in a romper. You have to just take everything off and like get completely
naked in the stall. I was about to have to do
that in the doctor’s office. So I have a t-shirt that I’m gonna bring into the office to change when they ask me to take my clothes
off from the waist down. And as if it’s not awkward enough to go to like the lady doctor, it would’ve been so much more awkward if she came back in the room and I was like, “Hey, it’s me, naked.” So day two, you know,
it was a cute outfit. It’s just when you’re having someone else pick out your clothes,
they’re not thinking of what your day is going to be, especially when they’re five years old. So day three, Jaxon’s choice once again. I think he was in kind of a weird mood because he chose this random t-shirt for me to wear, and it’s
like a yellow t-shirt with a girl on a motorcycle, and it says Motorcycle: put something
exciting between your legs. He doesn’t know how to read! And then he chose these kinda silly floral shorts to pair with it. – This is what you should wear. – Those? All right. We don’t have much of
a dress code at work, and it’s pretty casual because it’s a creative environment and we’re allowed to kind of like wear
what makes us comfortable but this was just like, I felt weird walking in the door, but luckily, that day, Jaxon was
coming to work with me, and he decided, for
himself, he wanted to wear some Halloween costume
werewolf hands to work with me. I got a weird kid, what can I say. So at least we looked ridiculous together. Rolling up on day four, I don’t know what to expect at this point,
it was Wyatt’s choice today. So first he tried to choose the romper that I’d already worn, but I vetoed that because I figured this experiment is best with seven separate outfits. So instead, he chose a jumpsuit that I bought on sale
online without trying on and then it arrived and it fit, then the second I washed it, it shrank, and it was like way too tight.
Way too tight! Since it was really tight, if I wore any underwear under it, it would’ve shown. So I had no choice but to go commando and with that being said,
I had to tie a sweater around my waist to avoid
any cameltoe mishaps, ’cause I was going to work in this. Leave it to Wyatt to almost make me expose all of my parts to everybody at work. So day five was finally the first collaborative effort between both kids, and they actually ended
up dressing me head to toe because they got so involved in this, they decided they had to pick my shoes. So Jaxon and Wyatt collectively chose this really beautiful blue dress that I really enjoy wearing and then Jaxon just had to pull out
some sort of wild card. – These I want you to wear. – That dress and my PJ shorts. According to Jaxon, you can’t
wear a dress without bottoms. Don’t know where he’s getting these fashion rules, but he ended up choosing the most bulky pair of pajama shorts I own for me to wear under it. It was a very bulky day.
Very bulky day. How do you like my outfit, Jaxon? Do you still like it?
– Good. – Good?
Let’s see what Daddy thinks. Dee, what do you think of my outfit? – I love it. – So day six, almost at the end, and day six was straight
up Wyatt’s time to shine. And I think he had
spent the past five days really thinking about what he wanted because the second I told him he could choose my outfit, he just bolted to this random knit poncho that I’ve had hanging in my closet for years. This?
– This. – This poncho?
Okay. Oh yeah, jump on it, and make sure it’s nice and worn in, right? He ends up deciding on some
denim cutoffs to pair with it. I looked like I was ready for
an evening Coachella show. Whoo-hoo, Coachella! My kids are gonna look
back on this and watch it and be like, holy crap,
Mom, you’re embarrassing. – Kendrick Lamar on the main stage! I just realized that this whole experiment with having my kids dress me has forced me to wake up a lot earlier because usually I just like throw on whatever the first thing I grab is, out
of my closet, but they actually like to take their
time choosing my outfits, so I’m exhausted, I’m really tired. So day seven, the grand finale. I decided that I wanted you guys to experience this with me live, so today is actually my day seven outfit. It is brought to you 100% by Jaxon. He dressed me head to toe this time, and I think he kinda wanted
to go out with a bang because he was very adamant about picking something a little more formal for me and kept saying, “Mom, you gotta look nice,
you gotta look nice.” and today, I got a lot of
compliments from my coworkers. – Oh, damn, Hannah.
– [Hannah] What? – You look super cute. I don’t know if I just
generally dress crappy or if this past week
has been so ridiculous. You know, Jaxon dressed me. (happy squeal) – Oh my God, can he dress me?
(laughing) He’s styling. – So after a week of like
really all over the place outfits, real hit and
misses, Jaxon comes through on day seven, and I feel
really good about myself. I don’t know how to model. What do you do with your hands? So what did I learn this week? Well, I actually learned a whole lot more than I thought I would. First and foremost, I need
to clean out my dang closet. The fact that these items like the poncho, the jumpsuit, and the polka dot shorts were in my closet and in my drawers, that’s on me, that’s my fault. The second thing I learned is that I could afford to spend some more
time choosing my outfits. I think a lot of you moms
out there can also relate. The morning is mostly spent making sure that my children are
fully clothed and dressed and then I’m kind of an afterthought, but I realized I go to work, I see people, I need to look presentable. So it’s important for me to
spend some time on myself and my outfit and make sure that I feel confident and look nice. And the final thing I learned is that I don’t give a crap
what anyone else thinks, and that is something that I’ve noticed– (bird caws)
Hello. And the thing thing that I learned is that I don’t give a crap
what anyone else thinks of me. (bird caws)
What?! And this is something that I’ve realized since having kids, you’re so concerned about all this other stuff,
what other people think of you, and how other people are seeing you, is kind of your last priority as a parent but being at the Getty,
wearing that ridiculous outfit, having everybody
staring at me, was fine. I mean, I had to keep reminding myself that I was wearing something weird, and that’s why everyone was looking, because I didn’t even
notice and I did not care. So if you are a parent and you’re not feeling the most confident, have your kid dress you for a day, go out in public, and just be like, “Screw you, everybody, “this is what I’m wearing and I’m happy.” So that’s all I got for today. I’m Hannah and I absolutely loved trying this, I loved this idea. I love hearing what you guys wanna see so please send me more
ideas, leave them in the comments or text me,
this is a real number. I read every text, I
don’t reply to all of them because I get a lot, but I do read every text that you guys send, and I love hearing what
you guys wanna see. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go change into sweatpants and a t-shirt. (laughs) ‘Cause that’s me.
‘Til next time! Can you smile, Wyatt? (gentle jazzy music) Oh yeah, you have the best smile.

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