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  1. Oh My God Girls. You are absolutely hilarious. Watched your full series in 2 days. You know how hard it is to quietly, hilariously laugh while honey sleeps next to you? Wish you were coming closer to Torrington Ct. Congrats on your success. Keep Calm and Mom On. Pass the wine.

  2. I was so tired I was afraid of my baby while she was breastfeeding because I kept hallucinating that she was evil

  3. YESSSSS!!! When you're wondering wtf is wrong with you after the baby is born, someone needs to tell you this is normal. Thank you for putting this into words AND making us laugh.

  4. I had PP anxiety too and my poor husband couldn't go to the bathroom because I would cry like I really thought he wouldn't come back from the shitter 😂

  5. Ha-ha! Wish I had you two back when mine were being born! Hey, I'm trying to find the one that mentions what YOUR parents (Dads?) were like but I can't find it! Can anyone help?

  6. Two weeks after my son was born, it was Christmas. We got home from my parent’s house and I burst into tears in the driveway and told my husband I needed my mom. He graciously drove right back to my parent’s house and I sat on my childhood bed sobbing with my mom and lamenting how I had ruined my husband’s life by having a kid.
    Hormones are bananas!!!!! Don’t abandon those friends who have babies.
    Our second baby is due this spring and I’m gearing up and preparing how to handle a newborn and a 4 year old.

  7. This is me right now!!! I’m 4 weeks in with our first baby – he’s amazing but these first few weeks are so hard – loooove that you made this video!! Yes – #PPDWTF

  8. Yes! I love the part where you said you love this little thing sooooo much and all you're thinking about is all the ways it could die. That sums up the last 7 months of my life!

  9. First time mom + new baby+ dad that has to travel for work+ family living hours away+ not sleeping + baby not latching leading to pumping+ gd hormones+ being shamed at the hospital by a nurse+ isolation= one emotional/ anxious wreck/shell of a person I used to be. I was so happy, yet so miserable, that I often had to hide how upset and disconnected I really was. Now 10 months later I feel much better and connected again with my little one. God bless those who are still struggling with PPD! You are not alone, and it is completely normal!

  10. Come over and play with my baby while I sleep for 3 uninterrupted hours please. That would be the best friend!

  11. Omg I thought I was gonna hit my kid's head on the door jam all the time!!! Then I got my husband thinking it too. Lol! I thought I was crazy.

  12. This made me ugly cry, and I'm like 3 years post partum lol. So much truth to this video. Love it. Thanks ladies.

  13. Ah, I am a mother of 4 kids age 2 to 6. I have gone through this 4 times… You speak the truth ladies!

  14. oMgosh! Thanks so much. I needed to hear this. even though my babies are 7and 4. I still struggle with anxiety and deppresion. I love you guys.

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