there you go yeah I'm still a girl once a month man I know for sure when my body takes on its vengeance a period but let me start a new sentence I'm used to this I've been a girl for a while so I know I can handle heavy flow like that now I've been through all the blood sweat and tears oh sweet oh I've been a woman for the past eight years here's the story it off right it when I was 13 oh my god how's it don't get my pants dry clean let me tell you all the ways you can stop the leak to save you from a blown second left oh we you do wear black clothes black pants black but any thick one big ones the guy you stole from your granny dually then cover up your cheeks with a jacket or even suck your pants make your booty look massive one tad poop at three packbow gotta find the right size to talk to overflow you know a lot of girls wear the wrong size Patrick 2% every month the back of an 80 out of every hundred girls week every month I do you watch show you what wait I'll meet need to clean up wait no no no no I'm good I'm always good because I use the always my fit sizing chart that you can find on top of every always packed to find the perfect pad thick that best protects your flow no idea does matter just like you didn't know I'm a rapper oh it's something else man I love to dance especially on my period but wearing white pants most girls don't what I'm wearing my fit so comfortable I've been doing the split back to the air to the mop it dies oh it's perfection every time you ride rough border then you crisp build-a-bride from working the date through the twerk at night like six get ya dry don't dry dry repenting so white and my period is going and let me tell you no sign of overflowing no more fear no sleep no dressage oh my god I think I love to you messes so much I could do this every mine yes what why why why this is too much I can do it sick any warm up to that you just threw up something


  1. The people who disliked are girls who are on their periods right now, and their boyfriends who have to deal with their mood swings😂😂 I love this rap though

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