I Told My Ex Boyfriend That I'm Pregnant With His Child And This Happened…

I might feel like I'll miss you but you know that gesture action it's just like you understand me and that's why I'm so attached and yeah I'll fuck with gang but it's just really when it's sex but this money don't be nice to be told you all I got when I won't you pull up on us in that tent by the way you wet what's up you swish it girlie and I'm back with another video yes I'm not your pal you wondering where she gets us today what she can do away with your scene for gonna do well yeah let me tell y'all what I'm gonna do so I know you're not a miniature not on the best terms right now whatever so clearly you know we broke it up and you know even go out do it or whatever but that doesn't mean that I still can't do my videos my regular days that I want to do so you know what doesn't mean I can't prank him so right so I'm gonna prank him this is that grant thing to do um I'm just chilling right now well I'm gonna get ready gonna rock XPS I do this but true is on his way over here because he left some his stuff here but he got a pickup there since he left her clothes and then he let the pair of his shoes over here so he on his way to come get that stuff and um anyways I'm gonna go ahead and head out what I'm gonna do what progress into our human so I I'm pregnant yes okay anything stop playing so I often eat yummy I'm pregnant um and I'm gonna probably wonder why she from didn't you should not bring me well okay this one I feel good so one of my friend is this really pregnant I had her piona pregnancy this cuz I didn't have time to order pretty pissed off an Amazon a fake one or whatever and it take two fucking weeks to get here whatever cuz I'm not an Amazon Prime member so I just had my friend pee on it um hey she's like four months pregnant so um I just got a double one from the double spoon whatever and I had her pee and it will not peel me you gotta like pee in a cup and then took this little thing and drop yo PD on the I would have so I had heard there for me yeah it says okay so to us it's pregnant oh yeah casita to us I see it okay yeah I mean clearly it works because she's really pregnant so she's for my spanking so clearly it works but um he's on his way over here and B you should be her in the Mimi I might not him the 60 she'll probably texted me asking me P it's gonna pull up whatever or if you I'm not sure but you have been asking where I asked you out what videos job want to see me do and it was either yeah and I heard tutorial or yeah I was like oh I should do a prank on him or a story talk and I was like when I was going over Harris for you but I was gonna do it storytime actually about how I lost my v cronic and I probably make them my next video but I want to give you out a banker you got so far I think you know something is interesting sup this day Jack you're really watching get an so so I don't know how he really gonna react tell us about his reaction oh how he's gonna react I think he don't be surprised he probably not gonna believe me at first if I could be like oh was so cheap little whatever you take another one little does he know it really works Bank because my friend is really pregnant like I said sir from is pregnant she go check the test and it's a wonder see you twice hey it's me o-positive to lies right there the second I see it yeah and she took it and no so hey Burt so what happened do is oh my gosh how are your French Molly's the camp down I'm sorry I'm breathing out harness you're not me running up and down the stairs you know it so much anyways Apotex down and I'm gonna be like um let me just say are you almost here I have to be at work six okay I just take them so I'm gonna have to respond acha see I take through no loser he time oh shit let me get off that got my trade things oh really she liked it okay he said yeah I just caught up can you see okay okay um I'm gonna come unlock the door okay yeah I'm gonna turn the camera off and then I'm gonna set it up and you're not gonna start it again but before I do that well I'm doing it I'm gonna go I like the door saying come see come over so yeah but before I do that make sure you smash the like button cuz it's gonna be a banker Pirie get Leah gang all day every day um make sure you give this video a thumbs up comment down below and also comments more videos yeah I'm gonna see you could be anything hair tutorial story times whatever whatever whatever y'all want to see comment down below let me know um but yeah then again make sure you subscribe to my channel some not subscribe and if you still watching this video and it was like I like the five six minutes its way you still watching you haven't still subscribe what are you doing subscribe to my channel period but I'll let you out man let's go ahead and get to the video alright job I actually knew the location of the camera cuz I don't think I'll be able to see when I'm setting up for him so I'll put it like this look everything I got my walk so I've been 60 maybe like the door is unlocked for you so you can just come in so I'm just gonna be waiting to be come here I'm just waiting camera going that zombie brushing started I must let me know please he said I so hopefully just chill up they really help it but calm down Bob let's grab my – well you get you nervous I don't know what you got in there but I know some stuff in there you gonna keep it in a bear you know I need a bag yeah bring a bag hmm you'll be the mayor we left you laughing right now but I need you to be serious rages I understand okay so do you have any word on this been important you can take I just told you it was serious waiting like that I'm listening though I got – it's nothing you can look at it and you can look at the box it's funny it's not fitting yes it is how would you pray let me see the box it's nothing where's the car the car is like it's ready to break its my fake that's a real pretty suggest you didn't take you with me because I'm so but I mean if you feel like you is I don't think you should I mean that's kind of because we both should know much the same time was there well I didn't think I don't care what no I just didn't even think to ask you to tell you well I mean we were arguing stuff so why would you want to you said you didn't want to talk to me so why would I ask you I mean if you don't want to be back together that's fine I mean how are you feeling are you like are you like I mean it's curly complaint have we broken it relationships a relationship kind of friendship you say a relationship so sure I mean I know what to do wait we're closed the same thing but it is real test are you it's a prank though I said I would be a baby daddy on camera oh you why you target you okey you believe it you did an idea I'll turn the mouse I don't know how your racing will be but I mean camera that's right you'll love it I'm sure I did you I know you right now you know just for this clip ready to come in south you know me again all day every day I already know but I did get you so even got together and I think I'm gonna leave with the pranks now so you can just give it up you can retire if he wants it forever and nobody will be mad at you know how I feel that's why I did it your brain you know what is cool I just got you think with this one no but anyway that's the end of this video make sure you smash like boy comment down below subscribe my channel thing I'm not ready and Lea gang true man he walking out the door yeah you do anyways I'm Kate on this video

38 Replies to “I Told My Ex Boyfriend That I'm Pregnant With His Child And This Happened…”

  1. Sabryn really my sis you got my support through the rest of ya career period๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  2. Yโ€™all should try to work it out. Even tho Trill aggy af sometimes ik he loved you and ik you love him. And I love yโ€™all together ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ’™

  3. Hi good prank you should be glad he was ready to be a daddy i think you be good mommy too hope you two stop all this and get together already ! Love โค YOU. HAPPY โ˜บ ๐Ÿจ โ˜บ HAPPY

  4. man yall really need to get back to together no matter what ,yall still would make a good couple and thats periodttttt sis

  5. Just subscribed to your channel and that part where you had your girl pissed in the pregnancy test had me dead but you wilding out lmao chill with the bullshit, get back with Trill and start mad fresh from it!

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