i Trapped GAME MASTER Spy and TOOK OFF his MASK! (Face Reveal using Ninja Gadgets and Clues)

– Hey ZamFam! It’s Rebecca
and I am with Matt right now and I am so nervous
because we are about to go and trap Pumpkin Patch. You guys know we have
been trying to figure out who exactly Pumpkin
Patch is and I hope today we will be able to do a face reveal and finally take off his mask. – You guys saw us train
with the spy gadgets and now we’re gonna put them to the test. – There is a lot of pressure today. This is basically, like an
escape room in real life but if for some reason
we do something wrong, Pumpkin Patch might escape and we will not figure out who Pumpkin Patch is. We are about to arrive at
the dog bakery where we saw a note that said that Pumpkin Patch was supposed to be meeting someone. We’re hoping to get there
before they get there so we can set up all
of the hidden cameras, all of the spy gadgets, and finally trap him. Okay ZamFam, so we’re here. Now let’s take a look at
all the spy gadgets we have. So we have all the stuff
that we practiced with, we have the walkie-talkies, water bottle, you guys remember this with the hidden camera, this spy device so we can hear conversations
that Pumpkin Patch is having. We have wigs to disguise us, as well as sunglasses, and mine have the mirrors so I can see who’s behind me. and we have a ton of
GoPros that we’re gonna put throughout there, with hidden cameras, so we can see where Pumpkin
Patch is at all times. And finally, we have a trip wire and a net. The trip wire will let us know when Pumpkin Patch is
coming near and the net, we can put on top to finally trap him. So give this video a thumbs up if you think we are going to
successfully trap him today. I’m just so excited! Testing, hello? Alright, I’m putting this one, and Matt, take the other one. We have to go fast because
we have to set this all up before Pumpkin Patch
arrives and we don’t know exactly when that’s gonna be. Matt, do you think we should
put our disguises on now? – [Matt] Absolutely. – Here’s your wig. We’re gonna be brunettes today. – I don’t like puttin’ on wigs – But, – In this case, I’m down for it. – It’s worth it. – What about your shirt? – I didn’t bring another shirt. You guys, I’m just gonna
have to make sure my shirt does not show because I’m pretty sure ZamFam will definitely give it away. Comment below if you guys like our disguises, if you think we look different, and if you think I should be a brunette, – You gonna dye your hair?
– in real life. – Do I look like I’m disguised? – Yeah. Thumbs up for good luck you guys. – Alright
– Let’s go in. So, there are people inside, so when we are putting
the hidden cameras up, we don’t want them to see or notice that we’re doing anything. So we have to be very sly. So, Matt has been here before. I have never been here. I don’t know what to expect. It’s like a hidden room. I think we should put one
of the GoPros in there Matt. – [Matt] Actually, saw
Pumpkin Patch in here before – Really? – [Matt] Yep. – Okay, let’s do it. – Where do you think the
best place to put it is Matt? – Okay, so when I saw him in here earlier, he was going through these stacking boxes. So I think maybe like, something up here, to kind of cover everything. – Okay, yeah
– Is that okay? – [Rebecca] Yeah, let’s do it – Do you guys have a GoPro? Comment in the comment section down below. Right here. – [Rebecca] We need to cover it so – It looks pretty obvious, correct.
– you can’t see it, yeah – Okay. – [Rebecca] There. – Maybe like, just don’t need anybody to see us in here. – We need to find out the next
place to put a hidden camera. Okay, so we just have
to act normal you guys. Look, we’re just like looking at cards. – [Matt] Yeah, we’re normal customers. – No one would know what
we’re really doing, shh. I really need a ton of
dog food for all my dogs. Okay. Look, like right here, because then we could get a
shot of the bakery over there. – Just a normal person up here. – [Rebecca] You look so ridiculous. Comment below if you like Matt’s disguise. I think that we really need
to put one in the aisle because I know you told me Pumpkin Patch goes in the aisles a ton. – [Matt] Yeah – And I want to know what
he’s doing in the aisle Maybe if we set one up like, I don’t know, where do you think Matt? If you were a spy, where would you put this
hidden camera in this aisle? What about here? Does that work? Oh look, a scooper for a cat, just what I wanted. Okay, let’s do this. – This is probably the most
important hidden camera because we’re gonna know
exactly who’s coming in and out of the front of the store. – [Rebecca] I wonder if
it’s gonna be everyone from the secret meeting? Don’t be obvious Matt. So we have all of the hidden
cameras set up down here but we have a ton more spy gadgets so where do you think we should go next? – [Matt] There’s a room upstairs. I think it’s his office. – His office? We definitely need to set up some of the spy gadgets up there. The water bottle, – [Matt] Yes.
– that’s also a hidden camera. – [Matt] Perfect – He’ll have no idea. Okay, where is it? – [Matt] It’s upstairs. – There’s people there, so we’re just gonna walk
by like no big deal. Are we allowed to get up there? – [Matt] I don’t think so.
You just gotta sneak by them. – So we have sneak up
to this top secret room. We can’t let them know. We have to play it very cool, kinda be like ninjas, and hopefully it works. – [Matt] She just passed that.
– Okay. – [Matt] It’s fine, go. – We made it you guys. We are gonna place the
hidden camera water bottle up here so we can see
exactly what he is doing. You guys, look. These were the bouncy balls
that Pumpkin Patch used, and this was on Peanut, Matt. – [Matt] It’s the same exact thing – Yeah, we’ve had clues inside of this when we were geocaching. These were the pumpkin puzzles that we found in the abandoned prison. Oh my gosh, the cloak! – [Matt] It’s a cloak
from the secret meeting. – This box, you guys have
seen this box before. Comment below where you have seen this. What’s this? – [Matt] That’s the same
thing that was in the pumpkin, that’s what he pulled out, remember that? – Yeah. Matt, – [Matt] What is it? – It’s you! – [Matt] That’s my tag and
everything from Instagram – Wait, so this is a privacy cover so people can’t see you on a laptop. What if Pumpkin Patch
was giving this to you? – [Matt] That would make more sense. What if the game master’s
using our laptops to spy on us? – Oh my god.
– [Matt] Also, look at that. That’s the same camera that
we found above our house. – It’s like a surveillance camera, just in case, let’s cover it. – [Matt] Yeah. – Okay. – [Matt] Good call. – Okay, we don’t have a lot of time, – Okay. – [Matt] We don’t know what
time Pumpkin Patch is coming. Let’s set everything up
here and get out, okay? – Okay. So, I’m thinking, you guys remember this water bottle has a secret hidden camera right here. We used this in Hawaii and we found out that the game master was actually, under the table that room
service had pushed in. So, I’m thinking if he’s here, in case he has a laptop or anything, we put this casually, like right here. – [Matt] That looks like it fits. – It just looks like a water bottle. – [Matt] Oh, not to be dramatic, Merry Christmas? – You guys, let me know if
you think this is a clue. You guys remember the
riddle about something coming at the next month? That’s December, and
Christmas is in December. We still have to set up
the net and the trip wire before Pumpkin Patch gets back. Okay, so for the last and final trap, so we can get Pumpkin Patch
and take off his mask, and figure out who he is, is you guys know this net, you saw Matt prank me when we set this up and made me think that
the Game Master was there, when it was just him. Thanks a lot Matt.
– [Matt] Hey, I gotch ya. – But at least now we
know how to use this. Now, you guys saw that we tried
using a tree and pulling it. I’m afraid that this might not
be enough for Pumpkin Patch because Pumpkin Patch is so tall. – [Matt] That’s a good point. – Yeah, so I think I’m just
gonna throw it over him, if I stand over here. And then we’re gonna set
up a trip wire right here, so that when he, Pumpkin Patch is here.
– No. – [Rebecca] Pumpkin
Patch is here, come on. Wait, we haven’t set it up yet. Pumpkin Patch is here. – [Matt] Put it back, put it back. – We gotta go in. We gotta, we gotta follow him. Thumbs up if you think we are actually gonna trap Pumpkin Patch and all
of this is gonna work. I need to put on these sunglasses. – [Matt] Yes. – I’ll be able to look at him with my head turned and he won’t know it’s me. – Oh, Pumpkin Patch just walked in there. – [Matt] Look and see if he’s still there. – Okay. – [Matt] Be careful. – It looks like he’s stacking boxes. He’s talking to someone. I wonder if that’s someone
in the Game Master, but they don’t have a mask on. Just pretend we’re getting something. He’s going that way. I can see him in my glasses. Just pretend like we’re
just a normal customer. – [Matt] Upstairs, he’s going upstairs. – He’s going upstairs to his office. Okay you guys, now’s our chance. It says he’s meeting
someone outside in the back, Matt, in ten minutes. That means we can set up the net. We still have the water
bottle hidden camera up here. We can go set up the net
and trip wire outside and trap him when he comes out. We gotta go. Come on. So you guys heard, we have ten minutes, probably less now to set
up the net and trip wire. – Tie it right up here, right here. Here’s the bell. Should be enough weight on here. – [Rebecca] Hurry. Okay. – Perfect, now you know
exactly when to throw the net. – The trip wire is set
up and I have this net, and essentially, when Pumpkin
Patch goes into the trip wire, I will take this net and
throw it on top of him. Wait a sec, I just thought about this, Pumpkin Patch said he was
coming out in the back but what if he goes out in the front? We have everything set up here, but if he goes out the
front, he’s gonna escape. What should we do? – [Matt] I should go out the front. – Okay, so you take the
front and I’ll take the back. Okay, so we have our walkie-talkies. Matt you go to the front. I’ll be back here and
we’ll let each other know when Pumpkin Patch comes out. – [Matt] Sounds good. – Alright, be careful. – There is a good possibility
that Pumpkin Patch is gonna go out the front door. So let’s make sure that he’s not. – You guys, I think Pumpkin
Patch is coming out right now. I have to let Matt know. Matt, Pumpkin Patch is coming my way, he’s not coming front. Come to the back. He’s coming out. Matt. Matt. I said Pumpkin Patch
is coming out the back. Oh my gosh, I can’t get a hold of Matt. You guys, I don’t know what’s
happening. Matt’s not there. I gotta do this though, Okay. Pumpkin Patch is coming. Alright, wish me luck you guys. Thumbs up this video if you
think I’m gonna trap him. I got you Pumpkin Patch. I’m taking off your mask. – No! – Three, two, one! Rocky?

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  2. i saw the game master behind matt when he was going to the frount i evan pased the video to make sure that was the game master and it was😲😲😮

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