I Tried Thinx Period Panties

Usually I’m an alto my period is a baritone I am on my period *shriek* Hello friends, and welcome to another video This week, we are going to be trying out the THINX Period Panties You guys can’t see these things because I’ve hidden them moderately well but there is a pimple sprouting above my eyebrow and the top button of my pants is already undone because I’m on my period That’s right, I started early this morning I’m not a morning person, but apparently my period is. The THINX period panties have been out for a little while And they are advertised basically as just normal underwear that can replace a pad or act as a panty liner on a really heavy day. They have different pairs of panties, like they have more heavy-duty ones, for your more heavier flow days.. And they also have a thong just for the lighter days. I have made people try period panties for a video before, but I have never tried period panties myself, and I am very excited to do so, in front of all you wonderful people. Day one of my period is pretty much over, and as you guys know, I have a seven-day period. Most of my bleeding happens on days one, two, and three Four, and five are kind of, like medium, and then six and seven are just like, spurts I’ve been a tampon user since I was about sixteen, so I’m really excited to try something new this month and get my claws into these panties. So I got these three pairs of period panties A hip hugger, a sport, and a thong I have really high hopes. I’ve heard good things. It’s suppose to feel dry and comfortable and you don’t have to worry about changing a tampon or changing out a pad. I’m just really excited to try these guys out and see if Thinx is worth it, lives up to the hype, and if this is a magical period product that everyone should honestly have It is very late at night, so I’m about to go to bed I am going to wear one of these guys to sleep tonight high stakes, hopefully i don’t ruin the sheets, that would be very sad time to put my first pair of period panties on! i’m going to start with the hip hugger; the hip hugger is thirty-four bucks and it’s suppose to hold about two tampons worth i’m going to try and put them on one-handed here’s the hip huggers from the front here’s the hip huggers from the back let’s, um, out these guys on okay, so they feel really soft; they do feel a little bit like swimwear i got the size medium you could definitely tell there’s a lining around the crotchal area it feels a little more secure than i thought it might they are on! on the outside they feel a lot like a swimsuit bottom but they are pretty comfortable on the inside; they do feel mostly like normal underwear they fit a little tight around my legs openings, but that makes sense ‘cause you wanna like have everything contained i’m a huge fan of the fact that they have this, kind of like, mesh, at the top the mesh waistband is super comfortable it says it holds two tampons worth, so I say, let’s just get into it! I am not going to put any towel down because I like to live dangerously also ignore the fact that my sheets are extremely wrinkly I’m about to turn in for the night and I just felt something drop here’s to hopin’ I can keep it in my panties okay, bye guys, guess what? there’s nothing on the sheets! i feel pretty dry, I wouldn’t say I feel a hundred percent desert dry I’m gonna shower and put on the other pair, but i’m gonna have to wash these cause I’m gonna have to wear these again later today or tonight I think my biggest issue is just gonna be I’m gonna have to be doing laundry a lot. Maybe I should’ve bought more underwear So I just took off the hip huggers that I slept in and threw them in the laundry. While those guys are being washed, let’s go for the sport panty. It’s thirty-two dollars a pair and it hold about one and a half tampons worth Oh my God, did you see on the front it says ‘real menstruating human’? Too bad they didn’t know that I am not human, I am dancer This is the sport panty from the front,
and this is the sport panty from the back this one is the same material as the last one, it does feel a little less thick, but I can still feel the lining on the inside So these guys are suppose to hold one and a half tampons worth, so that should last me for a good few hours So I’m actually doing a photoshoot right now and my period panties are holding up very well I will say though that I was sitting down and I was so nervous that the underwear would, like, shift a little and it would leak out from the sides, but so far, so good (two hours later) I may have run into a disaster um, I think I underestimated my flow and I haven’t had a chance to go home and my panties have runnith over I couldn’t really tell that I had filled it up until I went to the bathroom and realized that the blood had soaked through to the other side crap I can’t go home to get the other pair for a couple of hours They said this one is suppose to be only be one and a half tampons worth which should be enough for like a few hours for me, but maybe day two is just too intense I’m just gonna try and not sit down and hopefully it’ll just be able to hold up until I can go home I didn’t think to throw the thong, or like the extra panty in my bag which is my bad, but also like, I’m also sad that this happened Okay, so I’m finally home I think the panties do a pretty good job of keeping in the smell, until you bleed through and then the smell kind of starts percolating. It was rank So I washed the sport panties and they are drying on the drying rack Look at my sport panty, it’s drying You can barely even tell that I just completely soaked through it It washes out quite nicely I also washed a bunch of my yoga pants, win! We’re going to the mall right now and I put on my hip huggers ‘cause we’re going out for a few hours, so I didn’t wanna risk it with the thong so right now, i have like, full coverage underwear and some extra padding around the crotch and some pants t doesn’t feel uncomfortable necessarily, it just feels a little bulky, like i’m wearing a little bit of a butt pad, you know? Tyler: Yea, you’re smacking your butt Safiya: I don’t know, ‘cause I can’t really feel it ‘cause there’s so much padding, so i’m just like *makes noise*, whatever Tyler: smacking your butt So we went to the mall and we came back and my period panties are very dry and warm very warm because there’s lots of layers happening but, besides that they’re pretty comfortable, it’s just a little bulky still I’m mostly just sitting and editing today I feel good about just wearing the sport panty today, I think we should be okay for a little while and then maybe I’ll throw the thong on at the end of the day The last pair that I bought was the thong I was so fascinated by the idea of a thong being a period panty that I thought I had to try it Got it right here So the thong is twenty-four dollars and it holds about half of a tampon’s worth It’s definitely got some coverage in the front, though a true thong in the back We’re only gonna be out for, like, an hour or two, so hopefully it’ll be fine The thing that I’m really excited about for the thong is the mesh waistband I’m here for the mesh waistband, you guys know I would never put period panty and sexy lingerie in the same room, so I’m pretty impressed that they were like ‘no, we’re gonna make a thong.’ It’s not not cute It feels extremely comfortable Besides the fact that the front is kind of slippery and swimsuity it feels almost exactly like a normal thong We’re out, at In-n-Out I’m wearing my period thong and I feel great, actually, I can’t say that the river is rushing forth, right now; it’s actually pretty calm downstairs Unintended consequence of wearing this thong: Tyler just screaming the ‘Thong Song’ at every turn Tyler: Baby! That thong th thong thong thong I like it when the beat goes! I love when that booty goooo What were you saying? I’ve been walking and sitting today I wore my sport briefs Even though the hip hugger is suppose to be the one that hold the most liquid, I find that the sport panty feels a little bit bulkier It’s day six, I’m just chilling and editing again and I’m wearing the thong And I feel very comfortable and very secure It does have a use; it’s great for like those last couple of days where you’re just like ‘If I didn’t wear anything, something bad might happen, but I just need a little something’ So it’s day seven and I’m wearing my thong under leggings it’s actually quite comfortable what I did realize is that I haven’t exercised at all in these guys, but just to try it out I will get to yoga tonight, in this thong So I just got back from yoga There’s obviously a lot of stretching, a little bit of sweating, definitely a lot of, like, crotchal movement I know today’s the last day of my period, so it’s not the best day to actually see if I would’ve bled through my clothes, but I thought they were comfortable under my yoga pants I didn’t feel like I had a wedgie, I didn’t feel like it was too gathered up The hottest, and the sweatiest I’ve been is when I wore the period panties under jeans, but under yoga pants, they seem pretty breathable So, my period is over now and so is my first Thinx period panty period Overall, as a tampon user, I found the first couple of days to be kind of off-putting because I’m just not used to the feeling of ’the drop’, besides the one day i overflowed, it wasn’t too wet; it wasn’t one hundred percent dry, but it definitely wasn’t wet feeling My biggest issue with these period panties are how expensive they are They run at about, like, twenty-five to thirty bucks each, which is pretty steep and unlike a Diva Cup or something, you don’t need just one I managed to get through the week with just three, but I was doing laundry, like constantly, so I think, like, if you’re going to use just period panties, you kind of need, like five or six So I actually found the thong really great to just throw on for the last couple of days of my period, just to kind of, like, catch anything left My least favorite pair were the sport panties I think now I also have a complex against these because these are the ones that completely overflowed on me Thinx does say on a heavier day, maybe bring a tampon or a backup I’ve been using tampons for so long, I kind of know exactly how many tampons I need but when you switch to a totally new period products, that you don’t know, like, how much blood it holds, the first couple of uses are kind of, troubleshooting. Overall, I think the Thinx period panties are a great supplementary product to whatever period products you’re using I love the thong and I think I’m gonna continue to use it and they’re pretty secure and comfortable to sleep in, so I’m probably going to use the hip huggers to sleep in, as well I think that investing in one or two these period panties could be really helpful, I don’t think for me, I’m gonna go out and buy more and make, like, my only period product these panties, but I do think that they have a place in the battle for Middle Earth and when I say Middle Earth, I mean my uterus Thank you guys so much for watching, if you like that video, make sure to smash that like button and if you wanna see more videos like this, make sure to also smash that subscribe button And also click that bell to turn on post notifications because I promise you three videos a week, absolutely promise it’ll be three videos a week on my channel, but I don’t know if you guys could tell, but the days have become a little bit murky, but um, you know, three videos a week are coming your way, so click that little bell and you won’t miss a single one Check out my social media handles and make sure to check out my Nextbeat, I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As on there and uh, thanks for watchin’ Tyler: Crusty! That thong th thong thong thong I like the way the beat goes! *bad singing*

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  1. so much love to you guys! wishing everyone (to which it applies) a smooth and comfortable ~flow~. let me know if you've used these or if you're going to try them! 🖤🖤🖤

  2. what about when you're out and have to change panties??? what do you do with the soiled ones? just toss them in your purse? in a ziplock bag i guess… idk…

  3. i honestly really really love thinx and ive used this brand for years AND i used to consistently wear pads before switching so tbh i think its an easier switch from pads to thinx in terms of comfort

  4. These would probably be really great for post-partum women since they can't use tampons for 6 weeks, but still have some bleeding for some or all of that time.

  5. So, I've been binge watching Safiya's videos from the very beginning and just noticed that this is the first video where she uses her catch phrase, "Shmash the like button and shmash the subscribe button," for the very first time!!😄😄😄😄

  6. I've used Thinx before. They work great the first couple times you use them, but after a few periods, they no longer seem work as well anymore. You'll bleed through them pretty quick after a few periods

  7. i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS cause you are so genuine, spontaneous all the time and just you! But at the end of this one i felt as if you were reading a script. And although scripts are useful and are most likely written by you, I could "tell" there was one this time =( Anyhow, I still enjoyed your video hehe <3 Love you!

  8. Never in my life have I been so happy to be old and through menopause. Also, for anyone not wanting to have kids (or a period), get NOVASURE. Best decision ever.

  9. Mini story time:

    I asked my parents to buy me some Thinx underoos because they're a tad expensive and I'm broke. My dad helped me order them and was really chill. He even asked me about period cups because he knows that I want to try them out too. I love my dad so much❤

  10. I love so much that Safiya doesn't try to hide that periods exist, as some people do, and then your left like wtf should I do, this is new to me

  11. I have a weird question sorry but what if you go to de bathroom like 4 times a day in the first days. Do you change panties 4 times or do you just wait?
    Sorry i'm curious

  12. I would love to try these, especially being a Mom. If I got these and the Diva cup, I'd be set and save so much money!

  13. Day 1: Hey I'm here but I'm not heavy or anything I'm just here
    Day 2: Alright we gonna go full waterfull on you
    Day 3: We just gonna do light spots and then leave you

  14. I would probably wear these to sleep or on the last day of my period when it’s only spotting but I would never wear them as an alternative to pads or tampons

  15. Does anyone with a heavy flow have any experience with these? My little sister has to wear like two pads cause she always leaks

  16. Is 7 days a normal amount of time to bleed? Or is there a normal amount? I feel like I used to bleed more when I was younger but now that I'm older I bleed for about 3-4 days with intense horrible pain and nausea, but I wonder if I should go to a doctor

  17. 😂😂 love your personality

    My period :

    Day 1 : cramps BITCH alllll day . Also Niagara Falls ok ?
    Day 2 : hahahahhahaha it feels like a waterfall doesn’t it ? Oh only 2 drops ok cool. Bye
    Day 4: ummm I am going now but I might be back idk see ya

  18. I love how one of the pairs said “real menstruating human” and not something like “real menstruating girl/woman”. Because more humans than just women can have a period, im a trans guy and I get my period, and there are also non binary folks who get their periods. So idk that just felt like something to note and made me wanna try the company even more

  19. Love how I’ve been watching a lot of Saf’s period videos but I haven’t even started mine. All my friends have but I haven’t. Not complaining though they say it’s painful.
    Disclaimer: I’m not 10 I’m 13 no I’m 14 my birthday was 5 days ago (12/18 for Americans) I’m just a very late bloomer. Again not complaining though!

  20. From now on, that time of the month will be known as the Battle for Middle Earth. Also, love how supportive Tyler is of you and can openly talk about your period with maturity. Most of the time, when he’s not singing the Thong Song. 😅

  21. I went to school and bled on my uniform (i live in australia so everyone wears a uniform). At least i missed out of almost half a lesson while changing into a new uniform lol

  22. These would literally last about 5 minutes and then there would be a crime scene with me so how fun…

    Yeah nvm I can’t get these 😂

  23. When you make that bold choice to swim with a pad on, thinking there's no way it will swell and fall out of your shorts.

  24. This is an environmental thing but if you use pads then maybe try to change to thinx, if your a tampon user try and use the diva cup since they do the same thing but are reusable and more environmentally friendly.

  25. Thanks so much for talking openly about periods, I feel like one of the things our society really needs to work on is erasing the stigma around periods and all of that jazz, we won't be able to help others until we ourselves are past that, so thank you for fighting the good fight

  26. I have used Thinx for 18 months. Zero leaks, worry free days for my heavy flows. I love Thinx and can focus on teaching instead of leaking.

  27. I have an 8 to 9 day period, and I’ve only just started having periods! And on my moms side the women have like 5 to 7 day periods, and on my dads side the women have like 3 to 5 day periods! AND I HAVE A HEAVY FLOW!! Whyyyy!?!??😞😞

  28. When my husband annoys me I like to watch this video and interact with it so he gets stuck with awkward period type ads all over his social media 😈

    Also posting this from his account too. Muahahaha.

  29. The word ‘ panties’ is a word that for some reason makes me cringe but I love how in this video you say that word so much( understandable) and you are so honest and make talking about periods so normal and for young girls this is such a fab ripple model and parents and girls need to realise this is life and we should be able to be open about talking about it! I wish these were out when I needed Them! They sounded awesome and very much more environmentally friendly!! Ps.only just found your vids and I’m binge watching! Subscribed and hooked! Luv ya from South Wales uk!💞💞💋👍👍👍

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