29 Replies to “'I want to see abortion abolished in America' – BBC Stories”

  1. People are saying that people with pro-life views don't care about children at the border, yes we do care. But when children are seperated from their family members at the border because the parents came here illegally, that is the parents fault. Americans shouldn't be blamed for people coming here illegally. I support immigrants trying to find a new life, but crossing the border illegally is not okay. I know it is hard to become a citizen, and I am pretty sure it takes years, but don't blame Americans for wanting a closed border. America needs to focus on its own citizens before anyone else first.

  2. You kill the child because you were a victim of rape? Does the child deserve death for the man's mistake? Why not adopt the child out?

  3. There isn't great hope in adoption because there are too many children and they aren't getting adopted. I don't think it's fair that (most) prolife people cherry pick who should be saved. What about the women who get pregnant and it's a life threatening situation for her? Why save the life of the unborn which hasn't been established yet and risk loosing one that already exists? Or what about the children at the border being abused? What about the PEDOFILES you defend in your churches who harm and destroy child's lives?

  4. This is thinly veiled eugenics; cherry-picked outlying stories and all. Margaret Sanger would be proud BBC. Shame on you.

  5. No to abortion please. It is a mortal sin. To all Mothers please protect all the babies in your wombs. It is a gift form God.

  6. How come all these hyper-religious types have no faith in the immortality of the soul? Why can't they believe in a deity that has set things up so that if one body, or one set of parents, are not going to provide a gratifying, long, happy life, the soul will OF COURSE be able to move on to a different body, a different foetus, a different life-outcome? What kind of deity (let alone, compassionate human being) condemns certain souls to be born into miserable short lives of pain, or years and years of being abused, resented, unloved – while giving other souls the chance to grow up wealthy, powerful, and long-lived? Of course all the most strident judgment comes from people who are at no risk of getting pregnant: MEN and post-menopausal women.

  7. lunatics.. absolutely nutters. candy needs to stay in her own swim lane. these ppl can try and force your bitter religious views over the people and we will happily tear your throat out.

  8. May God burn you for eternity! This poor girl with the wounded skin would have been now in peace if not for your recklessness … You're a monster.

  9. Oh yeah! Great hope with adoption … giving a poor being who didn't ask to be born to some couple who will rape him, and if not will beat him to death.
    Adoption means giving a child to strangers who can do him every harm imaginable behind closed doors.

  10. I think you should be allowed to choose if you’d like to terminate your pregnancy especially if your in high school.

  11. Not to take away from this story, but where are the complaints that this is not something about UK? It sees that people want to complain when it is not about the West.

  12. "I don't believe we get to make the decision on who lives and who dies." So why is she not campaigning against the death penalty in her home state of Alabama? The state with the highest ratio of capital punishment in the United States? Cherry picking!

  13. Capital punishment is a legal penalty in the U.S. state of Alabama. Alabama has the highest per capita death penalty rate in the country.

    Yeah, you care about not being able to decide who lives and who dies.

  14. They are so prolife, but won't vote to help after they are born or help the kids in cages at the border. Hypocrites

  15. Remember: reprodutive right's not women's rights. Pregnant people not pregnant women. We all have the right to body autonomy, no one can steal your organs or blood, no one, even a baby, can force you to give them your body for their life

  16. "I changed my mind on the table but they held me down and performed the abortion anyway" not being funny but I smell bullshit. I'd bet everything I have this woman was never even pregnant and is lying to further her cause. No nurse performing abortions is doing it for shits and giggles and they would not force you into doing something you didnt want to with your body.. that's kind of the entire point.

  17. Did that woman towards the end really just compare abortions to the holocaust? Unbelievable. I don’t think you should be comparing anything to that in the first place, let alone abortion. Abortions are often done for the reason that the child or its mother would have to suffer with its birth, the holocaust was purely killing others in order to eliminate a specific group of people (Jewish people, especially). I definitely don’t think abortion aims to eliminate a whole group of people to build a ‘perfect’ population. That’s a pretty odd, disrespectful comparison.

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