I was SCAMMED by Shaylen Maxwell of Reborn, Sweet. Prototype artist of Reborn Baby Dolls

okay so all of the photos that you just saw at the beginning of this video are pictures of I'm sorry to cry okay all the photos that you just saw okay maybe I'm not gonna cry maybe I'll just cry the whole video sorry are pictures of my custom baby that I've been waiting for since April she was painted by reborn sweet her name is Shalem Maxwell reborn , sweet on Facebook I want to make sure you guys know who this person is her Instagram is customary one I'm gonna put everything in the description I couldn't remember but yeah all those pictures were taken immediately after opening this baby so I guess I'll just start from the beginning when I first wanted to start read warning sorry when I first wanted to start rewarding I had no money to buy my oven or my paint I mean it's expensive you guys know and all I had was my Evelyn by Cassie Bruce she was worth about $500 and I knew that was the only way I was gonna be able to start my painting journey is if I sold her because I had no other income disabled and I didn't have disability back then and I have zero income so I was heartbroken and I promised myself that sorry I cried during this I promised myself that I would have her remade eventually and have her back to me so I sold her her a quick sale for 350 to get my pain in my oven I was really really heartbroken and what I promised myself that I wouldn't have her remade with a belly bleed because my other baby didn't have a belly by my favorite artist rewind sweet she has been my favorite artist I've been a fan of hers and followed her since I joined the community almost two years ago every time she posted a photo of her work like I would get butterflies like you know those artists that you just you love and that was her her hair painting is so beautiful and the babies she posts on her page are so beautiful that was my goal and that was my dream baby to have her made by her then the kids sold out and I was so heartbroken but um I actually found her kid and spent way more money on it I should have because that's how bad I wanted this baby I missed her and I went a year without her and would always look at her pictures I know I sound so stupid it's just a doll like oh my god I sound so stupid um so I saved up money for months selling and selling my dolls that I reborn in paint which are nowhere near shaylen's work I'm not a great artist I mean I'm not bad but I mean I'm just your average my baby stuff for like two three hundred so I had to sell quite a few to come up with the thirteen hundred dollars that I spent getting this baby yeah I spent thirteen hundred dollars that's embarrassing that is a lot of money and that's embarrassing to me but yeah thirteen hundred dollars for a reborn I could have got silicon for that um so I sorry I'm trying to get my box together so I contacted her and paid her deposit which was 249 and paid for shipping which I did the expedited option because I was not about to wait two weeks for her ship you know laughter I've been waiting for her for this long so I paid like $100 for that I just want to go over everything that I spent so her kit and belly plate all together was like almost $300 because she sold out when I got her and this is a torso that I cut custom myself for her to fit her because I really like this custom but Laura Lee Eagles or I really like this belly plate by Laura Eagles um and then at the end I had to pay shaylen 997 that was a separate from the deposit of like 300 some I'm sorry that's probably had out a calculator but yeah so paid the deposit which was 249 plus the expedited shipping which may ended up making it like 360 or something like that I paid for the kit which was expensive cuz she was sold out and I shipped I had to ship the kit to Shayla in Canada which cost me I think like 60 bucks then I had to pay Shayla 997 dollars on top of the deposit and then there were custom fees I don't think it was that much it could more than 50 books yeah so I did the math and it comes out to be more than 1300 but um I just I'm gonna say 1,300 because you know a lot of it was shipping and stuff that she didn't get $1,300 for me but that's how much I forked out to bring this baby home um which is why this is like super super upsetting um so from April until now I just got her yesterday I waited and she sent me to working progress was oh my god they were beautiful she was like I'm sorry I'm just gonna cry and I watched Kellie maples box opening like a trillion times of her Laura Lee Eagles baby her Quinlan that she got from her and oh my gosh that baby was so beautiful and the box opening was so beautiful she had like this fancy box that she put her in in I was like so excited that I was gonna get to experience that um so she finally came yesterday and I waited by the door like a crazy person for the mailman and I got the bars and like picked it up and it was so light and um I thought okay I know shipping dolls from Canada if they're heavier is more expensive so I get that and I have waiting materials down the stairs that I can add so I mean for what my page you should have been heavy you know but it wasn't a big deal I can that's an easy fix for me I know how to weight a baby and some big some artists like like babies so maybe that's just the way she likes her babies I'm gonna save the amount of justification that I tried to rationalize all this and give her the benefit of the doubt is really embarrassing you'll hear more about that as I continue talking but I really tried to just like rationalize what was happening to me because of who she was her reputation and all of her work that I'd seen online like I was seriously like trying to wrap my mind around it and make excuses for what was going on so that was my first justification okay the Box super light that's okay I know shipping is expensive whatever I can relate her not a big deal so I go my kitchen counter and start opening her open the box it was just a plain brown shipping box and there was no decorative special box inside that the baby was in like in Kelly's video but here's another justification that I did you don't buy babies for the bars open and you buy them for the hardest work I don't care about box openings you could literally send me a well done baby naked in a blanket and if it's done well and she's beautiful I don't care I've had people do it and I don't care um so I was like okay that's weird I was kind of excited to like have that cool box that hilly people had in her video but no big deal it's just a box whatever and so I pulled out all of the extras that she came with which was a dress pants pacifier it was just some goodies not me I don't care about the box opening like I literally don't but it was just like very different from what I had seen on Kelly's video um so I pulled her out and she's wrapped in a beautiful coral colored blanket I really like the look at that she listened to me super cute um I pulled her belly played out so I open the belly plate first cuz that's what I always do and open it up and I noticed that it wasn't varnish like it felt like a like vinyl some of you may have never felt bare vinyl before because maybe you never handled an unvarnished baby but it's like not slimy but it's there's just no texture to it which here's another justification I was like okay maybe she used some sort of varnish that doesn't feel like anything or maybe she just prefers not to varnish her babies um no big deal I'm gonna say no big deal and keep trying to justify because that's what I did the whole box opening oh my god it was I'm embarrassed I'm out of like excuse me so I tried to make for her just because of who she is and the Billie plea I had um I mean it was painted but there were no veins there were like her nipples weren't pink everything was the same color there was a little bit of blushing on the belly button and by the way you'll learn later I repainted this baby this paint is my work so ignore this you'll see her at the end of the video and just keep watching um yeah so it was a very pale no blushing except for the belly button there was like some blue swatches it didn't really look like modeling to me um but yeah there was some blue sponsors she almost was like grey like it looked like a gray color but I justified it again said maybe shaylen likes um a fair complected baby maybe this is just how she paints even though that's not what it looked like when she sent me her work in progress photos I actually and got a lamp and stuck it next to me to allow the room to be brighter because I thought and tried to justify that it was the lighting in the room that was washing the baby out so I brought over my lamp to get a better look but under the light it looked even less detailed and yeah I know no part about really um I don't like when it's not varnished cuz that scares me that the paint is gonna come off because I've had a baby that's not orange before and her paint came off and I'm petrified of that um so yeah I thought okay it's just a belly please it's not the baby it's just a belly whatever um so I put it to the side and I went and started opening her up um I unwrapped her she was in this really cute pink sleeper sleeper was so cute the clothes she was sent were name-brand and very cute I will say that there was like Joe Fresh and some other brands I can't remember but it was cute I have no complaints about the box opening because I honestly do not care about the box of everything um I unwrapped her feet and no varnish it just felt like a Fraggle and um her toe was missing paint and the thing and the fingernail hadn't come off a little because there was no burnish and I guess ups knocked her around in the Box gonna make another justification maybe it wasn't shillings fault maybe it was EPS you USPS and again no varnish it just felt like bare vinyl there was a little blushing on the toes and the heels I there was just no color on the legs you've seen in the pictures that I posted it just looked like a blank kit with some like blushing and loose blotches no veining that I could see and I even like took her in different lights to try to like justify who this woman was and why this baby looks like this um she was gray and that's the skin complexion that that I got it looked great and I was really starting to realize that maybe this isn't gonna go the way that I imagined that this would go my dream baby um so I looked at her hands and the same thing she was missing a paint on the finger that sticks out we'll blame that on ups maybe they knocked her around but maybe shaylen should've varnished correctly you know so she was missing blushing on her finger that's sticking out I'm not uncovering her because she's repainted I mean I don't want you to think that this is shaylen's I don't want to misrepresent anything so I'm keeping her covered until I'm ready to show you how I fixed her yeah there was some blushing even though that it was missing on the finger from from paint rub no varnish her skin looked gray no veining that I could see she had some pink on her elbows her blush those blue splotches that I guess I don't know if it was under tender mottling but it didn't look like any mauling I'd ever seen before and then I opened her face and and started crying you saw in the pictures she had again no varnish her lips were painting gloss she had some blush on her cheeks the face was better than the body and more detailed in the body I will say that she took and spent some more time doing the face for sure um the inside of her mouth was didn't look painted to me like she didn't even get a paintbrush and try to paint inside the mouth just kind of left it blank inside of there cuz her mouth is slightly open she had black crusty I don't even know what it was I don't know if it was paint because it came off buying me scraping it off when I fixed her so I don't know what that was and she had the same black spots in her ears and was missing a little bit of paint from her the top of her ear from no varnish and rubbing in the box we'll just blame ups for that one even though she should have been varnished properly and her hair oh my god her hair is beautiful I will give shaylen lash she can paint some hair gorgeous my favorite hair painting I've ever seen but the I mean you've seen the pictures like I was so distraught and so I immediately went and took those photos and I should have done a video like this I feel so stupid for not but alright did not plan on saying one single word about this to anybody because I was scared and rightfully so because yeah I'm sure you guys seen everything that's going on it's horrible I've had to take my prescription anxiety medication that I never take because it's been that bad um so I talked to my mom and I showed my mom and my mom was furious at the way she looked and I tried to make justifications for her saying maybe she had something going on a family emergency or stress or me maybe something happened to where she couldn't do her work like she normally does or like she shows on her on her on Facebook page I just I'm embarrassed how I tried to justify everything just because she has a lot of followers that's not right so I thought okay I don't want any drama I don't want um I don't want what has happened but you guys have seen I didn't want that to happen that this is not fun for me this is not some sort of game that I'm playing for fun cuz it's not fun I honestly regret speaking out but also pardon me news knows that this sorry had another part of me knows that this was the right thing to do even though I'm sure nobody will ever buy for me again I feel like everybody that I woke up jails in this community hates me I feel like everybody thinks so I decided that I would message shaylen and I did I emailed her I said that I wasn't happy and I told her all the things that I just told you guys and I told her I don't expect you to give me a refund and I'm not gonna do a chargeback I'm not that kind I'm not that kind of collector I don't want to cause stress anybody and I've had a chargeback done to me and it was so stressful it made me sick so I told her I don't expect you to give me a refund I'm not gonna do it Church back but I am unhappy and I told her everything that I was unhappy with I was very very kind I didn't say anything malicious she's got the emails up you can see this um and I but I expected her to respond and say she was sorry and um offered me at least a partial refund or to fix the baby I don't care about the money I do okay that's a lot of money that's not I just wanted my baby I wanted my baby that I've been missing for a year I know that sounds so stupid but I just expected her to do something something to fix it maybe I could have sent her back and spent more money shipping her back it's half her fixed um but she even told me but she would not do any refund or return she didn't offer to fix her she told me that she is shocked at my statements because everybody else loves her work and pretty much in fun the I it was my fault for not liking her work that it wasn't her fault for painting a baby bit and giving me a baby that didn't look like I saw in her photos and she she did offer to help me sell her she said uh I'll help you sell her my fans would love to snag one of my babies but I could not um let somebody else spend $1,000 on this baby just to open it and be heartbroken like I was I would never ever do that to somebody that's horrible and I was honestly scared that I would be accused of altering it in some way which I am now being accused of um so I would I would have done so many things differently but it's too late now um so yeah no refund no return no fixing of the doll but she would help me resell it and pass my trouble off to somebody else which I I refused to do and I told her no um so at that point I still was not gonna say a damn word about anything because I knew that if I did this that's happening right excuse my language this that's happening right now I knew that it would happen if I said one single peep so I took her downstairs and uh I wish I wouldn't have done this but I'm actually happy with how she turned out and I love her and I'm keeping her I took her downstairs to my studio and began fixing her I took her apart and dumped out a little bit of waiting she had which was she weighed about two and a half pounds she's a three to six month size baby and I would I would say she should have been around seven six at the least you know her zip ties were cut in a way that we're so sharp they scratched me multiple times when I was trying to remove them it's not hard to get fingernail clippers and clip clip clip it short and not sharp it's that is not hard to do so yeah that I found mine took her downstairs and took her apart excuse me excuse me and so I took her and started painting I did and you can see in the photos that I posted the beginning how pale she was she had no creases I mean it was it looked like a baby had been lightly blushed some blue splotches were applied nails lips and some beautiful hair and that was it the hair is beautiful I keep saying that because I love it and she should be proud of how well she paints here because I like it a lot so I I gave her creases i creased all of her creases that had no paint in them and then I Oh first I got a toothpick and scraped the gunk out of her ears and nose Andrey shaded it as closely matching her coloring as I could and it's not perfect but it looks better than the black that you guys saw that was in there so I creased her I gave her two yellow washes two red washes I gave her blue mottling Orange Mountain red Molly I'm trying to remember exactly what I did but it may not be exact but and then I gave her four to six layers of blushing just depending on what body part it was and repaired the toe and the finger with thinning medium mixed with blush to try to to patch the paint that had come off um I gave her lots of warming layers lots of mottling just trying to give her some color so she didn't look gray anymore I gave her lots of pink you can see on my Instagram exactly what I did I wrote it down but I did I spent nine hours repainting her and I did not strip her shailen is claiming that I stripped her down and repainted her and is claiming it as my own work that is so false I did not strip her I painted over Shannon's work shaylen's work is still under my work so it's like a combination baby of shaylen's work and my work and I didn't touch the hair because the hair is perfect I love it I added yellow undertones blue undertones just everything that you do to give a baby life I did that and so I'll show you guys what she looks like now I'm very very very happy with I'll get close-ups in a minute when I'm done talking I'm very very happy with what I was able to do and look at that hair how beautiful it's amazing I love this is like why she's my favorite or was my favorite artist because her hair is just beautiful I'm sorry this has been really really stressful um she still needs hurt her toes to be gloss cuz I didn't have time to do that but she's got so much color now and she's not pale anymore and I blushed her hands and I did everything that I only do on Milan work but I'm not claiming that I painted this baby shaylen's work is still here I just added to it to UM make her look the way that she was supposed to and she came to me um mi REE varnished her so her paint won't come off anymore and she's not shiny and I um got in her mouth and painted in there as best as I could I'm not great at that but I tried um her came out of her ear but if you look close you can tell it's just not perfect but it's okay it still looks pretty good um I got in her nose and there's still some black specks but I think it looks okay from far away you can't see it Andrey shaded and I'm really happy with how she looks now and here's her belly plate everything that I did trip her body I did to her belly I'm so sad I didn't take a video for more photos of the way she looked before but that's all those are that's everything that I have that I posted um but I really was not gonna say anything so I didn't think I needed – I was just gonna fix her and shut up you know but I talked to my friends on Facebook and Instagram me and my mom and there are people in my own that have contacted me and said that they have reserved a custom spot with her because of me I feel so bad for that because that's what really breaks my heart I should have waited it until I got her to give her say give a recommendation for her as an artist you know three prototype artists and an artist who's not a prototype artist I don't think but she runs one of the businesses that sells kits and stuff it's it's a well-known company I'm not gonna name any names cuz I don't I don't want this to keep going on the way that it is and I don't want to bring any more people into it but I've had those people those well-known talented people contact me and say that this is typical of her and that they have seen her work in person and she is highly editing her photos and tricking people and I just this would not have happened to me if someone might have spoke up before and so that's what I'm trying to do is prevent this from happening to anybody else even though I so just want to crawl in a hole and make it go away and not say anything because I'm so scared everybody hates me I'm so scared nobody is gonna buy my dolls anymore I'm so sorry I'm so emotional I'm just scared and it's really sad that I have to feel this way and it's really sad that we're not allowed to speak up without having to feel it like I'm feeling right now this was supposed to be a really good experience and it just wasn't she is um shailen is now calling me a scammer and everybody's believing her because she's so popular shailen saying that I did this on purpose to harm her when she's been my favorite artist for so long I just wouldn't never do that to somebody mmm she's saying I only paid eight hundred and forty seven dollars for her and then in another post she's saying I only paid nine hundred and then another post she's saying I paid nine ninety seven and she's showing PayPal screenshots but it's I pay didn't like a bunch of different like there was a deposit on her Etsy I paid her extra for shipping so I could get her here faster and then there was an invoice so she's only showing one she may profit about a thousand but everything that I put into this baby was over thirteen hundred dollars so I'm not lying about that I'm not saying she received $1300 all in all from me but that's how much money came out of my wallet to bring this baby home and I just want to clear everything I know Kelly Kelly people he hates me now and I love her she says I've been watching her since the beginning too and I really really really really like her and I watch literally every videos that she posts literally everyone I've seen every single video even her baby Alive's and stuff like that I just I like her I like watching her videos and she literally hates me now and has told me I'm horrible for what I'm doing to shaylen so um I guess I'll shut up right now I just want everybody to know the truth I'm not a malicious person and that I had every intention of getting this baby and being so happy and being happy with Shayla and even reusing her I told her that I was really looking forward to I'm having her paint money in my kit it's only two hundred edition she's super rare and I wanted her to be done by I wanted her to be done justice painted well by an artist somebody else to paint her I just I don't know what I want to say anymore I just want everybody to know that I'm not a malicious person and then I didn't do this for fun this isn't fun I'm sad that we are not allowed to speak our truth against artists that are big and they can get away with things like this and that my reputation is now ruined I'm a horrible person in this community and this is like my favorite place to be 3-1 communities like my favorite ever I just feel like all the big youtubers that I watch all the big artists okay I'm scared to message any other artisan asked to buy their dolls because I'm scared they're gonna have seen everything and think that I'm a scammer but um I guess I'll show you guys her close-up so what she looks like now so you can compare it to the photos that I posted the video here she is she has lots of color now she still needs her toes glossed and this fingernail came off you can see but uh that's okay once I gloss it you won't be able to to tell I blushed her feet and gave her lots of and again this is shaylen's work and my work so just don't like I'm not trying to like steal her fame and pretend that I can paint like her because I can I'm not a prototype artist and I can't paint like shaylen um I gave her some veining some light painting I tried to get her because she didn't have any some some blushing lots of yellow mottling cuz i really like that in a baby no I did the same thing I'm sure the Lighting's horrible I'm sorry gave her blue lots of blue here cuz I like the way that that looks and I made her nipples pink because they weren't pink before um lots of yellow modeling I really like yellow moly you can see these weren't even creased but I didn't bother cuz it's just on the side and you can't see it lots of color in her hands they're not white anymore she does good nails I really like her nails shailen paints good nails um pretty glit shaylen paints really pretty lips too oh my up in there and paint it inside her mouth see your dues all right I think it looks great now it's not perfect you can see the light up and there where I had to scrape it but it's better and I don't do eyelashes on my babies so don't think that like she sent me a baby without eyelashes on purpose I asked her not to do that see this texturing that's shaylen's work I don't know how to do that but see it's like white speckles I don't know how to do that but I like it I gave her tons of blush and all this yellow you see I did I've made her eyes darker and put blue in the corners and I fixed her ear where the paint had come off and there's no more black spots in there but it's like white from where I had to scrape it out so it does not look great but hopefully nobody will look into her ears and her hair is so pretty shaylen does such good hair I just I'm not trying to ruin anybody's business and that was like not I didn't buy this doll and spend $1,300 to UM to have a heyday on Facebook and Instagram and ruin somebody's business that's just that's not fun I don't know why anybody would do that because I've ruined myself in the process but I'm glad I spoke out what was I hope but I am glad that I spoke out because I hope it protects some of you guys from purchasing or maybe purchase from her and see for yourself but I don't know I just would like to give you this information before you spend that kind of money um I also want to say literally 20 people have come forward and sent me pictures of their babies saying that they experienced the same thing and had to have them repainted by by other artists because shaylen didn't really paint the baby I had a prototype artist message man say that she actually had to repair one of shaylen's babies because it looked dead because it was so gray and pale and had no detail so it's not just me it just makes me sad that nobody spoke up I mean I get it I'm taking the fall for everyone I get why you wouldn't want to speak up this is like the scariest I've ever been through and I've had um people messaged me saying that she likes to get lawyers involved so that scares the out of me that's why I'm not trying to do a chargeback or a refund because I'm so scared she'll like do something illegal I don't know I'm happy with her now I love her she's so pretty and I'm so happy to have my baby even if I did have a bad experience I'm trying not to let that affect my bond with her so sorry for the horrible crying sad video just wanted to speak my truth and try to clear my name even though I'm pretty sure it's already ruined alright guys I'll see you in the next video bye you

37 Replies to “I was SCAMMED by Shaylen Maxwell of Reborn, Sweet. Prototype artist of Reborn Baby Dolls”

  1. I can't believe you are constantly making excuses for that woman! You are plainly a far better artist than she'll ever be! Keep all the messages you get from other buyers. Don't worry about lawyers, she's using that as a scare tactic. You should've been fully refunded. Kelli got a good doll and box opening because of who she is on YouTube, had she been an ordinary collector, she wouldve had the same experience as you and all the others who were cheated in my opinion. No reasonable person will hate you, you've probably saved a lot of people from the grief you're going through. This is the 1st time I've seen you and it's obvious that you're an honest, loving lady. I believe you 100%. I'm now subbed to you. Thank you so much for standing up and helping protect others, BRAVO! I have 6 reborns, waiting on my 7th and I haven't experienced anything like that. All mine came from the same artist and she's excellent to work with, I'll always return to her. That shaken should have the prototype label taken away! I've seen young kids on other channels do a million times better than what you were sent. I'm backing you all the way hunni, don't let her ruin your career. Ignore and block haters, they are very prolific in this community nowadays. Chin up and keep going, you did an amazing job on your baby. Sorry for the long post but I had to let you know from an outsiders perspective how I feel. Much love from Scotland

  2. I just wanted to tell you that I wholeheartedly believe your story. It has happened to me several times. I would NEVER want anyone to experience this and I’m very sorry you did. Keep your head up 🖤

  3. This is BS, why didn't you show the doll before you so called added to it… I don't expect this will stay up, but we all saw you paypal invoice of the amount you paid…
    what an act… I can do that… I cry everyday, it don't take much, depression will do that…you got caught in all those lies as proof was being posted…Screenshot as I know this will not stay!

  4. I'm so sorry! I've been watching Shaylen for a while. I love her work as well. I can't believe that someone would feel "okay" or "good" whatever you want to put in there with this type of work. I looked at pictures of "Evelyn" on her FB page. She doesn't show very good pictures. I've noticed quite a few prototype artists use artificial lighting. You can't see the details very well.
    I really think you should get a refund. This is awful! As an artist, I would never send a poorly done baby, especially when someone paid so much. I wish I could somehow help. I support you and don't hate you at all! I don't know why anyone would, or why this would effect you as an artist. I'm glad you stood up and said something! I don't care how popular she is, if she's scammed you and others, then you all need to say something! Don't be scared. We're all human. I'm still so very sorry you've gone through this and all she wants to do is attack you, and her followers. I just don't get how she could send a baby like that and feel good about it.
    I see that she sent a good one to someone with a large following. People do this all the time to get their names out there. But it's unfortunate that you've been given a poorly done baby, and treated poorly too. I'm praying for you and this situation.

  5. I believe you, you have my support. Don’t quit reborning! Don’t let that bully shaylen push you around! She gets a kick out of laughing at people, she’s a bad person.

  6. I sadly know how you feel! You are lucky that you had the talent to fix her (not that you should have had to do that)! It makes me really uneasy about buying these babies unless it’s EBay
    or a really well known artist like Bianca Franke or Andrea Heeren Never had a problem there! You did a great job with her! Be proud of that!

  7. You're not stupid I got rid of 3 silicone babies a year ago and I regret it I wished I could find babies like them that are in my price range but everyone I see of that specific baby doll is like $600 and I can't afford that but I really miss them so much

  8. Girl I’m so sorry this happened to you, it’s hard to watch😥 don’t feel too bad, she’s completely in the wrong not you! Glad you’re happy with the baby now she’s a cutie x

  9. Oh my god I’m so sorry you had this happened. It has happened to me twice both babies were EBay bids for me. The artists refused to fix them. Broke my heart. So I do understand your heartbreak. I’ve now ordered a custom but the artists won’t send progress pictures and it worries me. No one has the right to do sub-par work and not have to stand behind it if money was exchanged. Pictures that is not are of there work are very misleading. But it seems it is common in this community. Sad. Thank you for speaking up.

  10. hey sweetheart i am so sorry that she did those things to you , and I know how you feel , I have been watching the baby world for a while , but their is no way in this world that I could ever afford one , let me tell you what I did because I watched your video, I went on her site , and I told her off, for everyone she has even taken advantage of , and I also told her I reported her to ( the better business bureau) witch I did . but you did wonderful on you baby your painting is awesome.

  11. Do NOT let her run you out. You've done NOTHING wrong!
    I've said this in groups and I'm saying it here as well. I'm not only a collector but now a prototype artist myself.
    Artists MUST STOP editing their pictures of the babies. I don't care if they call it "color correcting" it changes the look of the babies in their pictures. As a artist I know that it's almost impossible to get a camera to show the exact way a baby looks because how the camera picks up colors is different as is how every screen displays the same pictures. The ONLY editing that should ever be done is the adding of a watermark. PERIOD!
    I've never ONCE needed to "color correct" any of my own work. I simply take a lot of pictures in 100% natural light with my Cannon Rebel T6 and then I chose the pictures that I feel best represents the baby in person. The only thing I've ever heard is how the babies look better in person!
    I don't care at this point who gets mad at me because someone has to say this. I don't care how big someone is in the reborn community, nobody is above making less then par babies at any level. That includes the best of the best, the biggest names out there. The only thing that's hurt is their mega sized ego's! Maybe these big named artists needs to wake up and grab a slice of humble pie and stop trashing buyers who aren't happy with their work and realize that they can and do make mistakes. That by making a post and trashing buyers, sending their army of fans after them to keep buyers scared of coming out doesn't make them loved and admired, it makes them a coward, feared and a bully! They need to realize that without buyers they're work is nothing and the community has been losing buyers and more people have been turning to trying to make their own after bad experiences with artists they loved and admired at one point.
    If a buyer ever came to me with concerns about a baby I made you bet your ass I'm gonna do whatever I can to help them. I've been lucky and haven't had that happen as of yet but my day will come I'm sure, I'm human and make mistakes just like every artist out there and any that says they don't make mistakes are a damn liar.
    Im sorry that you're going through this but if you leave then she wins! She was able to put more fear out and that will keep more people quiet and living in fear of standing for what's right! Had this been a baby from a unknown artist then you and I both know everyone would be trashing that artist for what she did and not you! Stand your ground! You have support, myself included and if other artists get mad at me for not standing with another artist then so be it because I stand on the side of whats right! What Shaylen did is WRONG! Then to be saying that you've stripped the baby yourself to ruin her name? I've also heard it said that you bought 2 kits to try and ruin her name. What they need to realize is you, like them, were a fan of hers and if she did this to you and everyone has her back then she will continue to do it and get away with it. My question to artists is this…. how good of a artist are you if you have to edit your photos so much? How good of a artist are you if you don't stand by your work and work with buyers who show you that this is how their baby arrived? Wouldn't it be easier to just offer to fix the baby because a buyer would be more then willing to have it fixed if offered.
    Just take a moment and realize that this is a lot of money to most people and to be so heartbroken that a womam is crying for 45 minutes and artists feel no shame is shameful in itself and makes us artists look very heartless.
    steps off soapbox

  12. I am so sorry that this happened to you, I am glad that you could fix her, take care sweetie!! Joann.

  13. I won the giveaway baby from Shay last year. I also have two other babies from her in my collection. They're beautiful. I love Shay's babies. This is nonsense.

  14. There’s so many people who are on your side Haley. Maybe the story doesn’t add up completely, but I don’t see how you or any other person would start this fiasco for fun. I can tell this is no way fun, or helping you in any way. Keep your head up ❤️

  15. Why would u dog her work then turn around at end of this video say u wanted to use her on another limited edition babyy?? U make no sense

  16. how disappointing and it’s apparent how much this has broken your heart, i’m so sorry. no one hates you honey and i’d sure buy from you , you keep doing you and don’t be so disheartened, i know you’re an honest artist and many more than me know this, you made her beautifully and now you have her back, all yours! you wipe your tears , take a deep breath and hold your head up! this is just a bump in the road, straighten your crown and stand tall. you have a lot of support, more than you realize! ♥️

  17. Whether you believe Haley’s story or not (and I do), you have to ask yourself what she has to gain by making this video? She’s already stated she’s been denied a refund from Shaylen and is scared to death to try to file a claim or do a chargeback. She loved Shaylen as an artist, why would she want to ruin her reputation or her own reputation by whistle blowing? I think the average collector is petrified to say anything negative about a popular artist’s work, be it justified or not…because as you see, the backlash is brutal. People jump on these artist’s bandwagons without truly knowing their character or having seen their art in person. Photos can be altered, issues in the past that have arisen with certain artists seem to fade away and become forgotten with time. Many collectors are strong armed into submission and silence in certain situations by these well known artists or sellers. I’ve been in this community for years, I’ve seen it happen time after time. I wish someone had warned me about quite a few artists or people I had bought from in the past. Haley is so heartbroken, she just needs to get her story out there if it helps even one person. That’s all, there’s nothing else to gain from this. A scammer she is absolutely not.

  18. Shaylen has provided documented evidence of your defamatory, misleading, false and outrageous allegations right here:


    Everything you have posted, including what you have now attempted to delete from public posts in an attempt to hide your own lies, has been screenshot as evidence and has now been documented and memorialized by Shaylen's legal team.

    If you do not remove every single defamatory and slanderous statement (this video included) that you have made all over the Internet and you do not cease and desist from your defamatory remarks, doctored and misleading photo posts, attempts to stalk, intimidate and harass Shaylen's clients (screen shot evidence also provided), false allegations (including repeatedly representing that you painted the doll Shaylen sent you after claiming it was unpainted and trashing her to tens of thousands of people in every FB Group you can find using fake and misleading photos – which thus opens you up to face massive civil financial penalties due to financial damage), you will be served by our legal team.

    This is your final warning before legal action commences. Govern yourself accordingly.

  19. I’m sorry you had such an upsetting experience. I’m glad you will still love your doll and not let this get in the way. You’re very brave. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. I don't hate you and I feel just like you. I am on SSDI, I have to sell dolls to buy other items or art supplies and seeing the reactions of the community make me afraid to ever sell a baby I create or buy a baby I haven't seen it in person. Who would take my side if I was in your situation. I understand.

  21. I don't really know the whole story because I haven't been able to watch the whole video, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am that it's happened and usually I don't know which side to believe, but from how upset you are about the whole ordeal, I feel that you are telling the truth.

    I'm sorry you're leaving, it's not the most supportive community at times.
    I'm still a bit confused about it all but I know what it's like, people can get so viscous when there's drama and accusations.
    It can be so damaging especially when people make false claims.
    It can really ruin your hobby as well, I've had negative comments in the past and sometimes I couldn't even look at my babies when I was dealing with it all.
    But sometimes it's good to take a break and step back from it all, and you might feel better later, but if you decide not to come back to the reborn community, I definitely understand.

    I actually feel like social media is the root of all this drama in the reborn community.
    I sometimes feel like I should take breaks from it all myself.

    I hope things get better for you! hugs

  22. Some notes- If you were excited about this baby, why didn't you do a box opening video, I don't think you explained that? And how on earth did you do all those layers in 8 hours?? What would be her motivation to take all that time to photoshop (which would take a while to do correctly) and not to paint? I think if you had taken the before pictures in better lighting/better quality- Your side of the story may have been more solid. But when I look at the before pictures, all I can think is about the pictures I have taken and how different reborns can look with lighting changes. When you made the post with the before and after thighs, You can very clearly see that the lighting is vastly different because your own skin tone changed. So I don't know why she would lie but I'm not sure why you would lie? It's all confusing and doesn't make sense.

  23. I’m so sorry. Hopefully you have encouraged others to come forward through this situation if this is typical of this artist. It’s hard to trust anyone in this hobby.

  24. I’m so sorry that this happened to you 😪 You have no reason to think your hated or that you have to face retaliation because your speaking out. You paid a lot of money and states this was your favorite artist. I can only imagine the devastation your going through. Shame shame on this artist for not offering to rectify this for you! My Hefner was created by her as well. I purchased him from his first Mommy. His head, face and hair are absolutely beautiful but I thought the same things your saying about his limbs. I also was in one of the groups with the person that did a charge back on you and that situation still makes me super sad 😢 I’ve never thought it was right nor will I ever. I actually asked why she didn’t ship baby back to you and she said that you wouldn’t let her. I just can’t believe the lack of integrity in people. I’m super sorry honey but just know that you are absolutely in the right for speaking out and the way you have spoken is respectful and with integrity 💗

  25. I’m so sorry this happened to you! You are doing this to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else, don’t apologize for that. Keep your head up and remember that so many people love you and don’t hate you ❤️

  26. Oh Haley, my heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry you’re going through this. We’ve talked for months about how excited you were for this baby. Breaks my heart seeing you sad and treated so poorly by this artist. Hugs. 😔

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