Identical Twins at 8 Weeks Gestation!

hello this is dr. Wilshire at Missouri fertility in Columbia Missouri it must be in the water we have another pair of identical twins these two twins were conceived after insemination our nice lady made one egg it was clearly fertilized but this one egg splits into two embryos here's what we were calling embryo a and here is embryo B embryo a has a yolk sac embryo B as a yolk sac show with the yolk sac come in oh there it is and also you'll see an amniotic sac around each fetus try to show me that a man to see if you can see an amniotic it's kind of a there it is right there there's the line of the amniotic sac and here is the amniotic sac around B so each one it's going to be in its own bag of water in one big common bag that's oh we know these are identical twins the chance of this happening and happening in nature is about 0.3 percent around here it happens a little more often but since we treat thousands of people we see these from time to time so here we are identical twins at exactly eight weeks gestation always exciting always fun to see and because they're in two sacks they should do much better than if they were sharing the same set there you go identical twins at eight weeks it's doctor Wilshire Missouri fertility

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