20 Replies to “If Babies Go to Heaven, Why Oppose Abortion? // Ask Pastor John”

  1. The babies go to heaven because they do not have a chance to sin before they go. You however, are guilty of murdering the purest form of a human soul. Abortion is a big deal not for the babies, but is for the murderer. Imagine if Mary aborted Jesus, or if Moses's mother aborted Moses, or if Abraham aborted Isaac. You are killing people who have a mission written by God's own hand, and might very well be killing a very important prophet of God.

  2. Christians are such hypocrites. Their evil scum god killed millions of babies in the past. Also, abortion is a legal way help control the population.

  3. What a stupid question to give airtime to!!!!!! Whether or not babies go to heaven does not make murder right. What a dumb question, really!!

  4. It's a funny question, because you could ask the same thing of fully grown Christians. "If Christians go to Heaven, why is it a sin to kill fellow Christians?" Same answer as in the video, it's murder.

  5. I think the question should be. If babies go to hell, why oppose abortion above opposing human trafficking, child pornography, slavery, injustice, or why not focus on missions. It seems illogical to pour limited resources into something good (opposing abortion) when they're are so many greater/ more pressing issues that effect people not destined to heaven.

  6. Lol I guarantee if any of your family members/ children got raped, you'd be first in line to remove that sucker.

    Secondly, if abortion = murder, swallowing sperm = cannibalism. AND YET YOU CHRISTIANS DO THAT ALL THE TIME.

  7. How about in the Old Testament it is written, “Jacob I loved but Esau I hated.”

    How would one fit that into this logic? Would Esau go to heaven if he was aborted considering the foreknowledge revealed at his birth?

    Of course that alternate reality would be easy to defend I suppose. For instance, one could say if Esau was aborted then God would not have hated him since his life would not have had a path that was foreseen. Unless of course God foresees a path even when it did not take the possible course it could have taken! That just reopens the argument.

    I would rest to say these things are far above my head and I will never understand them in this life BUT I do trust in God’s promises and believe he is a righteous judge.

  8. Abortions were made acceptable under the law based on two principles: 1., that the disposition of an embryo is no one's business other than the mother's; and, 2., an embryo is not a person and therefore has no standing in court. It's doubtful that the LORD will concern himself with the technicalities of U S law. Also, HE is of the opinion that the life being discussed is HIS in terms of ownership and neither the U S Govt.'s nor the mother's…. A most unreasonable position for GOD to take, isn't it?

  9. Children under the age of accountability go to heaven. Age of accountability is 7. Many 10 year olds have murdered in the past and many 12 year old woman sleep around. A female that gets her period at 12 is not a child as she can bear a child. Common sense.

  10. Abortion seems like a win-win for both parties. The child goes straight to heaven. The mother can repent, as many murderers have done, and go to heaven.

    Having a child is no guarantee they will grow up and accept your deity. So there are actually more risks involved when one decides to procreate. Who wants their daughter or son to be tortured for eternity?

  11. God has foreknowledge,so what if God judges the children based on if they did live they wouldn't have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. also there is no reason to believe that when a baby dies that they will appear before God as babies. they probably appear before God as old as Adam and Eve were when God created them.

  12. Thank you, Dr Piper. I have a bumper sticker that says "Abortion, one dead, one wounded" this is more than true. Mine were under duress, and it made it harder, because this bumper sticker should be the other way, the girl who has them will, repeat, will, feel that pain which is much like death in their souls. Only Jesus dying on the cross for me saved me of my sin. He undeservingly forgave me; it took many years to forgive myself though. I know that may sound strange as a Christian, but it did take years. A good bible study to consider for women if all ages is called PACE, I went through it twice and it helped so much to go back and deeply reroot in God's word according to this sin. I am very much against it and try to help others now, but it breaks my heart that the rate is like almost or over 90% percent in the Bronx. I'm so afraid these poor girls are going to end up as zombies as I felt at times because the hole it leaves in our hearts, is real. Whether they tune in to their pain inside or not, it still has to be addressed at some point. God bless you for bringing this into a different light. Sanctity of human life should be applied, in my opinion, to all people of all ages, but even this small thing of sanctity should be, inborn, taught, or the best, bonded by what we've read in our bibles about it. I learned to live without dignity only through what He taught me I his word. The promises are all true. He loves us more than we could EVER imagine! He has us No matter what void we feel at times. It's about Him, not us. I just want to encourage people about this. I can't help myself. The miracles of His hands are too great. They are the truth we can never forget, and we don't deserve. We don't. thank you again for bringing this up.

  13. One more point, the babies may go to heaven, but the unrepentant mothers and doctors won't. Abortion kills them too.

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