If Disney Princesses Were Pregnant

(coughs and vomits) – Oh God. (gypsy jazz guitar music) You better be a good one. – Just a warning here sweetheart, it’s gonna be a little cold ok? – Cold never bothered me anyway. (grunts and huffs and puffs) – Water retention! Ugggggggg! But with my mood swings these days, I feel like the beast, you know? – Fuck. – Did you get an epidural with Chip? Is that why he has the chip? – Ahhhh. – I really have no other mommy friends around this castle. – Ohhhhoo baby! (ninja cries) (flatulence) – Good morning! – What’s that smell? – Uh, colors of the wind. – Very popular car seat. – Can I install it on a magic carpet? – Is that like a Mitsubishi? Or? – The monkey would know about that. – Nurse! Nurse! – (sighs) I am going to this ball. (gypsy jazz guitar music) – Last name Mouse, first name Minnie. The doctor will see you now.

100 Replies to “If Disney Princesses Were Pregnant”

  1. Prince: Cinderella go on those fine glass slippers I'm taking you to the fancy restaurant tonight my pregnant princess.
    Cinderella: this bump with those shoes? No just no I'm putting on my flats. Ask fairy god mother to bibity Bobity me some ice cream.

  2. Ariel is the only princess to have a child called Melody. So she knows how it feels. But being a Disney Princess if Disney shown that side of it which they didn't ,I'm gessing her pregnancy would have been easy and almost perfect like her hair. Just because she is a Disney Princess.

  3. I actually was afraid of giving birth a few years ago but now I am excited to grow up and have a child and family!

  4. Well the little mermaid was a sea- cup but now I suppose she’s a d-cup

    (Get it cause it sea shells and c cups , ok I’ll just stop)

  5. The True Thing Is:
    Why Did You Add Ariel In? I Know That in Her Movie She Actually Got Pregnant (I don’t know if that movie is called The Little Mermaid 2)

  6. An epidural is a powerful pain medication that’s injected directly in the spine. I believe the right term is a C section I’m only 13

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