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  1. I also lost my baby due to eclampsia in 27 week of pregnancy. I am still having a very hard time accepting this. symptoms I had were
    1)Extreme headache 
    2)High Blood pressure 190/140
    3) convulsions 
    4) protein in urine
    5) swelling in whole body
    6) stress
    doctors had to immediately terminate my pregnancy via c-section.
    I wish I would aware of this seriousness and my baby might alive with me. . .  
    I am sharing my experience so that it may help others too. I just only want to say enjoy your pregnancy and don't ignore even a single sign of uneasiness, if so contact to your doctor immediately. pregnancy is not for taken for granted.

  2. I am a preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome survivor. Our baby girl died in October of 2014 from preeclampsia. I was 22 weeks pregnant. We wish we'd known about this disease earlier in the pregnancy, like +stigdumig writes, the diagnosis is the second trimester came too late. Knowledge is power, we could have managed it successfully and our angel would still be here with us. It would be good if doctors could inform all expectant parents of this as a standard procedure, then outcomes would be better through management. 

  3. Hi all, I'm from Aruba and i'm a preeclampsia survivor. My baby girl died in April from preeclampsia, I was 31 weeks pregnant. I am still having a very hard time accepting this. I wish I had more knowledge about preeclampsia when I was pregnant. I hope that one day they can find a cure for this disease.

  4. I am so glad your bringing awareness to preeclampsia, as a preeclampsia survivor I knew about the classic signs headache, right upper quadrant pain, and blurred vision. I didn't suffer from any of those what I did have though was excruciating back pain that I thought was normal with pregnancy. I am so thankful that I survived and that my baby did too! I really hope they find out what triggers this in certain woman because pregnancies are suppose to be a happy time not a scary time.

  5. Please Consider Early Pre-clampsia screening to identify for High risk Pre-clampsia during the 1st Trimester to allow early intervention using Aspirin treatment. Check with your doctors on availability of “Placenta Growth Factor” (PLGF) screening test. Do not be surprised if your doctor is unaware of it either, educate them. It can be preventable!

  6. Do not wait until all the symptoms are presented in 2nd Tri becoz that will be too late already! *** Always remember this: Early screening + Early intervention (First Trimester) for Prevention. Please be AWARE that all Pre-eclampsia diagnostic tests done in 2nd trimester is too late…

    a concerned Tristan (Singapore)

  7. Wow! As a L&D RN, this video puts a human perspective on this insideous illness.
    I was very moved by watching this. I'll be so much more vigilant in my practice now!

  8. I am a 2 time survivor. My first daughter was delivered at 27 weeks and 2 pounds. She is now 7. My 2nd daughter was born at 33 weeks and is 3 1/2 years old. We are all lucky to be here today!

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