100 Replies to “If Rappers Were School Teachers (Cardi B, Drake, Kendrick & DJ Khaled)”

  1. If. Dj khalad was my teacher I would be like Mr khalad can we got on a first class trip to Orlando and cane we meet some of the famous stars you work with and can you give me like 20m. And can we not do work

  2. Nobody will care about this comment but I’m an A.R.M.Y for BTS and when I saw DNA I went OOOKKKURRRRRRRRR GIMME DAT

  3. I have my Biology A levels next week and I learnt more from you than I ever did in the last 2 years. Thank you Lilly!!

  4. Lilly Singh who?😂
    Superwoman who?
    Bawse who?
    And that okurrrrrrrrrrrr spoke to me!😊

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