12 Replies to “Ijtihad Case Study: Abortion – Abdal Hakim Murad”

  1. the islamic fundamentalists often force their women to have an abortion if they are expecting a girl. Sickening nonsense? Unfortunately not. Maybe some of them sincerely hope that Allah will change their male children into hermaphrodites so they no longer need women to breed. Miracles do happen 😉 !!!!!!!

  2. A new group of females has developed all over the world. They are called FEMINAZIS! These famous feminazis first conquered Asia, especially China and Japan, then Europe, with Ireland as their last trophy and now they are celebrating their death parties in the USA. They successfully establish their fetusconcentrationcamps in their wombs. Meanwhile the worldwide slaughterhouse numbers amount to a total of 60 mln fetusses per year and counting. You could almost conclude that real, sincere women do not exist in this world anymore; they have become a threat to their own children………..

  3. Abortion is wrong is most cases and that hadeeth is probably false or distorted . Can this be scientifically proven ? In order to give rights to women , the rights of children cannot be taken away . Reminds me of Israel and Palestine issue

  4. As opposed to having a child with downs syndrome?….. Why is it haram to terminate a faulty, non healthy fetus?

  5. My guess is he may be Shafi'i but he is an usuli so he may not always stick to one madhhab strictly.

  6. Thank you very much! It was that type of answer i've been looking for. What Madhhab does Abou El Fadl follow? Maliki Madhhab?

  7. The 120 days is the ruh (soul) breathed into it…soul, not life. It is a living thing from the beginning. Google Khaled Abou Fadl and abortion. He summarizes the issue well. Plus, this is only one opinion. It's never allowed to do it for any reason other than harm to the woman in any case, otherwise that would fall into the category of fear Allah's rizq will not come.

  8. In is not haram as long as there is no life into it. Read one of Sheikh ul Hadith Mufti Abu Nauman Abdur Raheem's fatwa on this issue. He has made very good points.

  9. Well according to Ulama you can have abortion before 120 days, because during that time there is no life in the baby.

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