IKAW DIN MA – Postpartum Care for Mothers from Classes C to E

Our mothers are one of the
important people in our lives Because they are the ones who have given birth to us. After the pain of giving birth to us,
they’re the ones who take care of us. Our mothers are really impressive because
they don’t only take care of us, But they also give us our daily needs. We cannot deny the goodness and love of our mothers. But we also cannot deny that our mothers
don’t receive the proper care and attention. After giving birth, I prioritized my mother duties and my work. My children needs me the most. According to Harbin’s 2017 study, almost 50 percent
of mothers who have a low income or budget Are going through depression and
instead of taking care of themselves They’d rather take care of their
children and give all their time to them. If I could turn back time, I will
choose to take care of myself And give myself the proper attention that I deserve. Here in our province, after giving birth,
you are obligated to immediately focus on taking care of your baby as a help to your
husband who is focusing on working for the family. Doing regular post-pregnancy check-ups
is not a norm in our place. After giving birth, you’ll
just take a few days rest, Then you need to start
taking care of your baby. If a mother really understands the importance of taking care of one’s self,
And if her children and husband sees this, Her children might try to imitate the mother’s cleanliness to one’s self. And if the mother can really take care of herself, Most likely, she will be able to take care of her
new born baby and her family in terms of cleanliness. I think one of the reasons why they neglect taking
care of themselves is that they lack education. It’s because poverty is rampant in our provinces. So instead of using the money they
have for taking care of themselves, They would rather use it to take care of their children. Living here in Manila is not easy. You really have to help each other work so that you will earn money. A mother’s duties are lifetime. It’s either, you monitor your children or you work. Proper care and rest is really important for us,
mothers, especially when you have just given birth. Eventhough I want to, I can’t find time for myself
because I’m so busy on taking care of my children. If I could only turn back time, I’ll choose to take care of myself. Postpartum care is about the
proper treatment a mother should do for herself after giving birth to her baby. Postpartum care is really important for mothers
who have just given birth in order to avoid complications. It’s because pregnancy doesn’t end after giving birth. I’m out of shape because I wasn’t able
to take care of my physical appearance. I don’t care how I look anymore as
long as my children looks presentable. Here in our province, it’s
normal to not fix self. My body doesn’t look like this before. In fact, my body looks better back then. Ever since I became a mom, I wasn’t
able to give time for myself. I wasn’t aware I’m becoming fat. Taking care of the children is tiring. And because of that, I tend to eat more. I even eat my children’s leftovers. Basically, you have to take care of yourself first before
you can take care of your baby and your whole family. According to the article “Pregnancy Birth & Baby”
on the “The New Agent Parents” website, Postpartum care is divided into three aspects:
External, Internal and Mental care It’s really important for a new mother to
take care of herself in all these aspects. All mothers should undergo Postpartum care. I hope I took care of myself back in the day. It would not only help me, but it will help my family as well. The happiness that you will feel while
taking care of your family will be different If you received a proper care and rest. We are the role model of our children. If we want them to produce good morals,
we must apply it to ourselves first. It’s really important for mothers to take care of themselves first. Mom, it’s time that you finally take care of yourself. Mom, you should also give time for yourself. Me too. Me too. You too, mom.

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