I'M IN LABOR! The Baby Mama Dance at 38 Weeks Pregnant!

hey guys if you are watching this I'm officially in labor in less than 24 hours little guy is going to be born and if you are new here and it's your first time seeing us hit that subscribe button and if you like this video give it a big thumbs up it took so much effort for me to get my husband on board to even make this video and we figured we would have it go live when I go into labor so you guys would have something fun to watch instead of sitting here and rambling about lord knows whole what I wanted to give you guys something fun to watch before you get the birth blog of our little guy now you really really hope you guys like this video so give it a thumbs up if you liked it and let's do it when it's all come on let me see you get down Betty mama this shot been pregnant way too long that's a big one to hit the baby mom oh yeah I'm pregnant but I got an airflow trying to make some money buy some cookies from us though as to the tea a double okay today and I don't play do a knob wait prego but I'm still doing moves I'd be on set yeah I said I'm pregnant pregnant get the chat support and pay my rent pay my rent your opinion is irrelevant irrelevant but I'm a baby mom I can do just what I like baby model I need a baby model baby daddy broke man I hope you hit the lotto yeah my belly big but I'm looking like a model see me in the club and I'm going full throttle right yes and I'm pregnant pregnant get the chat support and pay my rent your opinion is I'm a baby [Applause]

32 Replies to “I'M IN LABOR! The Baby Mama Dance at 38 Weeks Pregnant!”

  1. OMG excellent baby mama dance!!! I am heading to the labor and delivery vid right now. I am so excited to see it. Congratulations to all of you and hugs and love.

  2. BEST BABY MAMA dance ever! the money coming out of his hat! oh my gosh, you with the ice cream and cereal oh man! Girl you dropped it and picked it back up! Impressed! my pregnant butt would have dropped it and stayed on the floor haha.

  3. Omg!!! You are both A-MA-ZING 🤗😅😏 How can a girl be so in shape at 9 months pregnant!!!? Wow 💪😍

  4. I love it, cause it isn’t just dancing. It’s literally food breaks, bouncing on the ball, sitting down, I love it! It’s so realistic!!

  5. I loveeee you, guys, you're the best!! Great dance moves, the baby's gonna have such fun and loving parents 😍😎

  6. 😂😂😂 that was great guys we all loved it! Congratulations on finally being in labor! Have a safe delivery! 💜💜💜💜

  7. This was so cute. I pray for a fast & quick delivery plus recovery. I can't wait to see the birth vlog. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. this video is epic and You look gorgeous! every time I expect it’s a “it’s born video”, but it it’s! this child is taking forever to be born 🙈

  9. My girlfriend told me that I should watch this and I did.
    I LOVE IT! I will do that with her one day! 😀
    You guys are awesome 😀

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