I’m pregnant hi guys welcome back to my channel I know it’s been a long time I’m not going to sugarcoat it and I’m not gonna say it’s been a minute it’s been more than a minute I know I know but I am back if you guys already saw on the title and some of you follow me on instagram so you already know what’s up so this video is gonna be it’s not gonna be an announcement cuz I already announced that I’m pregnant it’s more gonna be like update video on what’s been going on with me and my life and this journey it’s been crazy well first off we can aside to how I found out I was pregnant I actually had no idea that I was pregnant well yes we were having sex and I would calm them so I shouldn’t be surprised but I didn’t think it was gonna happen so fast because as you guys know I had a miscarriage in January and of May was when I was feeling this cramp feeling you know like when you have your period but just a little bit more painful so because I had the miscarriage of course I was concerned so I went to see the doctor I’m like you know I’ve been having some cramps you know I just want to figure out what’s going on and she was like okay are you pregnant and I was like no cuz I actually took another pregnancy test and it was negative so you know for me I was like you know I’m sure that you know nothing is going on excuse me so the receptionist was like you know okay but this is a routine that we do we just want to give you another pregnancy test to just you know eliminate that possibility and then you go ahead and see the doctor so I’m fine no problem just went to the bathroom peed on it and then left it there and then just went to the sitting area and just waiting for the doctor to call me so as I’m sitting there just chilled so the receptionist called me so I went to her and I was like oh what’s going on and she was like it’s positive and I’m like what she was like yeah the pregnancy tests came up positive and I was like no she was like yeah I was like no then I just started crying because you know all those emotions and I’m like oh my god I’m pregnant I’m scared and she was like okay don’t worry calm down don’t freak out yet you know the the pregnancy tests came up positive so the doctors gonna see you to see what’s going on that was the longest five minutes of my life sitting in that couch waiting for the doctor to call me I just a lot was going through my mind so she finally calls me in and I was actually by myself my husband wasn’t with me at the time so I went in and she was like so I see that the pregnancy test came a positive and I was like yeah and she said okay so let’s do I was just on and just see what’s going on so she did the ultrasound and she couldn’t see anything in the uterus so but she said you know my uterus line looks very thick so it looks like the uterus is preparing to receive the implanted egg and I’m like what I was so out of it I didn’t understand English I was like what and she said yeah so it looks like you were pregnant but I don’t see anything in the uterus so you’re probably gonna have to wait a few weeks to come back and then see what’s going on so at that point I was like pretty disappointed but at the same time I was like you know scared I don’t know what was going through my mind but that was and she asked me to wait for like two weeks which you guys know imagine just waiting to know if you are if you are not pregnant like for like two weeks I was like those two weeks and she actually put me on bed rest that I think for three days she told she told me you know don’t exercise don’t carry anything heavy don’t don’t have sex don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t and I’m like fine no problem I don’t mind she actually prescribed me some medication right away because she was like you know you had a miscarriage so let’s just make sure that you have the best chance so she prescribed me aspirin and she prescribed me folic acid and then she gave me like some pills that you have to inject in your vagina and it was actually progesterone so to take into the uterus line so it prevents miscarriage yeah she gave me all those three medication for me to take so after two weeks I went back to her she did the ultrasound we saw something and it was pretty exciting and then she saw the little fainted you know like heartbeat we couldn’t hear it but we could see like the little movement it was the most emotional thing in my life I was so happy I was so excited and she was like yep you were pregnant and Harry this and we have a heartbeat so and then she told me that I was pretty early like maybe like four weeks because the egg has implanted in my uterus so we just have to wait and see what happens yeah so on the 13 she actually sent me back home and she told me to come back like a month after but on the 24th of June I started bleeding so I was at work and I went to the bathroom and I white and I saw blood of course I freaked out so and the thing is my doctors pretty cool and I walked up her and she messaged me right away so I just messaged her and I was like hey you know I’m bleeding and she was like what color it is and I didn’t care I took a picture of it send it to her and she was like okay I need you to go home right away and lay down flat and put your feet up and take to paradox I don’t remember she said 1 or 2 but take some panadol and just rest so I did that the next day no more bleeding but she still put me on bed rest so I didn’t go to work for like 3 I’ll say three to five days just to make sure again that you know we don’t miscarriage so I stayed home for like five days and then I went back to work and everything was fine and then after that I was still taking the medication all three medication plus my prenatals then after that everything was fine but oh my god I was just exhausted I was like I was sick I couldn’t get up I couldn’t like go to the kitchen and prepare food for myself I was just laying down work was hard to get to work and come back from work was hard I had morning sickness but I didn’t really puke but I had I was nauseous and I couldn’t eat any fanger the only thing I ate for my first trimester was bread like just bread white rice just white rice pasta just bland pasta and I couldn’t eat I couldn’t eat anything with sauce I couldn’t oh my god I couldn’t eat anything and I was concerned because you know like I’m growing a baby here and I need to eat but I couldn’t eat anything and the doctor said it’s fine it’s normal some women even lose weight she lost weight when she was pregnant so you know I wasn’t concerned too much but I was sick it was tough emotionally physically it was tough day for this baby to be nine weeks tomorrow he’s gonna be he or she I keep saying he but we don’t know what it is yet but tomorrow he’s graduating to ten weeks and I feel so bad right now like I am shaking and as you can see anyway I’m shaking cuz I probably need to eat something and I’m just sleepy tired exhausted can only think about my bed right now and I’m coming back to work for 4:30 in the morning so that should be a challenge as long as the baby’s healthy I’m good then I waited for maybe like a month and then I went back to her I actually started feeling like this pain on my right on my right side so you know I was concerned I was concerned all the time I went back to her and she checked everything was fine and dad day was a day where she was like you know talking a bit and the baby was moving the baby was like flipping over and the heartbeat was there and I was maybe like nine weeks and she was like you know your baby’s fine everything is fine everything is great you look great the baby looks great the baby’s just telling you mommy don’t worry just relax and you know just enjoy this moment don’t worry too much because every little cough I was messaging her to ask her what’s going on and you know at that point I was like you know you’re right and she was like you know you have to leave it in God’s hand you’re doing everything that you can to make this possible and to make this work so you don’t worry and I had a moment I like cried she was like comforting me but I was like yeah you’re right like I don’t have to like freak out for everything like if this is meant to have if this is meant to happen it’s going to happen so I just have to make sure that I enjoy this moment I was like okay so after that the waiting was easier because after that she told me to come back like a month after because it’s so early she don’t want to see me as often cuz there is nothing really she can do or see you just have to wait for the baby to grow when I was 12 weeks and then I went back everything looked fine my precious mine and every time I go they take my weight and my pressure and then everything was fine the baby was fine we saw the heartbeat and that was the moment where we saw the little picture I’ll put the picture here the little picture of the baby we are defined like profile and oh my god I was so excited and you know and I was like husband take a picture film everything it was just exciting to know that everything is fine so now my next appointment second trimester I am 16 weeks yesterday I just turned 16 weeks my next appointment is on Wednesday so that would be like the day before I turn 17 weeks so I’m gonna see her again to make sure that everything is fine but I can definitely see the changes on my body like my belly is growing my grass is huge and sleeping is getting more uncomfortable day by day but like everything is fine I can eat now I have more energy I just was struggling a little bit with funding like motivation to be productive be creative but you know I’m coming back to myself again that’s that’s pretty much it guys I am super excited I’ve been waiting for this I’ll say my whole life cuz I was ready to have a baby when I was 18 but this is so exciting and I am so glad that I’m sharing it with you guys and I’m getting it horrible okay makeup but yeah it’s it’s really exciting and just to know that there’s like a big community of you guys especially on Instagram that support and send messages and just you know send positive vibes to me it’s just really special and I just want to say thank you and I really really really really really appreciate all the love all the positive energy and all the support you guys are the best okay make sure you give this video a thumbs up and make sure you comment below and make sure you subscribe because your girl is having a baby I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye [Music]

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  1. OMG Fanny!! I feel all the emotions in this video! So happy you are documenting this journey in your life!πŸ’› congratulations hun!! 😍

  2. awwww Fanny, i was smiling the whole time. So happy and excited , can't wait to meet the baby. kisses😘😍

  3. Congratulations I'm so happy for the both of you. I get emotional with you all the time, I love your energy Fanny. Bu merece tudo felicidade. πŸ’•

  4. I love youuuuu!!!!!!! One of my favorite you tubers now haha you are sooo natural and you shineee so bright!! WE ARE HAVING A BABYYYY😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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