25 Replies to “I'm Pregnant + Gender Reveal! Pregnancy Announcement | Angela Lanter”

  1. I know that star crossed was made in 2014 but I keep watching it it is my fav I had no idea matt was Roman in star crossed I wish that star crossed wasn’t cancel I’m sooo upset ik I’m soo late for it tho

  2. She literally repeated the same I formation like 3 different times in the video… “mommy brain” is real, y’all. Lol. So cute. Really happy for this sweet couple! ❤️

  3. my cousin was pregnant and she said she had a dream that she was gonna have a boy but then she end up having a girl it's funny bc she said she was for sure having a boy 😂

  4. Congrats! Order yourself the free welcome registry box from walmart! I just got mine. Filled with great samples for both you and baby 🙂 https://walmart.cesampling.com/babybox/order

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