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hey guys so today is January Friday January 11th it's Macy's third birthday and I am going to meet with my fertility doctor to start trying for baby number two I'm okay guys so I just got done with my doctor's appointment and basically what's gonna happen is on Tuesday so on let's see what the date is on January 15th I will be doing another HSG which I did before getting pregnant with Macy and it was horrible so we'll see how that goes but I think they'd like to do that just to make sure that everything looks okay that your tubes are clear you don't have any blockages or anything like that and then after that I basically have to wait until the middle of February to see if I get a cycle or a period by myself if not that I'm going to contact them they're going to have me start Provera and then after I get a cycle from that or not a really a cycle but after I bleed from that then they will start doing some of the tests that they need to get done they will put me back on birth control to get me to bleed again I guess it's easier to do than having to do probe around again and that's when we'll start the cycle so they're thinking I won't start an actual tamara cycle until the middle of March probably so it's gonna be a wait I was really hoping that it wouldn't be that much of a process but of course with fertility stuff it is so I just have to be patient and in terms of medication I think we're gonna do the same thing back when I got pregnant with Macy they did two IU eyes now they only do one because it's I guess there's been research that shows that it doesn't make a difference if you do one or two and let's see they also said that we would do progesterone vaginally and that's something that I did not do before I was on metformin when I pregnant with Macy and that's something they don't do is they don't do either because I said again research shows that it doesn't really make a difference so those are the main things that I it's kind of took away from the appointment I am I am technically on day nine of my cycle and they did an ultrasound to check and see what's kind of going on and the same thing I have polycystic ovaries none of my eggs were big they're all very tiny so I really really do not think that I will have a cycle on my own so it's just a waiting game for now but today is Tuesday January 2015 and I just got my HSC done and I want to share a little bit about it before I headed back home so I've done this before and the last time I got it done it was very painful I remember that so I went into a very nervous and so I got it done my doctor did mention that usually after having a baby everything is kind of really relaxed your muscles are relaxed so it's not as bad and I have to say I think it was just as bad it's just really uncomfortable you know they're putting up loon up there there's died there's a lot going on I don't know all the technical terms but basically you I was like cramping the entire time that they are pushing the fluid up afterwards I felt extremely dizzy so I laid down for probably like 10 minutes just because I felt like I was gonna pass out and yeah so now I'm okay it's done it's over with I keep trying to remind myself that that is not as bad as pushing out a baby so maybe it's like a test you have to get through it so you can have a baby I don't know but anyway the HSG is done so the next steps jason has to go to go get a semen analysis they just want to make sure that everything looks okay for him I need to get some blood work just to make sure that I am good with some of the vaccinations and stuff so after that then we can go and do our nurse our nurse called consult and just get a game plan because we have a rough plan but the nurses consult is like one of the things you have to do before you can start the cycle you sign all kinds of paperwork you know accepting wrists and all that kind of fun stuff so anyway HSG is done so what has happened so far I don't know when the last time I updated you guys but my doctor wanted me to see if I would get a cycle on my own I think a lot of what I'm going through all the little jumps and hoops and everything it's because of insurance but basically they wanted to see after my like getting off birth control if I would start a cycle by myself so I had to wait until the middle of February to go in and get my blood drawn and all of that I did not have a cycle all surprise surprise so anyway after that they put me on probation e-cycle not a real cycle fake cycle basically and so today is day 3 for me so I went in got blood work done did an ultrasound and I think with the blood work they're checking like normal levels but also checking my reserve of eggs so that should be interesting hopefully everything looks ok I don't I didn't have an issue last time when I had Maisie and I wouldn't think a couple years would matter a ton but they wanted to check it so going forward I think what we're gonna be doing is today they'll probably tell me to start birth control and I'll take a couple weeks worth of birth control that's really just so that they can get like a fresh cycle again like I'll take it go off of it I'll bleed and then we'll start the medication will start Humira so so I haven't done an update in a long time and honestly it's been because it hasn't been going so well again army so today is April 15th tax day and today is the day that I get my first IUI for my first cycle with from era so really quickly before I go in I just want to talk about how it's been going and I feel like I'm already getting emotional thinking about it not because I'm like thinking about the fact that it might work or that I might not work but just like how much of a journey it's already been you know we started made our first employment in January it's the middle of April and we're first to it we're finally doing our first IUI it's crazy that that's like that's a thing you know like that it takes over four and a half months just to get to the point where like there's a possibility that you might be pregnant you know I know so many people go through so much more than what I'm going through but it's just crazy to think about the fact that it takes so long and that it's so hard for some people and I'm sorry for all of you for all of you guys who may be also going through this so with me see with Macy cycles in the past you know I did three IUI cycles with her using letras all from era and with those cycles I during this whole process I've gone back and looked at my you know my flowsheet for all of those cycles just a kind of compare it and honestly this cycle that I'm in right now is nothing like the previous cycles so with Macy cycles what basically happened is I would take the medication for five days and then within a week or so after finishing the medication I would do my I you I this cycle it took two weeks for my body to respond to the medication and I was not expecting that I thought that because my previous three cycles when we were trying to get pregnant with Macy I thought because those were like pretty consistent that this would be exactly the same situation that within a week we'd be doing the IUI and it didn't work out that way for some reason my body didn't respond to it as well and I know the first round is always a little bit of an adjustment because your body doesn't know what to do with the medication I haven't obviated since I got pregnant with Macy so it's been almost five years since I've my body is oscillated like that's crazy to think about so it took longer and actually what ended up happening was they wanted me and I don't know if I talked about this so unlike Macy cycles they didn't want me to come in for monitoring right away they wanted me to do a boolean test so I did a view Latian tests for about five days no changes at that point they are like you know what come in we just want to make sure that like we're not gonna miss it so I go in I have a 13 millimeter follicle on my right ovary which is weird to me because my left was experiencing a lot of discomfort I didn't really feel much on my right it was a lot on my left so I'm like that's kind of weird but okay so I go back in two days later and that right follicle only grew by point three millimeters so at that point of thirteen point three millimeters super discouraging because normally in my previous cycles within two days it would grow to be like what it should be so weird so then I go back in I think they had me come back like three days later that follicle that was on my right completely gone not there at all but now there's a 13 on my left which again make sense because I was experiencing discomfort there but still nowhere closer to being done it's you know like and how does that happen how do you have one that's growing then it completely disappears now you have one on the other side the technician and again this is I'm not giving medical advice at all I'm just telling you my experience telling you what I've heard the technician said that sometimes with PCOS which is what I have the follicles could grow too much and they can suppress other eggs from growing or continuing to grow so she thinks that the other eggs on my right side we're just growing too much they just suppress that thirteen from continuing to grow and so since that wasn't continuing to grow another follicle developed again I don't know if that's technically right but that's what she said so I go back in two days later and I have an egg that is at or a follicle that's at eighteen so two days later we did these we did the trigger shot Jason went in today to get a you have a sample and now I'm doing the I UI so it's been a process it's been really hard just because there's so many appointments and because it's not working the way that it has in the past I don't know why I ever expect things to work the same way because I've realized that you should go into it with like no expectations of it working or whatever so you're not just confused and upset when it doesn't work one thing that I wanted to quickly mention before I go in is that my the same ultrasound specialist mentioned to me that it's not uncommon for you to take lectures all and for to take a while for your body to respond so she said there is actually one person who had to take lectures all four times four times four separate times within the same exact cycle to finally get a follicle that was big enough to do the trigger so I just I think that's mind blowing and I can't even imagine how many poor how many appointments that poor girl had to go through but I am just so thankful that it finds my body finally responded to it and then we're at this point in the cycle and it's crazy to me that in two short weeks like we'll know if it worked or not or we'll be moving on to the next cycle we're still at the same point I am honestly like I think going through all of this has made me realize that I am not willing to do more I I have bruises like all over my arms from them taking blood because I've gone to so many doctors woman's and again I'm not complaining because I know so many people have to go through more than what I'm going through but I think it's important to have limits of what you're willing to go through we have may see and I've always said from the beginning that like if we just get to have one that like God give me one and I will I will never complain again so I am in no way complaining I think it would be great to have another one but I also have my limits of what I'm willing to go through and we did the trigger on Saturday night and it just reminded me that I would never be able to do IVF I'm not good with needles I'm not good with getting my blood drawn I felt like I was gonna pass out by just like mixing the vials so I'm glad that it ended up working out because I think if it didn't and if I had to do like injections or move on to IVF I don't think that we would have another baby I just personally could not give myself shots and I couldn't go through all of that so I give a ton of credit to people have to go through IVF because that is no joke those shots and stuff are no joke I'm so anyway I'm gonna go in now and I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do yet I know in two weeks we'll know like seven in less than two weeks because I'll know at 7:25 on the 29th I don't know if I'm gonna test I don't know I don't know any of it all I know is going forward I have no more appointments thank goodness until the 29th when I'll find out if I'm pregnant or not and until then I have to start taking progesterone vaginally for three times per day so I'm a little nervous about that I've heard that it's messy and that's not fun but in two weeks we'll know so I'm just thankful for that hey guys so I have not done an update since my IUI and I'm honestly not sure what I'm gonna do with this video I don't know if I'm gonna post it all together or separate or whatever but I am today is the 27 yes today is April 27th so a little backstory break it into what I'm gonna show you guys so today is the 27th we did our I UI 12 days ago so I obviously did 12 days ago and again we do we're dealing with infertility I have PCOS so I don't ovulate on my own and I was thinking about it the other day I actually have not ovulate it since the last time I got pregnant which was what's macey so it's definitely something different for my body I feel like I kind of feel it a little bit more like I feel the symptoms I I don't know maybe a lot of people do I just feel like I I feel them pretty strongly so with me seem and with the three cycles that it took to have me see I tested out the trigger because part of the cycle is you have to take a trigger shot to get your follicle to release and with that there's HCG in it so you have to if you plan on testing you really should test out the trigger so that when you get a positive you know it's actually a positive and not the trigger that's hard because that means that's it's hard taking a test and seeing a positive and a not being a real positive it's also hard taking a test every single day and then finally getting a negative and waiting to see when you're finally going to get a positive so it is like the whole process and you guys probably know if you have gone through the same thing it's just heartbreaking it's really heartbreaking but I am impatient I'm the probably the most impatient person you've ever met I can't not test I have the test I have to see as soon as I possibly can and with me seen I got my first positive pregnancy test at nine DPO which is early and then I knew for sure that I was pregnant by eleven DPO because what I always do is I just keep testing just to see if it gets darker I think it's darker that's a good sign and by eleven DPO I had a positive positive digital which is kind of like the real deal in my in my opinion I feel like once you see it on the digital and it says pregnant like it's for sure so I did the same thing this cycle which is our first cycle our first IUI sounds trying trying for maybe two that's kind of crazy to think about and I tested out the trigger starting at 5 DP oh and I have a bunch of tests here so this is what it looked like at 5 DP oh so it was obviously very much still in my system I kept testing out and around ADP oh I'm like it has to be coming out of my system soon because it was definitely on my system by the time I found out I was pregnant well it was really not out of my system it was still very much aligned there and same with 9 DP oh it's I mean it's getting kind of disgusting but there's definitely still Alliance I'm like well that's when I found out what Maisie that's kind of weird one of the days in between there I actually had a darker line so I'm like googling is there a possibility that you can get a positive pregnancy test that's real without the trigger being out of your system and of course there were people who did it but my eye was the exception to that like or is it the rule because as it got you know as the days went on I finally finally got a negative so obviously I was not really pregnant at that time so I think 10 DP oh and it's gonna be hard to see because it's very yellow at 10 DP oh I officially had a negative and at the time I felt like I still saw a little bit of a line but I didn't know so then that night I have a bunch of the really cheap dollar tristesse and I'm like you know what I'm gonna take a test just because I have them and I saw a very faint line there and honestly you guys probably won't even be able to see it maybe you can feel like you can kind of see it there and of course I'm like well maybe it's whoo Sarah where are you now it's having a hard time in my face so of course I've taken tests before I've never taken these before but I did some research on them they didn't seem to have bad evap wines or anything like that so then you know I'm like okay maybe of something maybe not and I was saving my first response for the mornings because I know your first morning urine is always supposed to be like the best for testing so then on eleven DPO this happened and again it wants to focus on my face do you guys see that that is totally aligned and like I said the line was completely gone before that so this is legit and then today at twelve DPO I took another test in the morning and again I took one um eleven DPO at night and there is definitely a line there so I have to say Ailee I'm going to touch on this in a second about the tests and stuff it's very light but it's there and of course it's dry now so it might be a little bit hard to find at twelve DPO today I took another first response in the morning and there's no denying that like can you see it that's definitely lying it's definitely lying so I decided so I've been taking the the first response and now also the Dollar Tree ones so this is what the Dollar Tree one looks like so there's definitely lying there it's very light compared to the first response but there's definitely a line there and I took a first for a digital and guys I am pregnant I'm pregnant I like it's hard to really like put that into like real terms and like know that like in nine months I'm gonna have a baby it's scary to think about like obviously that's what happens when you do infertility but like i knowwe thought that it would work the first time i just assumed we would be trying like we did from AC for a while and I'm just kind of shocked with when I got a couple things when I got my the test where like got darker got lighter that was hard on me and that's probably one of the reasons why people tell you not to test during infertility stuff is just because you get too invested in it and it's really hard not to see outcomes that you want to see a lot of people say they have lyin eyes just stuff like that so I got really discouraged around that time even though this entire cycle even when it took longer for me to like develop a follicle I've just had this really strong feeling that it was going to work and that probably doesn't make sense because I just said that like I didn't expect it but like as I was in the first cycle and going through it and like this is gonna work I know it I know this is gonna work I just have a feeling I have a strong feeling it's gonna work and I also have a really strong feeling that it's gonna be a boy and it's gonna be fun to watch this later on if it's not because I could totally be wrong but I just have a strong feeling that it's going to be a boy and I don't know why I don't know why but again I had two strong feelings that it was gonna work and then we're gonna have a boy so we'll see but I got really just around that time and I'm like you know what I've done this like many times during the cycle I was like I don't know if I want to keep doing this like if this one doesn't work I don't know if I'm gonna do another cycle so I think it was I think it was meant to be because if it didn't work I don't know if I would have continued we did say four cycles and maybe I would change my mind once I saw the negative and I knew for sure it wasn't gonna work but I just I had this feeling that like maybe it happened because if it wouldn't have happened maybe I would have been like maybe this happened for a reason maybe we didn't get pregnant because for a reason you know and I don't know so at that same time I bought a crap ton of online tests the cheapy ones like this because I was like spending so much money on these pregnancy tests and I'm like the dollar you want wants I don't even know if they work I was looking at the sensitivity of all of the tests and this one was actually supposed to be 20 whatever like I think the first response ones are 25 if you have like your HCG is at 25 it'll read it I think the digital and the dollar treatments are 50 so this one seemed to be the most sensitive although I took it today and there's a faint line but it's definitely not as dark as the first response I don't know if that's necessarily true but I bought 75 of them because today this week or this month is actually infertility Awareness Month which is kind of crazy and I got a pretty good discount on them but now I'm pregnant and I don't need them and I won't need them until probably after they expire if they want to have another baby so it's kind of weird but one thing that I wanted to tell you guys not show you guys all the tests like lined up because it's like my entire sink right now is I have noticed Dollar Tree ones are actually just as sensitive as the first response it's hard for me to like say this for sure but if we were going to have third baby I feel like the Dollar Tree ones would be a better idea just because there's so much cheaper and with my results like I found out first on the dollar tree not because the first response didn't pick it up but just because I didn't try the first response so I have a really great appreciation for the dollar tree test and I'm just kind of shocked by how well they work so again I'm gonna show you guys all of these does because I just want to like kind of share with the journey with you guys it's gonna be a little confusing maybe I should put them in the order of when I took them just so you guys get a good idea so this was 10 that was 11 11 12 so I took a bunch of these today just because I wanted to kind of get a good idea of what is going on and I'll probably still test I think I have two more first response I have four of the Walmart ones and I have 74 of the online cheapies and honestly I would love to see a progression because I didn't test past when I found out with Macy but I'll obviously not take all of the the cheapy ones because I'd be insane so let me flip you guys around and show you guys these okay so I'm really hoping this picks it all up but like I said this was the first day that I started testing this was five days past ovulation I did do my trigger shot two days before my before I a belated so just to keep that kind of into perspective and I just marked the date what DPO it was and then the little plus with the little circle around it just means that it was positive so that was the first day then you can see it got a little bit lighter that day a little bit later on seven DPO which is actually I was kind of shocked that it was still in my system one of these days it ended up getting darker I think I think this was p.m. it got darker which was kind of weird to me because I did not expect it to get darker but I think that was just kind of a fluke maybe I was a little bit more dehydrated the night was in the morning I'm not really sure but it was still positive from the trigger at 8 DP o 90 TP a– r DP oh they're still aligned you can see again I test it again still there 10 it's really really yellow but there's no line that day and this is what I took 10 DP o at night again Dollar Tree toss and you can see there's definitely a line there it wasn't as noticeable as it is now because obviously it's dried but there wasn't line 10 DP o which is when I started getting excited because I'm like I've never seen a line on these tests before and I actually did take one of these earlier when I was testing out the trigger and at one point it was completely negative so I knew that if something showed up it was not the trigger on this test 11 DP o is when I like pretty much confirmed it cuz obviously it's there I took that wouldn't say any day I just wanted to see if it would show up and you can tell like that's obviously way more of a line than this is but it's still there and then I took that at night just to see if it seemed to get it seemed to get darker obviously 12 DP Oh totally totally totally there again that's the same day so it's obviously positive there the internet GP surprisingly this was like my second morning urine and there's a line there but it's definitely not like as dark as I would have thought it would be especially because these are supposed to be more sensitive so that's definitely not the case and then that's my pregnant digital I am like so excited guys so excited especially excited that I don't have to do it again like I don't have to do all the fertility stuff all over again so those are all of my tests excuse my dirty sink those are all the tests I've taken except for a couple of these that I threw away because I knew that they are negative but I am pregnant I don't know exactly when this will go up I hope to share this with you guys at some point when we feel comfortable sharing but that is kind of an update on what's going on like I said I do have some more tests I have two more of the first responds that's an ovulation test from when I was testing and then this package here is full of Internet GP so I have lots and lots and love of tests left to go but I do find out so today's Saturday I will find out on Monday from my doctor and then once the blood work comes back it'll come back that same day then I will go in two days later just to make sure everything is rising and yeah so I'll keep you guys updated on what's going on but guys I am pregnant [Applause] what are we about to do a pink pink are we about to find out if we're having a baby brother or a baby sister baby do you think it's gonna be a girl yeah yeah I think it's gonna be a girl all right we're gonna find out cuz daddy's gonna hit the golf ball and it's gonna explode if it's blue what does that mean blue what does it mean Oh baby boy is blue baby girl is pink yeah yeah I can't leave right now we're gonna find out daddy's gonna hit that right now now yeah are you excited what do you want do you want a baby sister a baby brother baby my baby brother okay let's find out okay how about right now we are can you ask me if you're gonna have a brother or sister [Applause] Wow

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  2. This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you and your family Sara!! I wondered about this coming since I noticed Dr appts in your PWMs…congrats again!! <3

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  6. I was misdiagnosed with PCOS for 5 years and recently had confirmed with endometriosis. We've been trying for 8 months and we will more then likey have to be looking into IVF so I am so happy to have wacthed this video and see the "process".
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    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys!

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