I’m pregnant! Live pregnancy update!

hey girl yes it's true what's crazy is I just took another test like literally like two seconds ago just to be just to be sure I took a second test and it still says pregnant oh my god thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you I'm so excited I'm looking for my old test I took another test I just keep I keep taking testing because I'm just so listen they say the digital's are like the best ones to take so thank you thank you thank you I'm so excited so let me tell you all the story of what happened right so my initial plan thank you my initial plan was obviously to do another round of IVF so I was gonna do another frozen embryo thank you thank you so much guys mother of six thank you so much so I was the plan was that I was gonna do another IVF transfer and I was gonna do it July 8th but that was based on my previous yes I'm so happy thank you that was based on my previous cycle so what happened was the nurse said the nurse called me on Friday and she's like um Adrienne you didn't call me to tell me the start date of your next period I said well I didn't get one yet now normally my cycles are like 26 to like 28 days normally like between 25 and 28 days so now thank you so much so now hi thank you so now I'm thinking okay well I already know my period is late so she said well how come you didn't take a test I said listen I've never gotten a positive pregnancy test pregnancy test stressed me out I said I'm gonna enjoy my weekend so I have no plans on taking a pregnancy test I'm just wait for my period to come but in the back of my mind I still thinking like wow I'm like five days late so then um so she's like well you need to let me know what's going on she's like I need you to take a test before Monday because if by Monday your period still not here I need to know if you're pregnant or not and if you're not then I need to give you a medication to induce your period so I said okay so I bought the test I told my husband I came home and have a little bit of footage but it kind of got ruined because I got so excited I threw my phone and took off running when the test was positive I had my husband look at it first so I took off running I was I was so shocked that it happened naturally I just feel like after my surgery in April we just did things too fast and um I only went with it because thank you I only went with it because you know my doctor said oh you're all healed inside no worries but I literally did that transfer like three and a half no four weeks after my surgery but even when I had my surgery the surgeon said you know I have I have a lot of faith that she'll get pregnant on your own I fixed your tube I removed the one the damaged one you'll be fine but you know it's in the back of your mind but you don't really think like it's like okay whatever like that's been going on man long it's like okay whatever I didn't took my eggs are right to just use my eggs thank you I'd rather just use my eggs so yes God did it girls so I was so happy but um so now I'm just waiting because I don't know if I have to stay with my fertility doctor beings that I got pregnant on my own usually when you have a fertility specialist you have to stay with them until you're 13 weeks and then then they transfer you over to somebody else thank you Oh so um that's the story guys I'm Frank I cannot believe I'm pregnant like I'm pregnant like pregnant like digital test pregnant I'm so excited so on Monday like I said I have to thank you I have to find out what if I'm gonna do my betas with them or if I'm gonna go um to my OB doctor yes Tiffany thank you also thank you thank you so much thank y'all so much I'm so excited like I'm just so overwhelmed I'm just I can't even believe it so now I'm thinking like oh my god like like I'm glowing you're so funny thank you so much Rosa I'm so excited like I don't even know I just it's crazy and to not have a period yeah I'm just like oh my god like I'm in heaven right now thanks Amanda I'm so excited thank you so much but I knew I um I wanted to do a video and like you know do my makeup and try to get cute but it's just ain't working out that way I just got home but I wanted to hop on here real fast and just thank you so much thank you thank you thank you thank you that I don't know yet Amanda but I'm definitely at least five weeks because my last period was in the middle of May so according to like my last start date of my period it will be like five weeks yes I'm sorry I've never had a positive test I'm like never throwing these tests away I've never had a positive test show y'all know y'all just don't know y'all don't know I'm just like so happy I'm so happy thank y'all so much for your prayers hey Twiggy thank you all so much I'm so happy so yes so um what else is going on that's pretty much it so seems like it's been betas poppin yes he is seems like it's been betas poppin I will be doing my bump updates thank you thank you thank you I'm so excited it's like finally it's my time and what's crazy is I was on here and I was watching I figured who I was watching but I was also reading um I think I was like some blog about rainbow babies and how people who have miscarriages and things like I understand P some people say you really shouldn't tell anybody anything until you're over there three months hump but what's what's even more crazy is the fact that I don't really believe in it because I used to work post partum and people have thank you so much people have had you know fetal demise is which is when the baby you know passes away inside the womb at nine months so like it can anything can happen but the fact that I got to this point and got that positive test that's a whole milestone over here in this household is so I'm happy I don't everybody in my family knows like it is what it is you know what I'm saying I'm not waiting I don't know yet thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you yes so I'm just like waiting oh I was like what I was saying was as I was reading like this um thing online about rainbow babies thank you so much I got rainbow babies and how like after you've had miscarriages and or failed IVF transfers cuz it's all you know it's all a sad time that when you get pregnant again and you know it's a viable pregnancy they considered a a rainbow baby and so what was so crazy was the day before I was reading about that which I had already knew about rainbow babies but I didn't read it into depth I heard that Amanda so long story short stay positive thank you so much Tiffany so long story short I went into walk into Walmart and I was coming out with one of my nieces and this was the day after I tell me why it was a huge rainbow in the sky and I promise to God thank you so much I promise to God I heard the storm is over now you know rainbows come after storms that's the whole purpose of having a rainbow baby right I heard it not just kinda ignored it's like I said I was still kind of angry like I wasn't able to pray I wasn't really able to do anything so um I heard it but I just ignored it so then in the very next day which was the day I tested that morning on my way to work I was listening to this pastor and he was talking to like these people our congregation and he was like yes and he was saying um oh that's someone so you guys they've been a member of the church for a long time and he's like you know I actually pray for them to conceive he was like and they have their two miracle babies sitting next to them and then he goes so I just want to say right now if anybody does marry that has been struggling and trying to could see if I want to let you know in the next five days and I'm really not big on these type of prophecies because I just you know sometimes people be being a little too much you know I'm okay you know saying like that that same old cliche cliche of it all like oh and ten days you won't get that check in the mail oh you won't get that check now I don't think that God works like that I mean he does but he does in like some people be overdoing it at church but anywho so he was like in the next five days you guys um you're gonna get that good news so that married couple that's been trying office Leigh I'm not saying he was talking directly to me but it was just the timing of it all and the peace of it all just came together I had just posted 72 hours wait posted what well it's a blessing either way thank you thank you you will get pregnant so easy after your first I heard I'm so my husband I'm like after the first we have to get some birth control baby I don't know how far along I am I just found out I just took two of those um it was $20 digital tested test ain't no joke I'm so used to buying you know the dollar store ones thanks Susie I'm just so excited thank y'all for coming into saying congratulations I probably um oh you know what I'm gonna get this from downstairs excuse the rag ragged eNOS I took my I had two ponytails in earlier and I took my ponytails out and I'll just do my cat home so what are y'all doing tonight what were your symptoms did you cry I would have cried tears oh my god I was bawling crying like bawling crying like it's not like oh my god and everybody that I call was crying with me but um only symptom I must say the only symptom that I did that I do feel was a little bit off was the fact that I always get headaches a week before my period I didn't get in on one headache which was kind of weird and then thank you guys throw if you can please oh let me screenshot it okay so I'll email you TIFF so to make a long story short I'm another symptom that I noticed is I've been craving seafood like crazy like my muscles mukbang I believed you I really even had mussels tonight like I've been eating mussels like they candy which I know it's really not good for you really I'm supposed to like you doing all that but listen but the number one sign definitely that I first noticed was I didn't have headache the week before and then the second time my breasts were sore but they were sore the way they were sore when I was taking a progesterone when I was doing my ivf transfer to progestin the progesterone makes your breasts or but it's like a different type of soreness versus like a period soreness like the outer parts of your breasts are really sore but like and the nipples but not like the inside I'm not how to explain it so long story short I was like oh my boobs feel like they did when I was taking a progesterone girl I have some tonight like the real ones not from the chain place like my sister mobile saying I had some real ones and my dad made them and I made my sauce delicious like I'm so full right now but those was really like the only two things that I did notice and other than the fact that my period is like lately thank you you needed to hear that yes thank you so much Adriana Adriana I might be saying it wrong Danny thank you Andy thank you I can't wait to watch this journey how old are you I'm 35 um Congrats uh the texture throws me off I know but I love him now I never would have a two muscle before ever my dad's been cooking muscles for years never touched any congrats I knew your time was coming got a good thank you so much everything wit so yeah that's the excitement up over here in my household I have an office that I'm making my husband clean out because that's gonna be the nursery and obviously you know y'all know me like my faith is big like I said some people they they don't you know what I'm saying they don't agree with doing too much too soon like I have a friend of mine who's pregnant and she still even have a crib up and she's like six months and granny you know some things obviously you take time but like some people just don't believe in it and I get it but it was not me see miracles make some muscle pasta maybe it'll kill the texture yeah the texture is a little weird thanks Lala I'm so excited so I went to a cookout today um my husband's family had a cookout and they had all the wines they had jello shots they had a lot and it was just a friend on my oh no thank you no thank you no thank you thank you so what are y'all doing I think I'm gonna take this live down though cuz I hate leaving up my lives I don't know why cooking for the kids Lucia cooking girl thanks Rees I'm so excited oh my god I'm chilling my daughter graduated from eighth grade Oh congratulations watching your great news Tiffany thanks girl I'm so excited I can't even explain I slept so good today it was just like so much peace like like I said you never know the outcome of things and no I'm not thinking negative but I'm for sure you know I mean you know what I'm trying to say like y'all get what I'm trying to say um but I'm still just trying to be calm spending time with hubby he just got home today oh go enjoy your husband Susie thank you so much for taking the time out to come and say congratulations to me it means a lot so what do you want a girl or a boy um I don't care what I have my husband was a boy but deep down he won't care I just want my baby to be healthy that's all I want to hear that heartbeat like I cannot wait cuz I heard that six weeks you could hear the heartbeat I just cannot wait from our first doctor's appointment which most likely will be this I'm just praying that my fertility doctors take me and keep me although I didn't get pregnant with them I just hope that they can over see me because there's such a good practice and then they can refer me you know out once I hit my second trimester I made pasta mmm so Jimmy to me being realistic this is a blessing from God yes girl all my tears were literally in his hands he probably liked to hang these hands awful heavy mmm I have a wonderful night love y'all all love you too Susie thank you hey TIFF is Susy so you pregnant without yes I'm pregnant without any medication no frozen egg transfer no nothing that's why I was saying when I surgeon went in and he came out and he told me you ain't gonna have no problem getting pregnant I should have just took that and ran with it mm-hmm it is amazing I'm actually wondering if I'm pregnant I'm 11 days late today oh but I'm not sure I'm pregnant after so many failed pregnancy tests plus I'm cramping not too much but you know um everybody's body is different are your cycles usually normal cuz my cycles are always on point I'm never late the most I was ever late was two days and it was like really it was like a day and a half but if your cycles are normally normal there you better take that test our cramping is normal in the beginning I haven't had any cramping I felt like little twinges but not cramping it's like it doesn't feel real I don't know that's why I'm sitting up here taking pregnancy tests at ten o'clock at night who here like Slurpees let me tell you all if you want a really good sir P you got to go to quick check first of all the only $1.00 second of all they kind of taste like whatever flavor ends like soda you know what my phone's about to die let me see if I could reach this charger yes I want one now see miracles how's your arm your die and everything going with the metformin and stuff I know it's always about to die I'm just so pathetic but you know what – I was out all day today I didn't charge it I just put it on a charger I know I'm just terrible Danny how's your baby I know I should I look I should take this thing off but you know what underneath here is a hot mess honey I had two pigtails today what Thank You Tiffany I'm gonna email you thank you so much what you mean you gave up you ain't even really try yet what you mean ain't even been that long with the metformin I'm only gonna stay on here for 30 minutes cuz I gotta get in the shower I have to go to church in the morning tea what do you mean type girl Wow who watches Real Housewives of Potomac I gotta catch up cuz I missed last week wonderful just leaving a nice event in Dallas the whole city was out Oh what you been my girlfriend wants to go sit um they're having a wine festival in Philadelphia with all reggae and soca music she wants to go there for her birthday I can't wait I love reggae I love soca how do i Slurpees hurt my teeth so much why are not talking to me it's like twelve people in here I'll just spilt this all over congratulations thank you I never comment but I always watch your videos and I'm so happy for you all thanks so much Celine Celine thank you so much it was a long party with live music food trucks and games dang the hubby is good I have some um some footage oh hi mom I didn't even know you were on here have you told all the family and great news my whole side knows and um my sister-in-law well and today at the cookout my husband kind of told but like not really so he told his cousin he ends up telling his cousin cuz it's cousin just flat out asked me because he was saying like oh she been craving I'm just like up here we go so you clearly want people to know he's excited he's doing good mom the messages was going so fast I really didn't even know that you went in here cuz your teeth probably sensitive to the cold Jackie it really hurts too hi mom I'm wanted trying to conceive journey as well oh how long have you been trying to conceive don't give up easier said than done but this was really a shocker because I really we really are this was really a shocker oh my goodness I hope to go back to my fertility doctor in September been trying for 11 years now Wow what's your issue like um did they tell you when you used to go to your fertility doctor I'm not actively trying for about two years now um how old are you I got the same problem with my teeth hot and cold and yes girl don't give up I've been trying for five years now yeah girls I we try for it literally like on and off not like steady but on and off for like almost all the goods for like ten years and it's hard like thank God for family and friends and like people will truly like encourage you I'm so inspired by this pregnancy it just gave me faith that some things I want will come to fruition as long as I'm patient yes Danny it's hard though when you're a person going through it sometimes you just forget like some days you have good days some days you have bad days other days you just don't care and then boom it just happens thank you I'm 27 okay 27 is a good age keep trying don't give up Thank You Mac yeah I gave up hope huh Mac you've been in here plenty of times and I've been on your channel too yeah I gave up hope I just I'm just excited for others well it's not abnormal to give up hope so if you if you um need a break take a break it could happen during your break you never know cuz that's how that's how I was feeling I was taking a break and I was like I don't really don't care and then just boom it happen thank you did you talk about your rainbow yes I did I'm getting are you vlogging this journey yes not everyday but like I'll do like little bump updates and stuff I definitely want to vlog labor because that's that's something I don't want to forget I mean obviously you're not gonna forget but I would love to have footage for you know to be able to look back on my bad I have had two fibroid removal surgeries and my tubes are closed and it's too risky to have them open so it's recommended for me to do IVF and I was told everything looks good to conceive now wait so your tubes are your tubes are open or closed right now or are you just gonna do the IVF but everything looks good for like the IVF part yeah I mean you don't need youtubes it's just um I have UF is it's stressful but you could do it – malefactor nothing found with me Wow yeah they tried to say um it was male factor at first over here and then they tried to say like the sperm was fine the sperm count was fine but that the morphology shape was abnormal like saying it will be harder for the sperm to meet the egg well it shoul met the egg okay I got a vasectomy in 2017 oh wow yeah no more kiss for you Mack yeah well IVF you passed the tube so you don't have to worry about it it's true I still got my eggs on ice I probably will pay for them to stay frozen for another year just to see if I could get pregnant again by myself and if I do I'm just gonna stop paying it and just they're gonna do whatever they want with the eggs because I just can't see myself paying that type of money every year to keep eggs when there nothing is wrong with me there's nothing wrong with me they can be reversed if you want a baby yeah they can be just like tuples we have YouTube 500 slurp yeah Oh so can't you just do IVF Jackie I'm too old hello sis hey says I need to brush my teeth my teeth are so dirty what's up new I missed like your last two lives I think oh no no I came in on the one before last but I missed the last one that is the next plan we need to repeat the test oh I'm just pretty bummed out yeah I'm sorry Jackie does your insurance helped cover it IVF thanks new thank you thank you thank you thanks miles thank you so much it is annoying to have to go through the IVF process I totally get it like if you can avoid that why wouldn't you want to avoid it so I get it I don't know yet um according to my calendar February but um like I said I got it I still have to go to my you know get my betas done I'm just hoping my fertility doctor will keep me with him until I'm 13 weeks like I was saying earlier and then you know but if not I gotta find a whole OB but I do still have my prescriptions for my prenatals and stuff I still have refills so I could still use them in the meantime of waiting so that's that's good but listen guys it's been 32 minutes I have to go thank y'all so much for coming on and saying congratulations I appreciate every last one yeah I'm so happy I'm so thankful I'm thankful for y'all I'm thankful for just everything my surgeon like everything just fell into place it really did thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you good night thank you go to church in the morning you bought praise thank y'all so much you guys have a

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  1. I'm sad I missed your live but congratulations sisterrrrr !! I am sooo happy for you omg. I knew it was coming!
    I cannot wait for the Bumpdates! So excited

  2. WONT HE DO IT‼️‼️‼️ Congratulations I’m a soooo super happy for u and your husband!!!

    The seafood cravings are REAL 😂. I cnt wait til I’m in my second trimester maybe then I will feel more comfortable having a crab 🦀 leg or 2 ….or 3 lol lol

    Sending prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy happy baby!!!

    P.s. I’m glad u left this live up long enough for me to see it lol

  3. Heyyyy mama! This is sooo exciting! I feel bad that I missed you live, but I'm sure you'll get the notification. This is going to be fun to watch your journey love. God bless you

  4. 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 so happy for u

  5. Yesssss! I can imagine u throwing ur phone a across the room when you saw ur first ever positive test! The digitals make it feel so real! Omg that pastor was speaking to you girl!!!!! Your blessing is here! I am sooooooo excited for you and I’m happy to see you feeling so great and positive 🤸🏾‍♂️🤸🏾‍♂️. We are both 5 weeks eeeeekkkkkkkk! Yes! Yes! Yes! 🤰🏽🤰🏽

  6. I knew this was coming especially after the You did that mukbang 😂 I was like she craving odd seafood??? Lol 🤔

  7. Congrats hun!!! OMG!!! I love the idea of keeping all the positive HPTs. I think I will do that too when I finally get my BFP.
    Love the rainbow testimony. I need a prophecy for my baby too from the Lord🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  8. 😭😭😭😭😭 awww Adri I'm in tears I'm soooo happy for you. God is so good and his promise doesn't return to us void! I told you that little baby was coming. You spoke your miracle into existence😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

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