good morning guys it's your girl Andrea and I'm back with another video today it's gonna be a very interesting video just because of the fact that I'm sorry I'm trying to get right just because of the fact that I'm pregnant and I will be doing our pregnancy announcement video I was just way engine so I got an ultrasound so the first time I wouldn't got an ultrasound the pregnancy was unstart in undetected and um it was because I was thinking when I was a certain amount of weeks that I really wasn't I guess so when she did the ultrasound there was no heartbeat there was no light nothing to see so this time I'm going somewhere high risk doctor which she told me that their technology is a little bit more of age so they should be able to see what me so tell me exactly how far along I am so I'm gonna get back to you guys when I get to the doctor so I'm in the doctor's office now waiting on the nurse to come in to do the ultrasound one on each side I wonder what a beast yeah oh ha guillotines on each side of your see you're going to hear two of them should I have paid first I was just gonna be uncomfortable for a second okay it's okay so you haven't had no man see funny what's that my god


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