what's poppin youtuber to go AP and i am back with a prank so i don't know if you guys saw last time tiny pranked me with the ignoring your girlfriend prank and I been wanting to get him back it's time I get him back so last night I went and visited one of my girlfriends who just found out she's pregnant and she gave me the idea that I should prank Tony and tell Tony that I'm pregnant so I'm using her pregnancy test and I'm gonna prank Tony so he said the Jim he's gonna come home shortly I just called him before and he said he's on his way home so I'm gonna set the camera I'm gonna hide it somewhere in the kitchen and prank him so when he comes home he's not gonna be ready he's not gonna be ready for any of this I feel like he's gonna take the news like I'm pranking him but I'm gonna keep playing it off until like he full believes me and then tell him it's a prank all right guys I'm gonna set the camera up and I'll see you guys shortly all right guys so I am about to call Tony see how far away he is I caught him before he said as long as my home but it's been forever hey where are you how far you you said two minutes ten minutes ago hurry up do you want me to make you my first I'll see you soon bye love you bye okay guys he said he's ten minutes late he's Elijah ten minutes ten minutes ago a few moments later alright guys it's been 10 minutes I've hidden the camera I don't think you'll see it I'm gonna scheme my whole prank in this DJ area you guys shortly alright guys I just heard us car pull up I'm gonna pretend I'm doing company [Applause] what's one let me see Joe didn't that make [Applause] now you go bigger to look at me what are you doing what I won't talk to you serious oh you like me so they look in my eyes do you love me they love me how much how much to the wall my food web serious well not just keep still do you make it only fury Damon okay so you love me a lot but like how much of the law although do my face I want wit he's my man this gives me well to lie when you get this home okay remember yesterday over the chemists yeah I was and I went about this so yeah they stopped and I'm ready 23 years old you can get a pretty food I don't get this one III this is your baby relax I have to go home yep you like it or want it well not now yeah between free mother loves to get better eventually I don't must say I don't like you yes but I think myself it is hot that's when your fragrant let's send me a zoo what are you doing now you just talk to me like this is it I'm pregnant all wrong yes then I hear he's being like 2 weeks late that's why I meant about this and I'd be telling you I'm gonna telling you my stomach like I feel fat like I feel like I'm getting bloated they keep being and feeling sick in the morning well wait by it I'm telling you all the things it's come back positive he says you love me you know you love all two of me so you're kidding yeah but you don't want to owns me she nobody give me the chance to travel around the world yes I can with the family but do you not to mention listen doctor good I can't listen you don't two lines me see that positive so what do you want no yeah hug it out so I have to be much right now yeah well a weird are you speaking to us yeah well not talking I was so I was so happy and so excited to tell you in yeah but what's your decision you're the father now this okay what you say what do you think I've eaten isn't it because baby you mean free I'm happy mr. Romani I'm just going oh just letting you know yeah but at the same time my baby what are you talking about we're gonna meet each other they meet oh then what are some that you begged you it's still fucking dead it's still alive has a little hot Beach what is it assume it is what we talked about of course they spent four five times a day mate I don't what do you say sorry for serious hey how's your time I'm serious really good pregnant – good work this is very happy yeah you guys have enough reading now I'm just shocked I didn't expect this me too bad you're gonna be it so let's see my baby is your baby [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] that was good but next time early duty you what you know we should we should continue the Frank are to employ your parents and tell them what mmm then just say it's a prank fuck you Mickey nobody know what it is alright guys you know the best prints nothing nothing to top off Stephen pool you know blows that's three four I want to make some teachers these hashtags do you poor sorry guys I'll come back with better pray don't worry exactly no bacon frying not just something I'm making good three five you're not gonna see he was crying of course when I said to him you let me attend his eyes get watery it was like oh my nose my life's all right people I know spice don't worry my next pick well you can use that spot now cuz I'm not wait look there don't worry I find a little bit join me in some more if you think I'm on this challenge and I'm always been so it doesn't matter but if you think I won this challenge make sure you comment team ap in the comments below share with your friends and family you're really not wedded eat that's already pregnant expect guys same choice of five packs dang baby you know what it is peace


  1. To bad if you were pregnant, you would have absolutely no support and like lots of other expecting mothers, would feel forced to have an abortion because the fathers not willing to step up and be a man and think of someone else other then himself. Sad reality.

  2. wwoooowww can you just imagine his reaction when she really is pregnant cause he's aiming for 30 lol in that space of years anything could happen ahhha

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